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  1. Box in the basement, right next to the Christmas decorations.
  2. Today, my cat knocked over a box of macaroni that I was in the process of making.  He then proceeded to take swipes at me from on top of a chair while I sweeped up his mess.

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    2. taarna23


      Cats - the biggest trolls since forever.

    3. Chester


      @taarna23 C-Cats are not the biggest trolls meow! RICK is the biggest troll :3 meow

    4. taarna23


      No, he's the biggest ROLL.


      ...I'll show myself out.

  3. Is it Legal?

    As long as you're not editing the actual XP sprites it should be fine. That particular sprite you posted I'd say should be safe to use.
  4. Getting a PS3, what do you guys recommend?

    In terms of RPGs: Atelier series. There's 6 of them, broken into 2 game series: Rorona/Totori/Meruru and Ayesha/Escha/Shallie. I'd actually recommend skipping Rorona and play Rorona Plus after Meruru. Tales of Graces f Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 Star Ocean 4 Dragon's Dogma Dark Souls 1 & 2 Valkyria Chronicles Ar nosurge Mass Effect trilogy Ni no Kuni
  5. Poll: Console Use

    I own both a PS4 and Wii-U. The PS4 gets a lot more use due to it having a far larger collection of games I want to play, particularly RPGs or RPG-hybrids. Having both Sony and Nintendo consoles is normal for me in each generation. I don't have any handhelds since I just use my phone for that.
  6. I have no issues with it, as long as it's not overused. Having 4 different wolves is fine, but when there's like 12 of them then it becomes a little excessive. When you think about it, there's more than one species or breed of some animals in the real world. For example you got brown bears, black bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, etc. so you can always claim that the different colours are just different kinds of the same monster family. Some games actually take this a bit further and differentiate the animals further by adding things like horns or giving them slightly different heads, but that depends how much extra work you want to put into your battlers.
  7. Controlling a battle

    You'll need to set that up in the Troops event with a trigger set to the second turn or end of the first turn.
  8. Gotta love it when you're browsing some random forums and someone posts a major spoiler to a game you're looking forward to playing as the title of the thread.  :rsrs:

    1. CrossBones


      kills you all the inspiration...

      and you can´t do anything... just sit and wait...

      it´s really boring when that´s happen

    2. Archeia


      UGH. Twitter in a nutshell too. :rsrs:

    3. Dr. Delibird

      Dr. Delibird

      Facebook is also very much like this if people on your friends list enjoy the same shows as you (usually far less spoilers for other forms of media though funnily enough).

  9. Force a target to be critically hit by all attacks

    You can have the state add several -1000% critical evasion traits. The attacker would need at least 1% crit chance but it should make the enemy be critically hit most of the time.
  10. I learned the programs on my own... although back when I first started using RPG Maker there really wasn't much in ways of tutorials or even much of an English community. Figuring out what a switch even was when the interface was all in Japanese was a great achievement for me.
  11. Block Puzzle. I've been playing it for years, and even after playing something else, I always eventually return to it when I'm bored. So far I've completed 5539/5900 puzzles, and it'll probably take me quite a while to finish those off due to how difficult they've become. I also have a significant amount of time invested in Brave Frontier, but I've kind of grew bored of it a few months ago.
  12. Level Cap 1000

    It just depends on how you want to balance the game. Do you want small increments or large ones? In Dark Souls, you gain a level every time you increase a stat by 1 point and yet being something like level 120 isn't considered high. I usually just keep a level cap of 99, even if you only get to like level 50 through normal play. I don't expect players to ever reach it normally, but it allows those that want to spend the extra time to get stronger can do so. What I can't stand though are low level caps. It makes battles just feel pointless if you can max out before reaching the end.
  13. The hardest part of buying music for your game is knowing what you're even buying.  Usually you're only given a few samples, if any, so it's difficult to know if what you're purchasing will even be suitable for your type of game.

    1. Seacliff


      Been through similar situations, I have a few music packs sitting on my hard drive dying to by used and yet to use them because they didn't end up being quite what I wanted them to.


      They make great listening material though.

  14. "Done with Games"

    I don't think I'll ever be finished with video games. I'll probably be playing them until I'm old, gray, and can no longer see the TV... although maybe by then they'll have games you can play with your mind! I look at it as a nice $70 investment if a game can last me a whole month.
  15. I normally just ignore inflated inn costs and just base the price on what kind of inn it is, but usually keep it very cheap. It makes no sense for a nice inn to be cheaper than some run down shack with hay beds just because it's located further in the game. The player already has to worry about buying new equipment and better healing items, the least I can do for them is give them a cheap way to heal up.