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  1. The Future is Now!

    We've got another stellar release for you today! Michael Rookard is back with a brand new battler pack! Sci-Fi Battler Pack 2 features a variety of colony soldiers, engineers, large mechas and alien life forms. In addition, this pack includes a bonus faceset for RPG Maker MV! If you're a fan of Michael's amazing work, you won't want to miss this pack. Click here to read more. And where would the outer reaches of space be without some awesome music? We're proud to present a follow-up to Joel Steudler's Futuristic Atmospheres pack. Futuristic Atmospheres: Vol. 2 features 20 must-have themes composed with space in mind. From soundscapes to haunting ambient music, it's a great pack for space exploration and beyond. Click here to hear samples. But what if you'd rather stay in the present? Let Joel Steudler's Modern Day sound effects bring that extra punch to your projects! With 450 effects, you're bound to find the perfect sound for every occasion. We've even included a handy list of file names, so you can check just what kind of variety Joel's assembled. Click here for information. As always, we love hearing your feedback! Tell us what you're excited about, what you enjoy and what you want to see more of. Each review brings us one step closer to providing you with better and more exciting new products.
  2. Can't Contact The Support Team

    Hello! You can e-mail us at: The response time is within 48-72 hours, not counting weekends.
  3. Medieval and more!

    Yes, all packs are eventually available on Steam.
  4. What are the top 3 objects you'd want to see in a modern tileset?

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    2. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      I knew I smelled coffee~

      A copy room?  Plaza fountain (Not the ancient kind, but the cool funky ones you'd find at high end strip malls)
      Da Projects.

    3. Marquise*


      Mmm All type of phones That covers 3 Booth, landline home phone and intelligent one.


      If you want more combos, vehicle parts (like to change a tire, toolbox for the same, spare wheel.) You can add bikes both motorized or not with their owners.  (I'm Canadian so if you can have a snowmobile, skidoo an dog sleigh :D Did I said I am Canadian?  LOL)


      Modern sport articles for all seasons?


      And that is I think modern enough.  :P

    4. wolfpak692


      anything but a train and everything that goes with it...

  5. Medieval and more!

    There are 6 different varieties of trees in the set + several recolors for seasonal foliage. Definitely a great variety of trees.
  6. Medieval and more!

    Today, we've got 3 brand new products to share! The next installment in PVGames Medieval series is here! Knights Templar features character armor and pieces needed to create your very own medieval knighthood army. At only 4.99, this pack is a real steal! Click here for more info! And, of course, you can't have a medieval pack without proper medieval music! Joel Steudler has composed one of the most authentic and enchanting packs ever. From choice of instrument to melody, a lot of care has gone into creating this fantastic music pack, so be sure to check it out! Click here to hear samples and read more! Last, but not least, we have a MV-sized tileset for you. Town of Seasons was created by Sherman3D, and it features the basics of the outer town you'll need for every season. Buildings, roads and decorative details abound in this large and unique set. Compatible with RPG Maker MV standard tiles, this is a must-have pack for any RPG Maker MV owner. Click here for details! As always, we love hearing from you! Feedback is appreciated, as it helps our contributing artists to create material that suits your projects.
  7. What I'm saying is... Effort makes a far far bigger difference than a budget alone. Ideally, you want to invest some money in resources - and that includes custom resources and custom promotional art. But be mindful of what you pay for and make sure your investment was worth it and you're not just pouring money into a game that isn't worth it.
  8. Yes, getting completely custom graphics but not using them effectively can do as much damage as having repetitive graphics because it can make those custom graphics seem forgettable. Even if you're not an artist, taking a little time to learn more about how to customize tiles and how to map better is time well-spent.
  9. This is why we always encourage people to use the graphics - whether they be RTP or DLC (exception being collaboration DLC that doesn't allow edits)- as a starting point, and not just the final set. If you take the time to do some light edits or clever mapping, it makes a big difference. I've found that people don't react to the similarity in graphics as much as they react to the way the graphics are used. If your mapping is the same and your locations are the same as another game, that player who played the first one will be bored. If you're using a completely different atmosphere with different colors, shapes and maps, it won't be.
  10. Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    It's ok. People are passionate about their games, which can translate to being passionate about their resources -- and we totally get it. It's the kind of thing that keeps your motivation and drive up, and also the kind of thing that gets people excited about resources in the first place. So, don't feel bad about it. But it does help to keep things in perspective now and then and remember there's a person on the other side of the screen - and not a faceless corporation AI or an anonymous customer robot.
  11. Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    There are a lot of things that we're not allowed to share publicly, due to our contractual obligations. I would absolutely love to be able to give everyone a peek behind the scenes so things like "why isn't this pack out yet" or "why are you charging so much for XYZ" can be answered. But I can't. What we can say is that our team did their best to try to enhance the DLC so that it's useful to our international customers, despite being created for the customers in Japan. What a lot of people forget is that sometimes decisions concerning content made to please the Japanese market are not the things that fulfill the wants and needs of the English-speaking community. At the end of the day, it's just resources. It's not the kind of situation that warrants the bile, anger and harassment our staff has gotten over it - and repeatedly from some individuals. It's disappointing and demotivating to deal with. While we remain professional and listen to all complaints/criticism, we're not obligated to invest our free time, effort and energy when we feel unappreciated.
  12. Regarding "big" packs... I really wish we could make that happen. It would be amazing if we could release huge packs on a regular basis that all go together and give you a variety of choices... But I don't think you fully understand how much work goes into creating things like tileset packs and how expensive it would be to finance such a thing. Even the RTP is an incredibly high expense, but it eventually pays itself off as the product continues to sell. But there's no guarantee like that with resource packs. There's no program, software or utility that the user gets in addition to the art, so there's no other reasons to buy the product. With RPG Maker, even the sales from people with no intention of using RTP count toward the RTP financing. There's nothing like that in place for resource packs. There's no guarantee that the style would be popular, that people would continue supporting it or that it would be profitable. A lot of people would find the set too expensive - even with the extra material. And after the first dozen or so games came out, people would view that new tile art the same way they see RTP. That would lead to wanting even more new packs and just restart the cycle at a faster pace - leading to packs not selling enough and not generating enough profit to finance further material. If you want to see more graphics or more graphics faster, then please buy the existing packs - even if they're smaller. This tells both the artist and the company that you're interested in their product and that more products of the same type are in demand. Don't just say "oh, I would buy more from XYZ" - because anyone can say that, but it doesn't mean they'll follow through. Instead, invest in things that are useful and good, and see how far you can take them.
  13. Resources included?

    You would encrypt the game. There's no native MV encryption yet, though the developers are working on it and will share a future encryption update. So, if your game is complete before then, you can use another encryption software (ex. Enigma Encryption software) or check if someone has an encryption plug-in written up.
  14. Resources included?

    No, you would not be able to do that. It doesn't matter that you're not selling the tiles/edits directly, it's a commercial transaction -- which means you can't sell, re-distribute, sub-license or transfer the RTP material along with it. In addition, it looks like an attempt to bend the rules and profit from selling the tiles without EB's permission - which is not a good idea.
  15. Today is a good day to get some tiles done.

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    2. Marquise*


      :D  Go For it!

    3. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Please post pics of your awesome work.

    4. Marquise*


      Oooooh That too!  Unless it is for a DLC!