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  1. I keep finding weedles in my trash bin.

    1. AwesomeCool


      Well that is because Nintendo treats bug type like trash.

  2. Yummy Rats Tail

    I used frogs for currency in World of Shidel. I don't know why. I just did. Also, the best healing item is the Clam of Excellence (fully restores HP and MP).
  3. Thoughts on Overwatch?

    I played for a bit during the alpha but it wasn't my cup of tea. I think it's because I suck at most PvP games.
  4. Zombie Apocalypse (Would you survive?)

    This is what I never get when it is portrayed in movies and games. In real life, whenever some kind crisis occurs, people are always very willing to help others out; be it massive earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, wars, etc. Yet why is it when zombies attack, society suddenly shuts down and it's every man for himself? Sure, you'll get the occasional jerk, but those willing to work together are going to have a much greater chance of survival in the long run.
  5. Zombie Apocalypse (Would you survive?)

    What kind of zombies would we be dealing with? In some games and movies you have to wonder how exactly an outbreak occurs when all they do is slowly shamble about. You'd have walk up to them and let them bite you to become infected. It'd be as easy as moving to less populated area and waiting for them to die from starvation. In other games/movies the zombies are fast and strong and sometimes the virus is airborne. I'd go live on a farm somewhere, probably. You'll eventually run out of food and water if you stayed holed up in a mall or some place, where as you can at least grow your own food and get water from a river or lake if you're out in the country. And since you are away from civilization, there's going to be far less zombies around in case you do have to deal with any. I'd like to assume not everyone is a crazed psychopath that would rather shoot you and take your stuff as portrayed in a lot of movies and games (I'm looking at you, The Last of Us), and would be much more willing to work together in a time of crisis.
  6. Giving credit where credit is due

    Is it a paid resource? If it was free you could probably post it if you're just looking for the creator's name. You can also try a reverse google image search.
  7. How to turn off parallel events

    You shouldn't need a parallel process to make it rain. Once you use the event command, it will continue raining until you use another command to disable it. Instead, make it rain when the player transfers to the map, then disable it when the player leaves. Parallel processes should only be used if you need something to repeatedly happen that isn't automatic, such as the occasional flash of lightning. The same thing applies to background sounds.
  8. The Canadian Life

    Some surprising facts: We don't say 'eh' or 'aboot' Winter does not last the entire year, only 6 months of it Milk doesn't come in bags We don't all own pet beavers (only half of us do) Moose do not enjoy being ridden like horses We may be polite, but people on the road are not No one likes Justin Beiber
  9. I am pinata.

  10. So how do you guys make sprites?

    I go one pixel at a time. Some people make a palette before they start and adjust it, others come up with a palette as they go along. The key is to know how various colours contrast with each other to make it appear that there is more detail than there actually is. If you want to avoid making icons appear blurry after scaling down, use the "Nearest Neighbour" or pixel or whatever the setting is called on your paint program. You'll still have to edit the picture to fix the various details if you want it to look nice, but it'll come out sharper and would avoid having some pixels being set as transparent.
  11. Mana Khemia had a lot of crazy weapons, like Vayne's cat, Jess's bag, and Pamela's teddy. I love it when games do something other than the norm of swords and guns.
  12. What's your favorite type of sword?

    Why does it have to be a sword? Why not a large hammer or a feather duster?
  13. I wouldn't call it the best example. Outside of those quests, I still stuck with Tali and Garrus through majority of the game. In fact, they were my main team through the entire series.
  14. I started playing Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Normally when I have to create my own character, I base her on the main character from one my RPGs I'm working on.  Elma IS that character.  She's got the same hair colour and style, same skin colour, and even a similar eye colour.  They even got similar personalities and her voice is kind of like how I imaged her voice would be like.


    I would say I subconsciously copied Elma except I made my character long before this game was even announced.

    1. Vox Novus

      Vox Novus

      They were copying you, Monolith Soft Ninjas have been watching your every move!

  15. I love those days when you want to play a game but it requires online access and the servers are undergoing maintenance.  :rsrs:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Espon



      Like Brave Frontier and other Mobile games, or most PC most MMOs?


      Anything, really. 

    3. Tai_MT


      Having an "online only" component just means that at any time, for any reason, the company can kill the game and it can NEVER be played again.  Even in singleplayer.  Because, you know, it's fantastic when game companies kill games, isn't it?

    4. Lars Ulrika

      Lars Ulrika

      Hence why I never moved to Diablo 3 (among other reasons).