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  1. Learning Together

    We've added one bonus extra day to the sale, for anyone that missed the last few minutes.
  2. Poll: Console Use

    We have a question for all RPG Maker fans! We'd love to know which console(s) you own and use most frequently. Feel free to let us know how often you use consoles and why you like them in comments!
  3. Learning Together

    Sorry, Sixth, I did not see your question until now. Yes, it can count in Script sections as well. But as they're a bit more complicated, I only linked to general support instead.
  4. Learning Together

    If the original creator of the script is ok with it, sure.
  5. Learning Together

    1. No. 2. Also no, but more tutorials will not count as more entries.
  6. It's being handled, and the license will be updated. There is a license that's specific to MV only, but it should not be in the Ace DLC on Steam. Apologies for the confusion and thank you for reporting it.
  7. Learning Together

    Thank you for the reminder! A direct link to the store has been added.
  8. Learning Together

    The only thing to keep in mind is the tutorial forum rules - just to help out our volunteer moderators who are looking over the approval queues. Entertainment is acceptable (might be a fun read for out staff, and nice to link to via social media), as is using a tool like ComiPo! to illustrate something in/about RPG Maker.
  9. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to leave a quick note... We have a community event and sale that's going on this week with 30-60% discounts - this discount is applied when a product is added to the cart. In order to avoid issues with the sale and the transfer, I'm going to pause the transfers just for the sale duration (until September 23rd). I will still be doing behind-the-scenes set up so that I can help as many of you as possible as soon as the Learning Together sale is finished. At last count, there were around 65 entries left, and a couple of you that needed a reset code. I do apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience.
  10. Learning Together

    Summer is winding down and there's a hint of autumn in the air. Students and teachers alike are celebrating the beginning of a new year of learning, and we want to celebrate with them. After all, one of the things RPG Maker and our community are known for is that they offer us an opportunity to learn many different and wonderful things. There are many ways to learn – reading, asking questions, practicing or listening. But one of the most fun ways to learn is to learn together. Whether you've got a list of community-recommended tutorials, a learning buddy that learns along with you or an entire captive audience, there are ways to get more involved and get more out of each question asked and answered. Learning Together is a community-wide event centered around learning and teaching. We hope to inspire each of you to learn something new, share your knowledge and experience with others and have a chance to win some fun new goodies. We're kicking things off with a store-wide sale. All programs are 50% off (including RPG Maker MV!). It's a great time to pick up a new maker or treat yourself to one of the older programs. All DLC is 30-60% off. This is your chance to pick up a pack or two that flew under the radar, or indulge in a pack you've been keeping an eye on. Sale starts right now, and no need to enter a coupon code! Simply add the product to your cart, and you'll see a discount appear. Please note that the discounts do not stack! Programs and DLC should be purchased separately to get the best discounts. There are 2 discount levels for DLC. 30% off DLC: Modern Day SFX, Futuristic Atmospheres 2, Creature SFX, Epic Strings Music Pack and Frontierworks: Futuristic Heroes & BGM MV. All other DLC is 60% off. Please use separate orders for 30% and 60% discounts. Sale is valid until September 23rd, 12:00pm (noon) PST Next, we will be giving away $50 shopping sprees to the RPG Maker Web store to 10 lucky individuals! And if that's not enough, our fantastic social media team will be looking at the entries to feature on our blog, social media pages (facebook, twitter, etc) as well as the main website. Are you ready to jump in? To participate: Create a tutorial, a how-to video or a guide for RPG Maker fans. You can pick any theme you feel you're good at, as long as it's related to game development and it uses RPG Maker or other software you can find on our web store (ex. Manga Maker ComiPo!). Entries should be submitted here. Please be mindful of the approval rules in the tutorial section. Spend a little time asking and/or answering questions in our support sections. Take part in conversations and discussions in our discussion area. Leave a tip or trick you've learned since you've started using RPG Maker (as a reply to this thread). Deadline for entries: September 30th, 12:00pm (noon) PST Note: Any content that is submitted by the deadline, but not approved will still count.
  11. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Yes, if you miss out on the sale due to the transfer timing, I'll arrange for an extended discount for you.
  12. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Hopefully will be done this week. I will post once everyone has been contacted - just in case I didn't receive someone's ticket.
  13. Product Updates

    If you have RPG Maker set to auto-update, it will be automatic once the update goes live. If not, you will be able download them through Steam.
  14. Product Updates

    Hi everyone, We've got some free product updates we're sharing today! To receive these updates, please log into your RPG Maker Web store account and click on the products in your account. An updated download list will be displayed and you can grab the new files. For convenience and easy use, we've kept the updated material in a separate zip file - you should not have to download all files again. Note that your products need to be purchased via the RPG Maker Web store. If you've purchased via the forums in the past, please wait for the product transfer (I'm working on making it as quick as possible). If you have purchased via Steam, an automatic update will be delivered at a future date. Fantastic Buildings Medieval has been up-scaled for use in RPG Maker MV. This is not a brand new update, but several people have missed the original announcement, so we're mentioning it again. Sci-Fi Battlebacks is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Sci-Fi Battlers 1 is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Time Fantasy 1 is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Time Fantasy: Monsters is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Inspirational, Vol.1 has a brand new free bonus featuring new themes. Lastly, we have also made the VX-Ace portrait pre-order bonus available for VX-Ace owners. This is something a lot of you have requested, and now you can grab it!
  15. Congrats on the admin position!

    1. Lunarea


      Thank you, but it's not a new position... I've had it for years. :D