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  1. Just make good FF games again. Stop trying to do things different and making bad games because of the result of that. Just make good games again, even if they're not different or pushing any boundaries.
  2. I think this is silly. Make a good game because it's a good game. Who cares about what the current "status quo" is? Final Fantasy has been sucking since 12 because they keep trying too hard to make something different and new and fresh. Just go back to making classic amazing RPGs like FF9 did where it was minimal "new stuff" and instead "polishing what works" and then their target audience, us who grew up with FF, would go back to buying and loving FF more than enough to keep it sustainable forever. Sure FF7 and FF6 are arguably the best FFs and they pushed the boundaries, but right now FF10 was the last proper FF that anyone really liked (Honestly there's a lot of people that didn't like FF10, even) so they need to retreat back to what works and focus on that until they are in a position where they can push boundaries again. FF Dimensions is a perfect example of awesome, amazing, what works. It did really well (despite having low reviews since the updates because people don't understand it's not a free game) and there needs to be way more games like that. I've been waiting for another proper FF experience since FF10. I loved FF11, but it wasn't an FF. FF12 is the 2nd worst in the series IMO (only 2 is worse), and I barely remember it at all despite playing it through twice. FF13 is a movie, FF14 is another not FF but worse than 11 because I don't enjoy it's multiple hotkey/cooldown management like WoW, and FF15 just looks so lame to me. I want more FF9s, FF4s, FF Dimensions. I feel like Zelda is suffering the same problem. I want more OoTs, Link to the Pasts, Twilight Princesses. I want less Wind Wakers, Skyward Swords and Zelda Wii Us. At least Dark Souls is doing it right.
  3. What's your favorite type of sword?

    The claymore. Longswords. Greatswords. Broadswords. Specifically ones from medieval Europe, and especially England. Zweihanders are also really cool. Bastard swords are also very cool.
  4. Absolutely love these changes, thanks so much! Really happy to see the Resource Manager come back!
  5. Rm2k3 mages were so awesome, the memories. Thanks!
  6. More RTP would be great, MV's RTP is missing a lot of really great resources that VX Ace's RTP had, would be wonderful to have more of it in MV.
  7. Who is your main in Smash Bros 4

    I've been picking up Roy a lot lately, too.
  8. Name my feral kitten!

    Blackie isn't feral, I was able to tame him when he was still a very young kitten after tempting him for a few hours with some strong smelling pork I had made that day. It can be very hard to tame feral cats when they're older, because as they age, they start turning off various social parts of their brain if they aren't socialized as kittens, especially with humans. It's not impossible by any means, but it can be very difficult. I'm trying to tame the orange one, but she's very very timid. I can't even tempt her with strong smelling roast beef.
  9. RPG Maker XP Remastered Pack

    One of the mods here told me they would keep me updated on it through PMs I think, but it's been years now. I don't think it's ever going to happen, I think it was forgotten about. :/
  10. The most boring RPGs

    Stocking magic in FF8.
  11. Name my feral kitten!

    Here's a couple newer pics of them, that I took yesterday. Blackie is much bigger now, and even starting to try mating with this feral lol.
  12. Name my feral kitten!

    Sorry, I already had one named Chester! I also had: Medley, Lily, Lizzy, and Dax. Can't use those names.
  13. Name my feral kitten!

    So I decided to try this fun idea, I have a new feral kitten that hangs around the house and my other non-feral outside cat (Blackie) and I haven't given her a name yet. I decided I'd tell you guys the name I have in mind, then let you all suggest more. After a few weeks, I'll take the suggestions I like the most and make a poll, then you guys can vote on it. Whichever name wins is what I'll name her! She's very feral and I can't tame her at all or get near her without her being too scared. I don't have any (harmless) traps/cages to catch her in and help tame her, so she'll have to remain feral which might be for the best so she can survive the winter easier (I can't bring cats inside). We have a barn for them and I do feed her (and Blackie) every day plus they have plenty of good water. I also build little warm shelters for them to stay inside in the barn so they can survive winter, too. But, here's her pic! My first name idea is Pumpkin! But feel free to suggest more names! ^^ Here's my other outside non-feral, Blackie! He's very sweet and affectionate and loves being a lap kitty and being held and carried. ^^
  14. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Trying to limit my self completely to RTP (with the exception of some awesome additions Indrah made), but I don't feel as satisfied with MV RTP as I do with VX Ace. There's no inside snow cliffs I can really make use of, the only ones available are like 2 tile wide.
  15. I don't know why that would be, but I do recommend using Firefox over Chrome and avast! anti-virus.