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  1. I noticed a lot of generator files posted don't have Variation files.  This is what the editor uses to allow you pick the graphic.   Just make a copy of another Variation file and rename it to the new graphic you added except with the "icon" prefix instead.  For example: "icon_AccB_p06"
  2. What are your favorite platformers?

    I usually don't think of 3D games as platformers, even if you do have to do jump from platform to platform.  I think I'm too old-school.   I'm a fan of most Mario games, Donkey Kong Country games, Mischief Makers, Kirby games, Metroid... list can go on forever.   I've been really into Mario Maker lately.  Barely anyone plays or beats my levels, though.  I think they're too tough for today's gamers.  *shakes cane*   PS: I hate automatic levels.   Edit: When did I get 1758 posts?  I could of swore I was at like 1060 the other day.
  3. Excel is so useful when organizing all the details about your game and characters.  It's always my starting point when I decide to start making a new game.

  4. Can we get the Pinned icon moved back to the left side of the forums?  Would be easier to see when looking at topic names.
  5. I've been wanting to make a game that's sorta like Harvest Moon without the farming aspect but a focus on dungeon crawls but it's kind of ambitious.  If I do make it, I dunno if I should use my pre-existing characters to come up with totally new ones.

    1. AwesomeCool


      try rune factory (or look it up).


      might give you ideas.

  6. Welcome to RMW Forums V4!

    This is weird and different!   *shakes cane and complains about the world changing too fast*   Is there a quicker way to load and reply to status updates?  Or do we have to load up the person's profile now?
  7. Fans of Mass Effect (Possible Spoilers)

    1) Kaidan.  I really didn't like Ashley and her bigotry so it was an easy choice for me.   2) Paragon.  I prefer doing things the nice way.   3) I rescued the council, because I'm just that type of person.
  8. Map Transfer Crashing?

    Have you edited or changed any resources lately?  It could be that there's an event or something on that map that's missing its resource, or a sound or music that plays on the map is missing.
  9. Appear Halfway not working

    How are you trying to set this up in the Troops?  What are the conditions you're using.   Also, you might need to set the Immortal flag on 1 and 2 then remove it on 0 HP since if they die at the same time, the victory end will trigger before the event does.
  10. I would probably rethink my career then if the only person who would buy my stuff is a once-in-a-lifetime hero.  I would hate to live in a world where a hero only comes along once a century.
  11. Skill Triggering a Second Skill

    I answered this in a previous thread, so I'll just repeat it here.     So for your case, what you can do is random a number between 1 or 2, and if it is equal to 1 then it would use another skill.  No plugin needed.
  12. In a way he did make a profit though, because he bought your stuff at half price and can now turn around and sell it for full price to the next player.
  13. I'd give her a giant battleaxe, because I like doing things against the norm.  What better way to get your point across?
  14. Help! Sprite Size

    You can use blank space around the sprite.  There won't be any clipping if it's positioned correctly.   If you need additional help, post the sprite here and I or someone else can show you how to fix it.
  15. What if the person buys and sells stuff and ends up with the same amount of gold?  You could run checks on the inventory but that could be cumbersome.  You would likely need some kind of script to keep track of how much is spent and sold at a ship.