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  1. GG Maker is discontinued

    I just wanted to take a quick minute to clear something up... This situation is still on-going and has not been resolved entirely. While I understand the desire to share information or explain what's going on, please note that trying to push, defend and sell Engine001 (or its subscription services) is having a potentially negative effect on both the situation and the GG Maker developers' reputation. I realize that we're being overly vague by not disclosing any details, but this isn't done in an attempt to cover up some big truth. It's simple professional courtesy and holding up our contractual NDA obligations when it comes to the company dealings. Once things are resolved and there's a plan in place for Engine001, we'll be in a position to share more concrete information - and we plan to do so. This thread is not a direct line to Degica - nor are the forums in general. These forums are staffed mainly by volunteers who are not in a position to request anything from Degica. They have no more information than we've disclosed in this thread, either, so please don't think they're covering things up. They're simply enforcing forum rules as they usually do - particularly when it comes to controversial/negative content and advertising products. I'm going to keep this thread open for the time being because I want to make sure that I can address questions and concerns from current GG Maker owners. But there might be questions with no immediate answer - so, I will request patience on everyone's behalf when this happens.
  2. RPG Maker MV: Free Weekend!

    @XPKobold: Bundle is now fixed, including XP.
  3. RPG Maker MV: Free Weekend!

    Thanks! Checking now.
  4. RPG Maker MV: Free Weekend!

    I will look into this! Did you already previously own RMXP via Steam?
  5. GG Maker is discontinued

    How Engine001 will be distributed is up to its developers.
  6. Official Store Submissions

    Your portfolio should be as versatile as you can make it. So, try to cover things you are good at, and go for a variety of themes and settings. We do work with our artists closely, so we'd go over the themes, concepts and content to make sure the product you're creating is something our customers are interested in. If you are making a character pack, you would at the very least want sprites in addition to portraits/facesets. The more complete the pack is, the more useful it is to the buyer - and that's what we strive for. Using a VX-Ace/MV template is a possibility, but it's a case-on-case basis. That depends on the pack size, contract terms and what you're looking to display. We're always striving to accommodate both our customers and the artists we work with.
  7. We have a super exciting new event to share with you: RPG Maker MV Free weekend! This weekend, May 26th-29th, you and your friends can try out RPG Maker MV for free via Steam. If you like it? Purchase it for 50% off through May 30th, the largest RPG Maker MV discount EVER! Let's not stop there! We've got an incredible FREE character pack paying homage to Team Fortress 2 - one of the most popular and beloved games. Click here to check it out! To add to this amazing event, we are also launching the RPG Maker MV Steam Workshop Beta! To read more about this new feature, click here. But that's not all! We've also got a fantastic giveaway for you: RPG Maker MV Free Weekend Giveaway Have fun!
  8. Nightmare Land Resource Pack

    Deathsmiles is another pack with this clause.
  9. GG Maker is discontinued

    Just a quick note for everyone -- A few posts were hidden from public view because their tone was aggressive or it looked like the discussion was headed in a negative direction. A lot of the information we have about this decision is something we can't share publicly, so please don't take our silence on the matter as either confirmation or denial of any particular point. I will, once again, stress that we appreciated working with GG Maker developers and that we're trying to facilitate this transition for the sake of our shared customer base. We do not want this thread to turn into an "us vs. them" sort of thing. We understand and appreciate the loyalty our users have for both Degica and Engine001, and we are sharing what information we can with care - out of respect for our customers as well as our volunteer staff. If anyone feels that there's crucial information missing, feel free to send me a pm. And if you feel that a particular post is misrepresenting the product or either company, please feel free to report it so a moderator can see it quicker.
  10. Nightmare Land Resource Pack

    Personal edits for game use only are ok, but cannot be re-distributed. And the resources are not for use in adult games or games that negatively impact the reputation of the pack developer. Eternal Destiny Pack is Steam-only at the moment. I will look into whether it will be available as a stand-alone pack.
  11. Nightmare Land Resource Pack

    It's for VX-Ace, so it wouldn't mesh with the RTP at all. However, you may be able to use some of the DS/DS+ material along with it.
  12. Nightmare Land Resource Pack

    Yes, it's a completely new style.
  13. Today, we have an exciting new release for you - something we previewed on our Facebook page. Nightmare Land Resource pack is a set of resources based on a theme park - both cheerful and dark. Created in a charming pixel style, this pack includes a large variety of tilesets, as well as characters with matching portraits and faces, and a series of images for titles or jump scares. Formatted for use in VX-Ace, this is truly one-of-a-kind pack that will fit perfectly in your resource library. Click here for more details. As always, your feedback, comments and questions are much appreciated! Stay tuned for a blog article that takes a closer look at this pack and goes over some ideas and concepts for horror games.
  14. Medieval Tiles (MV - In Progress)

    While I can't give an exact ETA, I can confirm that it's at the top of our list! I know you're all eager to get the awesome new packs and we're trying our best to make it happen as soon as possible.
  15. GG Maker is discontinued

    It will continue working, but it won't be updated further.