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  1. So I have a couple of questions here. I have been working with all of the YEP plugins and I am getting some weird things going on when I am using my skills. here are some examples. When I use the skills I get the message that it has been no effect on them?I still get the desired effect but it gives me those messages still.What's up with that? I am new to this stuff, so If you need more information of if I have posted in the wrong area please let me know.
  2. So here it is. First off I am a newbie to most of this. I have used other RPG Makers in the past and understand a little of what you can do with it. I am using a lot of Yanfly's plugins and really enjoy them. I am pondering about battle setup as the title suggest. I see some of these really awesome battle screens using different menu systems. I am pondering several things 1. How do they get these awesome battle menu screens? 2. If they are javascript plugins which are they and are they free? ( I know I do not have any examples but there are so many) 3. Also there are some people like Echo607(on youtube) whom has some pretty cool party setups like a diamond? Is that accomplished the same way? 4. is there away to have front / back row just like the older FF series games ( 4 for example ) ? so there it is. This might not be in the right spot but I wouldn't know where to post it, I hope that I can become a better part of the community even as a newbie as I am. Thank you