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  1. I have seen Wizards of the Coast try to take action against people before, including a harmless rust monster plushie. Blight does hold meaning outside of D&D, as it is considered a disease that affects plants. I want to say it would be okay to use in such a manner, as long as the elementals don't look like they stepped right out of D&D lore.
  2. My thoughts: $300 price tag seems a little high, but whatever. Mario Odyssey looks a lot like Mario 64. This intrigues me. It's been a while since we've seen a Mario game like this... lately Nintendo seem to be focused on old style Mario games. I hope Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has more than just battle mode tracks and new characters. Breath of the Wild looks pretty epic, and it appears that it'll actually have voice acting! Unfortunately I don't need a Switch to play this game, so it's not really a system seller for me when I got a Wii U gathering dust, waiting for something to play. Xenoblade 2, yay. I should actually get around to playing the first game since it's finally on virtual console. I thoroughly enjoyed XCX. Nothing else really excited me, or are just games also available for other consoles. I'll probably just wait a few years and pick the console up after a price drop, like I've done with past Nintendo consoles.
  3. Idea for a forum generated rpgmaker world

    Indeed, except with maybe a bit more structure and rules to make sure things stay on track and don't end up on hold for several weeks. I've certainly thought about it a few times in the past. It's fun to see how people take your ideas and build on them.
  4. How Viable is Turn-Based Combat?

    Mana Khemia 1/2 and Atelier Shallie does a good job at making turn-based combat fun and engaging. If you play on the higher difficulties in Shallie, you really need to make use of having a proper team of 6 characters. Battles are set up with 3 characters in the front and 3 in the back, and the characters in the back can jump in at any time to follow up with attacks or take the hit for someone. Since it's not ATB, you can still carefully plan before taking an action.
  5. Describe what your first game was like.

    My first sort of completed game was called "Silly Game" for XP. It was just a dumb game I made for my friends with jokes only they would understand. Earliest game I can think of was for RPG Maker 2 on the SNES. It was about some guy that was on a boat and pig monsters attacked him, knocking him overboard. I don't know why any of this just did. He then ended up in the most generic of RPG towns where all the NPCs said the most generic of things, directing you to a cave...and that was about as far as I made of it. The best part was how I didn't know what a switch was so to prevent you from being able to talk to NPCs again, I'd have them walk off through the wall. It didn't help that the program was mostly in Japanese and had a very early translation patch that barely did anything.
  6. Idea for a forum generated rpgmaker world

    I remember participating in a chain-game a long time ago. It was kind of the same idea but instead people would make a part of the game then hand it off to the next person. I think I was the fourth person to work on it.
  7. Only reason I'm interested in the Switch is because it means I can play handheld games on my TV. I can't stand playing handheld games for a long period of time. I'm hoping they announce a version of Pokémon Sun/Moon and Monster Hunter. Don't disappoint me again, Nintendo.
  8. Stationary Sprite Movements

    You can also give them custom routes if you need more than 3 frames by making them rotate or change sprite.
  9. Box in the basement, right next to the Christmas decorations.
  10. Today, my cat knocked over a box of macaroni that I was in the process of making.  He then proceeded to take swipes at me from on top of a chair while I sweeped up his mess.

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      Cats - the biggest trolls since forever.

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      @taarna23 C-Cats are not the biggest trolls meow! RICK is the biggest troll :3 meow

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      No, he's the biggest ROLL.


      ...I'll show myself out.

  11. Is it Legal?

    As long as you're not editing the actual XP sprites it should be fine. That particular sprite you posted I'd say should be safe to use.
  12. Getting a PS3, what do you guys recommend?

    In terms of RPGs: Atelier series. There's 6 of them, broken into 2 game series: Rorona/Totori/Meruru and Ayesha/Escha/Shallie. I'd actually recommend skipping Rorona and play Rorona Plus after Meruru. Tales of Graces f Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 Star Ocean 4 Dragon's Dogma Dark Souls 1 & 2 Valkyria Chronicles Ar nosurge Mass Effect trilogy Ni no Kuni
  13. Poll: Console Use

    I own both a PS4 and Wii-U. The PS4 gets a lot more use due to it having a far larger collection of games I want to play, particularly RPGs or RPG-hybrids. Having both Sony and Nintendo consoles is normal for me in each generation. I don't have any handhelds since I just use my phone for that.
  14. I have no issues with it, as long as it's not overused. Having 4 different wolves is fine, but when there's like 12 of them then it becomes a little excessive. When you think about it, there's more than one species or breed of some animals in the real world. For example you got brown bears, black bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, etc. so you can always claim that the different colours are just different kinds of the same monster family. Some games actually take this a bit further and differentiate the animals further by adding things like horns or giving them slightly different heads, but that depends how much extra work you want to put into your battlers.
  15. Controlling a battle

    You'll need to set that up in the Troops event with a trigger set to the second turn or end of the first turn.