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  1. Golden Week

    It's in our web store only.
  2. Golden Week

    It's Golden Week in Japan, and RPG Maker is thrilled to join in on the celebration. And we're starting things off with a sale! Use the code: goldenmv16 for 35% off RPG Maker MV! Use the code: goldenrm16 for 70% off RPG Maker VX-Ace, RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker 2003 and IG Maker Or stock up on some great RPG Maker DLC at 50% discount with the code: goldenweek16 . And if the savings aren't enough, keep an eye out on the forums and our social media for some special goodies! Throughout the week, we'll be chatting about various things - from game development to personal anecdotes - and choosing a few winners to receive free copies of RPG Maker MV!
  3. I think making a world map as a part of your development process is a pretty good idea. It gives you a visual cue about the way the world is laid out and helps you plot out travel routes, side locations etc. I don't think you always have to include that map as an interact-able part of the game, though. You could use it as an object (ex. picture used during a cutscene), part of a game walkthrough or just leave it out of player experience entirely. So, whether you let the player interact with the map or not is entirely up to you and how you want your game to flow. But I'd recommend making a map for yourself, anyway.
  4. POP Horror DLC in MV

    You need to log into your account here and download a new file. The original file (which was distributed with the e-mail) does not have the MV version in it.
  5. I figured that you'd want an official answer, so here it is. It may not mean much to you, but we do care about the customers and don't want anyone to feel like they're being ignored. Firstly, let me say that I'm sorry that you've had a negative experience. We do strive to deliver the best experience we possibly can, but we're also faced with some of the same issues and delays - which is frustrating for everyone involved. No one is intentionally sitting there, trying to think of ways to make RPG Maker users' life difficult. In fact, we spend extensive amounts of time trouble-shooting problems and coordinating things so that things are pleasant and fun for our users and our community. Stand-alone version of MV hasn't been forgotten or shelved. It's still very much on the development team's to-do list and we are trying to prioritize it. However, the developers also wanted to first fix some of the pretty major errors and issues MV had -- things that broke the engine or the games created with the engine for everyone. It seemed counter-intuitive to push out a Mac stand-alone version when there were other more urgent issues with the engine to solve. I'm not a programmer, but this seemed logical to me. In addition, please remember that our team isn't huge. Even though we all work super hard to ensure that RPG Maker is supported, that the errors are fixed and that there's a constant stream of new content, we don't have hundreds of people working on each of those tasks. We can't deliver the "fixed in a couple of weeks" kind of work you can expect from a massive game developer studio. We have provided people with an alternative so that they can still use MV on their Macs. Yes, it requires Steam and I know that's not convenient or preferred by everyone. But it's there, and you aren't stuck with having paid 90$ for something you can't use at all. Also... RPG Maker MV was released in October (that's when the pre-orders started, too). It's been just 6 months since release, not a year. Since then, we've had extensive updates and freebies shared, in addition to trying to keep communication open where possible in terms of what we're working on. I hope that shows that effort has been put into fixing and maintaining the engine.
  6. Member+ Refunds

    The majority of our team is currently at PAX - including pretty much everyone that normally handles things like processing refunds. The entirety of our team has been prepping for PAX for the past few weeks, as well, adding hours of behind-the-scenes work to our schedules. To my knowledge, no tickets have been ignored during this time, but the response times have been different -- 72+ hours compared to the usual 48 hours and some tickets are delayed until PAX is over. The support system does not do automated e-mails, both because it can't guarantee that the ticket made it into our system or that a support representative is able to take a look at it quickly. And sending a manual reply to a ticket before being able to tackle it seems both dismissive and annoying to customers. Normally, I take the extra time to look up all the cases where someone posted or sent me a PM to ask about their ticket, but I've had a lot of things to handle this past week. Hopefully things will go back to normal after PAX, but I figured I'd say something about it because being quiet seems to make people think we're ignoring them (when this is far from being the case).
  7. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Not all the e-mails will be sent at once. It will be a case-by-case basis and I really don't have a way of telling when each case will be tackled - that will depend on when serial keys and coupons are generated, in addition to when my schedule allows for tackling transfers. Though I've made transfers a high priority, I still have other responsibilities that need to be done in addition to pesky things like sleeping and eating, and I (unfortunately) can't dedicate my time to transfers alone. I can say that I have received 36 requests so far, and am building a priority list (I know some of you were not in a big rush).
  8. Publishing Deals - Please Read

    Please note that large portions of this thread have been redacted to comply with the Cease and Desist request filed on behalf of IP Builders, who felt that information shared on behalf of staff and/or users in this thread was a defamation of their character and/or reputation.
  9. Deathsmiles, Bosses and Battles!

    No, you wouldn't be able to create the SV actors. However, we do understand the need and will try to get a product update down the line with SV actors included.
  10. Sorry, folks, I seem to have a nasty case of the flu w/ a sinus infection that's causing vertigo. Please be patient with me if I don't respond to a pm or a question with the usual speed. :)

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  11. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been feeling sick. If you don't have a version of VX-Ace for Steam, we can set you up with one. Just let us know -- you can reply to the same e-mail you sent originally with extra info. So far, there's no way for MV owners to buy VX-Ace DLC on Steam. This is just how Steam is set up - they're treated as separate products and the content cannot be shared between the two. And it's not negotiable, so we can't make it happen. If it ever does change, however, or if we find a different solution for Steam users, we'll definitely let you know.
  12. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    You need to send a request, since all the transfers are happening manually. You can send a screenshot.
  13. Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    No, the main store is staying open and you still have access to your purchases there. If you won something in a giveaway, you'll need to find the thread or post where the winners were announced and link to that. Yes, you can request that - just write it down in the notes field.
  14. POP Horror DLC in MV

    No, the character bundle is exclusive to the RMW store.
  15. POP Horror DLC in MV

    VX-Ace versions for the character packs is coming to Steam very soon! We just needed a little extra time to prep for a VX-Ace release.