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  1. Contemporary Music and MV Monsters

    There was something wonky with the links to the RMW store. Sorry about that, the links to the store - including a page with the music samples - are now in the first post.
  2. We've got two brand new products for you today - and they're definitely exciting! From the very talented tobi, we have a brand new Karugamo pack! Karugamo Contemporary 01 features 25 themes that are perfectly at home in modern projects. Inspired by both jRPGs and Japanese Anime, this pack is a fun addition to your growing library of resources. Katakura Hibiki's recognizable style shines in this brand new monster pack! This large pack features classis monsters from RPG Maker MV, reimagined and recreated for use in your RPG Maker projects. Whether you're looking for new character sprites, new battlers or portraits, Katakura Hibiki's MV Monsters Vol. 1 has a variety of matching content that's sure to please. This week only, receive a 10% discount on these two packs! Simply add them to your cart to receive your discount. Discount valid until October 25th. Fans of Steam, rejoice! Both packs are also now available through Steam: Karugamo Contemporary 01 Katakura Hibiki's MV Monsters Vol. 1
  3. Learning Together

    Hi everyone, We're still going through all the awesome tips and tutorials you submitted and picking out the winners to feature in our blog. However, we did pick a few winners from the Tips in this thread and the support forums. Congratulations to: Dad3353 Sixth KeeganKLM Zeriab Avery If you are one of the lucky winners, please send me a pm for instructions on claiming your prize. The rest of the winners will be announced by Friday!
  4. Learning Together

    Winners will be announced on Monday, Oct 17th. I apologize for the delay!
  5. Jungle and Aztecs

    For those of you who are waiting for a Steam release, all I can say is soon! I don't have a set date confirmed yet, but we will try to make is available as soon as possible for your convenience.
  6. Jungle and Aztecs

    That could be it. I'll check into it for you in the morning and let you know!
  7. Jungle and Aztecs

    @bgillisp: Do you own the Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack via the main store? Does the 10% discount show up instead?
  8. Jungle and Aztecs

    Today, we are launching two exciting resource packs themed around jungles, ruins and ancient civilizations. The first expansion for Celianna's Ancient Dungeons series is finally here! Ancient Dungeons: Jungle tile pack is themed around jungles, ancient Mayan temples and adventuring worthy of Indiana Jones' style. Including both exteriors and interiors, this large add-on pack is a real steal at 17.99$. Note that this pack is formatted and sized for use in RPG Maker VX-Ace. If you purchase this week, however, you can get 10% off as we celebrate the launch. Discount valid until October 6th, 2016 at 12:00pm (PST). And if you're a lucky owner of Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack, you can enjoy a 25% off loyalty discount - valid for the next 30 days. Loyalty discount is valid until October 30th, 2106 at 12:00pm (PST). But what's a jungle environment without heroes and NPCs? Aztec Character Pack is a pack containing 16 characters inspired by both history, folklore and mythology. This pack includes character sprites, portraits and facesets - all conveniently formatted and set up for use in RPG Maker VX-Ace. We've got another launch discount for you for this pack! You can get 10% off by simply adding this pack to your cart. Discount valid until October 6th, 2016 at 12:00pm (PST). As always, we love to hear your feedback! Let us know how we did and what you think of these brand new packs.
  9. Learning Together

    We've added one bonus extra day to the sale, for anyone that missed the last few minutes.
  10. Poll: Console Use

    We have a question for all RPG Maker fans! We'd love to know which console(s) you own and use most frequently. Feel free to let us know how often you use consoles and why you like them in comments!
  11. Learning Together

    Sorry, Sixth, I did not see your question until now. Yes, it can count in Script sections as well. But as they're a bit more complicated, I only linked to general support instead.
  12. Learning Together

    If the original creator of the script is ok with it, sure.
  13. Learning Together

    1. No. 2. Also no, but more tutorials will not count as more entries.
  14. It's being handled, and the license will be updated. There is a license that's specific to MV only, but it should not be in the Ace DLC on Steam. Apologies for the confusion and thank you for reporting it.
  15. Learning Together

    Thank you for the reminder! A direct link to the store has been added.