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  1. We have a fantastic new music pack for you today! Future Steam Punk Collection features a large music pack with 20 BGM, 5 ME, 3 BGS and 30 SE - all themed for the ever-popular Steampunk genre. In addition, this pack includes a set of bonus Steampunk characters with two color variants in the standard RPG Maker MV style! If you've been itching to make a Steampunk game, you definitely need this pack in your RPG Maker music library! Click here to read more, as well as hear several sample melodies. If you prefer making your purchases through Steam, head over here. To celebrate this brand new release, we've got a 20% discount going! Simply add Future Steam Punk Collection to your cart and see a 20% discount appear. Discount is valid until January 23rd, 12:00pm PST. As always, we love hearing from you! Let us know what you think of this brand new pack.
  2. Can I use DLC on Workshop project?

    EULA states that the project must be encrypted. Thank you for reporting the possibility with the "required DLC". We will look into it in the future. If it is a viable solution, the EULA/rules will be amended to add that in. In the meantime, please do follow the EULA and do not share any un-encrypted projects through the workshop.
  3. The Calm And the Fury: Art Contest

    Please do feel free to share your WIP and finished work in here! Not just as a way to inspire others, but also because Hiroki Kikuta would love to see your art in action.
  4. RPG Maker heroes are here! Originally a part of the Season Pass, you can now purchase this character pack as a standalone DLC! Head on over to the Steam page and enjoy bringing those familiar heroes to new life.
  5. Today's release is an exciting music pack - especially for those of you who are creating a project inspired by Japan and Japanese culture. Samurai Classics: Temple of Darkness is a great complement to the Samurai Classics Music Pack, allowing you to weave a complex and nuanced story highlighted by authentic musical instruments and moods. You can grab a copy of Samurai Classics: Temple of Darkness in our store here - be sure to visit the page to hear a few samples! Or if you prefer Steam, we've got you covered: To celebrate this new launch, Samurai Classics: Temple of Darkness is 20% off! Simply add to your cart in our store or on Steam. And if you haven't grabbed the original Samurai Classics, it's still on sale until January 2nd! We've also just launched a Steam version of this pack, optimized for RPG Maker MV: As always, we love hearing from you! Let us know what kind of game you could use this fun pack for.
  6. The Calm And the Fury: Art Contest

    We had a small technical issue with the submission e-mail -- it was out of commission for a week. So, the contest deadline has been extended until January 23rd. We encourage you all to enter - even if you don't feel like your art is good enough. Not only is it great practice, but you might not get another chance to have your work viewed and reviewed by Hiroki Kikuta (and our team). He is very interested to see all the different concepts and ideas his music invokes in others.
  7. I don't see a support ticket about this. @Evendy: Send me a private message with your order number, please and I'll try to look it up for you.
  8. Ancient Dungeons: Winter is now live!

    Can you take a screenshot? I'm not able to replicate the issue...
  9. The long-awaited expansion for Ancient Dungeons is now here! Just in time to celebrate the frosty season, Ancient Dungeons: Winter is all about snow, ice and that chill in the air. This fantastic and large pack is filled to the brim with tiles and tile essentials needed to build the perfect winter wonderland. To best make use of the wonderful tiles in Ancient Dungeons: Winter, you'll definitely want to pick up a copy of Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack (psssst! It's on sale for 50% off until January 2nd - check out details here). Want to see more and snag a copy of this gorgeous pack? Click here! Your feedback is important to us! Let us know what you think of this new pack. And happy holidays!
  10. RPG Maker Web Winter Sale!

    Sometimes there is a delay between a RMW store release and the Steam release for a product. Most products do make it to Steam before too long, but we may occasionally have RMW store exclusives, too.
  11. RPG Maker Web Winter Sale!

    RPG Makers and DLC that have other % savings in the thread above, and the material that was released in the last week are not eligible for the 50% off. If you have questions about a specific pack, please feel free to send a pm and I will answer.
  12. It's that time of year where we get together with friends and family to celebrate! Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Festivus or simply saying goodbye to 2016, we hope that your holidays are happy and filled with good food and great company. Here at RPG Maker official headquarters, we've been looking forward to the winter holidays and having some well-deserved breaks. Winter holiday season is always our busiest time of the year, as we prepare for sales, events and those end-of-the-year boring clerical duties. Nevertheless, the cheerful holiday vibe is keeping our offices - and homes - festive and bright. To celebrate the season, we've got a major sale for all you RPG Maker fans! This sale is valid from now until January 2nd 2017 (noon, PST), applying to new purchases only. No rainchecks, and all sales are final. One coupon per order - you may be required to make multiple orders if you wish to purchase items with different discount levels. All RPG Makers have awesome discounts! RPG Maker MV is at 40% off! (add to cart to see discount) RPG Maker VX is at 50% off! (add to cart to see discount) RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker 2003 are at 80% off! (add to cart to see discount) RPG Maker VX-Ace is at 90% off! (add to cart to see discount) 25 % discount on some of our newest DLC! (add to cart to see discount) FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles Katakura Hibiki's MV Monsters Vol 1 Ancient Dungeons: Jungle Karugamo Contemporary BGM Pack 01 Festival of Light: Japanese Resource Pack Call of Darkness: Japanese Resource Pack Twilight Shrine: Japanese Resource Pack 35% discount on recent staff favorites! (add to cart to see discount) Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 01 Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 02 Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 03 Karugamo Fantasy BGM Pack 04 Medieval: Interiors 40% on recent fan favorites! (add to cart to see discount) Heist Music Pack Town of Seasons Medieval: Town Bundle Medieval: Knights Templar Medieval: Town & Country Medieval: Warfare Aztec Character Pack And 50% off on many other goodies in our store! Click here to browse! use code: rmw-santa-16 And the festivities don't stop there! Click here for our big giveaway! Happy Holidays!
  13. Tragedy and Drama

    From the composer of Emotional Music Pack comes another masterpiece - a musical journey that explores sorrow and loss. Part nostalgic, part hopeful, Tragedy and Drama uses classical instruments to weave sounds and melodies that are perfect for any project. Head over to the Tragedy and Drama page to hear a few samples, and pick up the pack for your own growing music library. As always, your feedback is much, much appreciated and helps us release better and more useful products for you faster.