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  1. Weekly Art Challenge #19

    WIP Going to be a long work, but I'm sure I'll be pleased in the end. Oh yeah, I'm looking to get into digital art. Any suggestions on tablets and software?
  2. Weekly Art Challenge #19

    It's been awhile Weekly Art Challenge! Awesome theme this week! Since I have half days this week because of finals and I only have my easier classes left I'll definitely join this one!
  3. Weekly Art Challenge #15

    Realistic pencil sketch I did of a girl this week. I would like to use her general features and create her into a character for my game. Here are some photos of the work in progress. Hope you all enjoy them! Note: not sure why some of them are upside down.
  4. Weekly Art Challenge #13

    Very early WIP. Getting his body style layed down then his armour... This probably isn't neccisarry though. Changed my mind I'm going to save that sketch for a character for another project. (WIP) I've started over and this is now what I got so far, excited for this one haha...
  5. Weekly Art Challenge #13

    Ooo, I'm really looking forward to this topic!
  6. Weekly Art Challenge #12

    Just thought I’d post a WIP scan of my entry. I’ve had this idea of a metal tree in my head for a while now and thought that this would be a great chance to try it. I started out with the base of the tree and I’ve been picturing this metal tree with a sharp and wrapping look. Towards the top of the tree however it looks just a little more natural, but still has a sharp look to it at parts. I’m still experimenting with it however. I’m thinking that once I get colors laid down on it that it may look more how I’m imagining it. Now looking at it I may add a few more branches. Just thought that I would share my thoughts on this project
  7. Weekly Art Challenge #12

    Can I draw my entry and then scan it in or does it have to be digital art?