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  1. Merry Maker Christmas 2016!

    There really is some cool talent here. Keep up all of the good work! Very nice. 😊
  2. The Visitors

    @JRibbonsThank you so much for seeing the game through despite the sound issues. I totally get what you are saying about creating more of a connection between the player and the character so that you actually care about the plot a bit more and things don't seem so artificial. I hope that Degica actually updates things because I really don't want to publish anything else without that happening. I hope you have a wonderful new year. @Kumachan77was mentioning something very similar in a private message. Thank you so much for ch for your thoughtful response.
  3. Bug Reporting Thread

    Bug type: Original user-created BGM not loading correctly.Grrr. Bug Location: seen and heard during gameplay but it must be a server/app issue? Description: In my The Visitors game, I used at least three or four original tracks of BGM I created. When people download my game, they get a message stating: error non_existent_sound. I have the original game on my phone and it plays correctly with all of the tracks in place. However, when someone downloads my game to play it, a random sound effect is looped making it extremely annoying to play. System specs: problem seen on iPhone 5s and iPad. My phone is an iPhone 6s. Frequency: Every time someone downloads my game The Visitors. Here is the map settings screen from my game: Note the BGM selected. Here is a screenshot showing the same BGM in my Resource Manager. Here is what people downloading the game see: @Archeia Thanks for all of your help in this thread. @Archeia just out of curiosity, is there any information from Degica about any updates regarding RPG Creator? @Kumachan77 thanks for your input my friend. @JRibbons I appreciate you letting me know about the problem as well. EDIt: I just found out that the same problem occurs in You Guys Rock!, a game I posted a while ago. This is a MAJOR bug. 🙄😕
  4. The Visitors

    Hey @JRibbons! Thank you for playing!😀 I'm going to post that in the bugs thread. I'd love to hear what you think of the rest of it.
  5. The Visitors

    @JRibbons Thank you for your support. When I was speaking to @Kumachan77, who downloaded the game to play it on an iPad, there is apparently something wrong with a BGM file. If you do happen to play it, would you mind letting me know if you get some kind of error message regarding BGM? I have no such error on my phone when I play it, so that's a mystery to me. Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoy it. It is short and I hope sweet. Hey, and anyone else who has played The Visitors, I'd love to hear about it. 😀
  6. RPG Creator Tips and Tricks

    Tip 4: Don't ever save while on a boat. You'll end up unmovable in the water. (Maybe this will be fixed in the next update.)
  7. Bug Reporting Thread

    Bug type: When the game is saved while on board a boat/ship, upon continuing from the save point, the player is stuck without the boat in the middle of the water at the exact spot where the save took place. Bug location: Seen during gameplay, but it's an app issue. Description: Create a game with a boat vehicle. When playing, save while in the boat vehicle. Close out the game. Continue from game save. Find yourself floating in the water and unable to move, making it impossible to proceed. System Specs: iPhone 6s Frequency: Always @Archeia
  8. The Visitors

    @Archeia and @Vox Novus Thank you for helping me figure out how to use spoilers. @AnimeGirl
  9. Resource Format Help

    @Phil k I have tried, but I have only had limited success, especially since I am using just my phone. A couple of apps do an okay job, but I think if I were to try to do it on my laptop, I would have better access to programs that would work well. @Kumachan77 was telling me about a cool app he uses for iPad that he's had success with. It's called Pixely. Are you using your phone or iPad?
  10. The Visitors

    @Anime Girl Thank you for your comments. I did not know that having pics displayed outside of a spoiler slows loading time. I will research how to do that a bit later today. Thank you!😊 Also, yes, @Vox Novus is right, there is no link per se to the games. The game sharing is built in to the app itself.
  11. Resource Format Help

    @Phil k 😊 Welcome! It's great to have you here at the rpgmakerweb! As you edit your game you can pull up a help screen that will show you exact numbers for each type of tile/chipset. I hope this is what you're looking for.
  12. The Visitors

    Hey AnimeGirl! Since it is an RPG Creator (for iOS) game, the game is available in the "Creator's Web" section of the app itself. Have a wonderful Sunday! 😄 Thank you you so much for your interest. Just open the app and click on the Creators Web link in the bottom right hand corner. (Pic 1) Then, once that screen opens, In the lower left corner, select the language as English. Search using the "newest" tab and you'll see it.😊 (Pic 2)
  13. Importing requirements

    No worries. That would be cool to have an iPhone version though. 😊
  14. The Visitors

    The Visitors is the first chapter of a game made for RPG Creator. You wake from disturbing dreams to find that your town is filled with burning holes. Where could these have come from? What is your role in it all? Play as Ron as you figure out the mystery...or at least attempt. Find tokens and Ger (the in-game money) in various places as you speak to people to find your way to the source of the Visitors. I added some original BGM samples and very minor attempts at my own pixel art using Garage Band and Pixel Animator apps. If you like this first chapter, let me know. Thank you to @Wavelength and @Kumachan77 for your support and encouragement.
  15. Importing requirements

    Hey! I just looked it up. I guess it's not available for iPhone. It doesn't come up when I search for it. It sounds pretty awesome though.