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  1. Bring the Art Challenges Back!

    I was wondering if we can bring back the art challenges or something similar to it. I'd really like to see a group of people help improve on their art skills. Not only that, I'd like to see my own improvement, and I believe that having a community and challenges every now and then would help many continue to hone this skill. It'd be awesome if we could bring this back, thanks!
  2. I don't even plan on making a game thread/synopsis soon, but I read this and enjoyed it!
  3. What do you guys think about animated cut scenes in rpg maker games? When I say animated I don't mean with sprites, but rather it being 2D animated like an anime. Now this style of cut scene would only be used after each chapter of the game, in the opening and ending. There would still be in game cut scenes with sprites during the chapters however. Let me know our opinions on this! Thanks!
  4. Weekly Art Challenge #19

    WIP Going to be a long work, but I'm sure I'll be pleased in the end. Oh yeah, I'm looking to get into digital art. Any suggestions on tablets and software?
  5. Weekly Art Challenge #19

    It's been awhile Weekly Art Challenge! Awesome theme this week! Since I have half days this week because of finals and I only have my easier classes left I'll definitely join this one!
  6. Weekly Art Challenge #15

    Realistic pencil sketch I did of a girl this week. I would like to use her general features and create her into a character for my game. Here are some photos of the work in progress. Hope you all enjoy them! Note: not sure why some of them are upside down.
  7. Weekly Art Challenge #13

    Very early WIP. Getting his body style layed down then his armour... This probably isn't neccisarry though. Changed my mind I'm going to save that sketch for a character for another project. (WIP) I've started over and this is now what I got so far, excited for this one haha...
  8. Weekly Art Challenge #13

    Ooo, I'm really looking forward to this topic!
  9. Weekly Art Challenge #12

    Just thought I’d post a WIP scan of my entry. I’ve had this idea of a metal tree in my head for a while now and thought that this would be a great chance to try it. I started out with the base of the tree and I’ve been picturing this metal tree with a sharp and wrapping look. Towards the top of the tree however it looks just a little more natural, but still has a sharp look to it at parts. I’m still experimenting with it however. I’m thinking that once I get colors laid down on it that it may look more how I’m imagining it. Now looking at it I may add a few more branches. Just thought that I would share my thoughts on this project
  10. Weekly Art Challenge #12

    Can I draw my entry and then scan it in or does it have to be digital art?