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  1. Member+ Refunds

    On February 1st 2016, we said goodbye to the Member+ subscriber program.   All recurring subscriptions were cancelled on January 29th. We also issued refunds for the subscriptions that were active at the time, as well as subscriptions that were newly started in January 2016. Please check your PayPal account for your refund.   Thank you all for a wonderful 3+ years!   Note: This was posted in a non-Member+ area for the benefit of users who no longer have the Member+ rank.
  2. This thread is being closed, due to being solved. If for some reason you would like this thread re-opened, please report this post and leave a message why. Thank you.    
  3. Luna's Tiles (MV)

    @Alkorri That looks great! I like the mix of old world and futuristic.   -- Added a new update to the windows:
  4. About Pricing One's Work

    One of the reasons I don't do freelance commissions (aside from having no time whatsoever) is that the pricing is really complicated. There's skill level, supply/demand, time and effort, etc. But there's also the size of the commission, the level of familiarity with the client, project deadline and the amount of editing/fixing/reworking the material. For example, if you know that a client is professional, pays on time and is satisfied with your work, you might want to consider giving them a discount. If you know that the project is due in a week and you have to drop all other commissions, you might want to charge extra. Etc. etc.   Then there's all the little things that aren't a part of the resource that also end up being a big factor. Is the artist/client easy to communicate with? Did they go the extra mile by providing something that's more convenient for the client, or by tipping the artist extra for good service? Were they pleasant and understanding of unintended situations/circumstances? Are they likely to reach out when they need work again?   In general, I think the majority of people here undercharge for their work. However, there are also a large majority of hobbyist users that have smaller budgets - and the artist has to adapt to that.   Yes. It becomes a slippery slope for both the artist in question and the artist community in general. It has a domino effect, where it becomes a lot more difficult for artists to later charge what they really feel they're worth.
  5. In a perfect world, there would be no need for terms of use because people would understand and respect the artist behind the resources and accept that the resources don't just become the user's property. Alas, we don't live in a perfect world, and the TOS are there to make the interaction between the user and the artist easier. They're there to protect the artist and protect the person using the resources.   In my experience, the biggest reason for TOS is to educate the user and prevent both sides from assuming things. It stops the user from assuming that permission to use something in their commercial project also means they have permission to sell that resource. Likewise, it also stops the artist from assuming the developer of that commercial game owes them a ton of income if their game hits it big. TOS narrow down what both parties agree to, so they have an easier time if there's a problem or issue down the line.   Some artists charge for their material, and this is not "greedy" or "unreasonable". After putting hundreds of hours (literally, in some cases) into resources, a person is entitled to ask for compensation -- especially when the user is going to be selling their game and making a profit. Asking people to just do it for free because you're trying to save a few dollars while making your game is disrespectful and failing to acknowledge the importance of the work that went into creating those resources.   Other artists don't charge for their material. Sometimes this is done as a way of advertising/promoting themselves. Other times, it's done because the artist isn't confident enough in their work or doesn't see their work as valuable enough to be sold. This doesn't inherently make the artist "better" or more generous. It just illustrates that the value we place on ourselves and our work can differ from person to person. And that ties back to the concept of understanding and respecting the artist and their work.   Good TOS are clear and concise. They cover the basics and outline how the material should (and shouldn't) be used. It won't cover every situation - no license does. So, it will be up to the individual artist and user to establish a working relationship. But TOS will be enough to give both parties a solid base to build off of.
  6. Amy's Artwork

    Ah, I love them! They're all so adorable.   I really enjoyed seeing how your art and style have grown over time, too. Each piece has something a little different, and each new direction adds a ton of fun and charm.   Keep at it!
  7. Provision of encrypted music in the web games

    We can't just change a license because it would be more convenient for a developer or a player. We have contractual agreements with our artists that we have to follow, both in their general contract and in their Humble agreement. I realize they weren't written in a way that makes it easy (or possible) to use in web-based games, but that's not something that's going to force writing a license update.   That people can steal the music even when it's encrypted is irrelevant. There's nothing we can say or do to prevent people from stealing resources, but we can ask the developer to make it less easy. This is what our artists agree with and what we want to enforce.   We do occasionally do allow license adjustments and give special outside-the-license uses to our material, but it's based on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed. There is a contact e-mail in the license that will allow you to request that permission. Otherwise, hopefully there's another project you'll be able to use the products in.
  8. Can't download ArabianNights.rar

    Due to the forum software change, the downloads need to be re-uploaded. Nathanial's working very hard on this, but it's quite a bit of work. It hasn't been forgotten!
  9. Audio Freak's Music Showcase (Paid)

    This section is for feedback only.   Please repost your thread in Classifieds, following the sub-forum content and tagging rules we have for that section.    
  10. I just wanted to give you an official confirmation that Archeia and Andar covered it. -Yes, you can use VX-Ace RTP in MV, as long as you own both engines. - We're working on other shop resources, but at the moment, their license does require encryption. Since MV doesn't have any encryption, the two are not yet compatible. An easy way to tell what you can use in MV is if the shop entry has a MV icon in the description.
  11. Welcome to RMW Forums V4!

    This might take a little while to get used to, so please bear with the staff as we navigate through all the awesome changes.
  12. Luna's Tiles (MV)

    Alkorri- If you have a theater district or an old mansion, they might fit pretty nicely.
  13. Luna's Characters

    Added another faceset + a recolor.
  14. Luna's Tiles (MV)

    I have posted some dungeon pillars in the second post. It includes some original (i.e. hand-drawn) statue bits in addition to edited RTP material. I hope it's useful!   @slamz369: I usually post things as add-on images, so that you can put them in a tileset yourself - so they do have to be formatted. Once I get more material, I'll turn them into actual sheets you can just download and use in RPG Maker. In the meantime, you can check out this guide, as it goes over adjusting and adding tiles to a tile sheet.