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  1. Product Updates

    If you have RPG Maker set to auto-update, it will be automatic once the update goes live. If not, you will be able download them through Steam.
  2. Product Updates

    Hi everyone, We've got some free product updates we're sharing today! To receive these updates, please log into your RPG Maker Web store account and click on the products in your account. An updated download list will be displayed and you can grab the new files. For convenience and easy use, we've kept the updated material in a separate zip file - you should not have to download all files again. Note that your products need to be purchased via the RPG Maker Web store. If you've purchased via the forums in the past, please wait for the product transfer (I'm working on making it as quick as possible). If you have purchased via Steam, an automatic update will be delivered at a future date. Fantastic Buildings Medieval has been up-scaled for use in RPG Maker MV. This is not a brand new update, but several people have missed the original announcement, so we're mentioning it again. Sci-Fi Battlebacks is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Sci-Fi Battlers 1 is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Time Fantasy 1 is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Time Fantasy: Monsters is now compatible with RPG Maker MV. Inspirational, Vol.1 has a brand new free bonus featuring new themes. Lastly, we have also made the VX-Ace portrait pre-order bonus available for VX-Ace owners. This is something a lot of you have requested, and now you can grab it!
  3. Congrats on the admin position!

    1. Lunarea


      Thank you, but it's not a new position... I've had it for years. :D

  4. A quick update has been made for the Frontier Works: Futuristic Heroes & BGM for MV. There was a naming issue with audio files. We have uploaded the corrected files, divided into "graphic" and "audio" sections for your convenience. To access them, please log into your RPG Maker Web account and click on the purchase that includes Frontier Works: Futuristic Heroes & BGM for MV.
  5. Can't enter my activation key in XP

    Hello, I just checked, and I don't see any tickets from you in our system. Although it's rare, sometimes a ticket just does not make it to our system properly and we don't even know that it's been sent. So, please don't think you've been intentionally ignored. I will forward this thread to the support team so they can keep an eye out for your ticket.
  6. Store coupon not working

    Ah, the coupon is only valid for the new Frontier Works pack. Sorry for the confusion!
  7. Store coupon not working

    Can you please post a screenshot of the error?
  8. There's a couple of things I would consider, personally, in terms of gameplay. First is to tie in itemization, skill and level progression to the different factions. So, choosing to become ally of faction 1 will unlock skills A and B. Choosing faction 2 will unlock C and D. This would serve two purposes - giving the player an extra thing to consider in their choice to help a faction (aside from the ideology of the two factions), and presenting them with occasional moral challenge. For example, you're allied with Faction 1 and have a side event giving you the task to steal documents in return for a new weapon or special skill. You can choose to do it and lose some faction points, or choose not to and lose out on the weapon or skill. The second thing is to have a special cost assigned to skills or equipment. For example, the player unlocks a spell to resurrect an ally with full health, but casting the spell also damages the entire party for X amount. Or a powerful magic spell that does a lot of damage, but puts an "exhaustion" debuff on the caster that weakens their defenses. Same system could be put on equipment -- a really powerful armor has a persistent poison that knocks off 1-2 points of health every 3 seconds. The cost is enough to make the player refrain from using it all the time, but not so much that they're discouraged from using it altogether. My 2 cents, anyway.
  9. The 50% loyalty discount is also available on Steam -- so, you can purchase it via the Steam link and still benefit from the discount.
  10. Once the product is transferred, yes. I'm hoping the transfers will all complete well within the 30-days this promotion is valid for (I am waiting on something that's outside my control, which should be resolved very soon), but if it does not, we will still honor the discount.
  11. Frontier Works: Futuristic Characters and BGM is coming to RPG Maker MV! This classical and beloved pack was one of our most popular RPG Maker VX-Ace packs, and it's easy to see why! It featured a brand new party of characters, suitable for all sci-fi and futuristic games. Frontier Works is proud to present Futuristic Heroes & BGM MV -- a new resource pack with material that has been re-mastered and redefined specifically for use in RPG Maker MV. Featuring the familiar characters in standard RPG Maker MV style, this new pack gives you the opportunity to bring more futuristic flair in your projects. To celebrate this brand new release, we've got a 10% coupon for you: Use fm-mv10 to receive 10% off until August 20th 2016 (12pm PDT). If you own the VX-Ace version of Frontier Works: Futuristic Heroes & BGM, you can grab the MV version at 50% off! Simply log into your account and add the MV pack to your cart. You will see a 50% off loyalty discount. The loyalty discount is good until September 12th 2016 (12PM PDT). For more details and to purchase this great pack, click here. And if you prefer getting your DLC via Steam, please click here.
  12. Audio File encryption and new EULA

    Sorry if my previous answer is too brief... As Andar mentioned, the only global answer I can give is very vague because it's situational and might not apply to all past, current and future products. The EULA states that the material can be shared within an encrypted project, but that we're aware that some applications (RMXP, VX, VX-Ace) don't have in-engine audio encryption or have no in-engine encryption at all (RM2K, RM2K3). The requirement is there to protect the artist and clarify the distribution/re-distribution clause of the license - not to inconvenience the user or sell a restrictive product. That's why it says to contact us if you're unable to encrypt the files -- so we can work it out instead of having you assume you're out of luck. Why is this explicitly in the license now? Because people have tried to get around the "no redistribution" rule by just dumping packs into an un-encrypted test project and sharing it with others. This practice still violates the distribution rules, by the way, but it made it clear that users did not understand that portion of the license as clearly as we'd like. So, more information was added, along with a way to contact us so we can clarify any questions or concerns you might have. I will forward on any comments, feedback and grievances so that the licenses and product info can be amended (if needed). But I encourage anyone with licensing questions to submit a ticket and get a direct answer.
  13. Audio File encryption and new EULA

    If you'd like a global answer that encompasses all possible packs/licenses and agreements... Yes, an extra encryption method would be preferable. As mentioned in the license, you may also contact us to get information on how the specific pack should be managed. Some may not require extra encryption beyond the standard RPG Maker encrypt. Others may require it.
  14. TimeFantasy Resource Pack

    There's a product update coming very soon that should help.
  15. Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    Eventually, it will be a separate DLC. But do note that it will be more expensive than getting it as a part of the season pass and that we have no ETA as to when it will be released. It may be several months from now.