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  1. Creating passability in cutscenes

    @Andar I've been reading these on and off, and they are very helpful. I do find I miss some information here and there because I'm too hasty to delve into other things, but yes all the required beginnier information is in there.
  2. Creating passability in cutscenes

    Fixed. Didn't realize it was that simple. Apologies!
  3. Creating passability in cutscenes

    @Spoopy - It's editing the tiles that I want to avoid - if I could find a script to toggle the 'through'-ness of the player, then it would be a all in one fix. I'll look into it. @Engr. Adiktuzmiko - I was thinking this too, it's a meat and potatoes solution that will probably end up being the easiest thing to do. I'm a little surprised this isn't a more common problem (if my assumptions are right) - don't people need to place their characters all over the place during cutscenes and preserve map / PNG space? Is it just the approach / mindset that I have wrong? @Andar - Going to do this first, but could you please clarify the specifics for a new user of RPG Makers? How do I target the command 'through' on the player during a move route? Thanks team!
  4. Creating passability in cutscenes

    Hi everyone, Just like an event can be set to 'through' so during a cutscene they may walk over tiles that may usually not permit them to - how would I apply a 'through' setting to the player, to the extent where I can toggle it on and off? This is to get the player to walk over a tile they normally wouldn't be able to during a cutscene. Thanks!
  5. @LadyBaskerville Aaaaaah. I was a little too hasty here. Sorry about that. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @A-Moonless-Night I'm just really into strong color themes for different areas - of course in other areas there'll be more than just one color to a theme, but here I'm greening it up. Noted about the direction of the water, that's a fair point. I didn't really consider it. That sprite isn't mine of course - it's one of the demo sprites in Candacis MV plus size sprites thread, although I could be mistaken on that. It might have just been made using her template.
  7. Backpack Request

    Man, that's excellent @palinskyjoe! Its so mind boggling to me how someone can cook that up and have it look so good. I've never been able to get a handle on pixel art, and I really appreciate the skills of those that do it. Thank you *very* much!
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Second attempt at parallax mapping for a cavern setting. Still some work to do, got to clean up those waterfall edges and add a bit of depth to it. Constructive feedback appreciated. In an entirely indoor setting with only a bit of light seeping through from the entrance and from holes in the ceiling - how should one treat shadows? If the shadows are cast in a different direction from the holes in the ceiling because the light is coming from a different angle than that of the entrance - is that wrong?
  9. Backpack Request

    Hi there! I'm looking for a backpack to be created for RPG Maker MV. Resource Type: Tile Maker Format: MV Art Style: Realistic and / or fitting in with default MV resources. Description: The idea is that a character must pick her backpack up from the ground. I am using the MV + size sprites from Candacis, so ideally if the character is standing next to it fills a reasonable portion of a 48x48 tile. The bag is lying on grass, although a completely clear background is preferred. It should relatively full, and slouching over a bit. Reference Images: Here is an example I found that I like: If anything like this already exists and is free for commercial and non-commercial work, please let me know! =D
  10. Hi everyone, I've seen it done on other projects but I did a search through the forums to see if anyone's asked about moving the X and Y of the 'Name Window' function in Yanfly's Message Core plugin, but couldn't find anything. Basically, I want to use the transparent background function in Yanfly's Extended Message Pack 1 plugin to bring the actualy name closer toward the dialogue message window. In all cases, this name should always be above the message box on the left hand side, so all I need to know what values to adjust in the plugin to play around with to find the best result. Thanks! I've attached what I think is the relevant part of the script here:
  11. Slow stepping speed beyond engine limitations

    Thanks very much @Hudell! Just what I need.
  12. Water droplets

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I'm going to go down the Galv Plugin / animation route. Cheers.
  13. Water droplets

    Hi everyone! Currently, I have my player situated in a cliff side cavern, complete with a little pond inside and whatnot. My aim here is to have water droplets falling from the ceiling every now and then, and I'm wondering about the most efficient way to go about this. My first thought, a crude one, was to create a giant parallax overlay and loop it with only a few water drops - but that's one massive PNG file for the sake of creating a few drops here and there. Any other thoughts?
  14. Slow stepping speed beyond engine limitations

    @Matt Mats - Thanks for the reply. I think what LadyBaskerville suggests is the easiest route for now, as it's just for an intro scene and be controlled for the duration of the beginning. @LadyBaskerville - Thanks a lot. I think I'm going to go with this. @Hudell - if this is easy enough, it would mean I could keep the horse trotting on the spot when the player starts walking around and could maintain the illusion. Would be ideal.
  15. Hi everyone, For the first time since I started playing around with this program a few weeks ago, I finally got a sense of satisfaction out of making something happen on a map. It's just a basic dialogue scene, but to see things working how I intend, no matter how basic, is very motivating. Anyway, to set the scene - I have an (enlarged) horse sprite at the start of the game, that I want stepping on the spot because he looks weird if he's still. Equally though - he also looks weird if he's stepping too quickly. Even the slowest setting (-8x I think it is) is much too fast. I'd like the horse to actually to stick on each frame for random amounts of time before going to the next one, in a perfect world. Is this easily achievable?