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  1. Non-Combat Menu

    @mjshi Good point. Although, to be honest, some games have a title screen with an awesome BGM and/or an eye candy background image (mine for example has a really sweet BGM and a decent background for now).
  2. Non-Combat Menu

    @mjshi The 'To_Title' function basically makes an exit of the game, but NOT of the application that handles it (game.exe). It goes to the startup menu/Title Screen/whatever you may call it. Actually, I see the aesthetic use for the genres mentioned, but I also like the simplicity of it; be even better if the whole menu could be moved to one corner or the side of the screen (or even make it a scrolling menu at the top or bottom much like the HUD)... I've not been able to get MV to work on my computer so I cannot really test out the differences myself (I think my graphics card is to blame), but oh well. I'm fine with VX Ace. Hmm, yes, I put the script at the top. Actually, I figured that to make the most sense to do. I'll have to upload my current project before I can give you the link. I hope it isn't too bothersome that I use MEGA. I don't know if I can directly attach my project folder to the post, but I'll try... Nope, it's too big. I'll upload it to MEGA.
  3. Non-Combat Menu

    @mjshi Ummm... No. I meant that the scripts by Yanfly and others will overwrite this script. Any menus customized by Yanfly or Victor's scripts will display as those scripts intended. Like, with Victor Engine - Item Command, all item tabs will be displayed instead of the tabs defined in this script. I also discovered some missing pieces, like Exit to Main menu, and for those who may want to see their current skills. For skills: Under Configuration: ['Skills', :nskills], And then add this: def command_nskills end Then, for Exit to Main Menu: Under Configuration: ['Main', :to_title], However, I will mention that a defining handler is not necessary; this is already handled in Scene_End. For the Record, some people may want to skip your helpful advice and/or don't understand enough about RubyScript and just want something that's more user friendly. I know, I've been there as I am a novice scripter and always ask for help. Also, I'll note that when starting up, if you have a common event call the menu after a choice option, it will not necessarily show the new menu.
  4. Non-Combat Menu

    @mjshi Here's some helpful tips. I just want to make people aware of this. If you're using Yanfly's Core Script, this will overwrite the menu methods for showing items, Status, etcetera. Also, if you use Yanfly's Ace Save Engine, you won't need to display 'Load' with this script because Ace Save Engine has that functionality already. If you use Victor Sant's Materia Script, if you want that menu option you must do the following: Add this under configuration: ['Materia', :Materia], And this must be added: def command_Materia end I don't believe this script will require anything for (Scene_MateriaShop) but it might... Just adding my little helping hands here. No thanks necessary.
  5. Attack Twice In One Turn (RPG Maker XP)

    @shockra The Action Times + wasn't implemented until VX.
  6. What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    @Pierman Walter That's really weird. I could imagine having tomatoes in clam chowder, but not cherries... @kaukusaki No, it's in April. However, it's not a celebratory time, it's a time of silent observance, if you're Pagan. We have an autumnal celebration, but whether it's in September, October or November depends on the year, and on Leap years it's in August. But that one doesn't have a name. Amastice means 'day of silence'. But we do feast, though normally on foods most people would stick their noses up at (they don't know what they're missing though).
  7. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    @ColdHate I know a lot of people in the transgender community that would be VERY offended by your comment because it is very, VERY hateful and misogynistic. One of my closest friends is in prison for beating a man senseless after he said that to her. She was made fun of, and traumatized by such misogyny. It's mean and tasteless, no matter how you spin it.
  8. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    @ColdHate What exactly do you mean by that? For the Record, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to use makeup. @Arisa Or, you could try to make your own...maybe that might help.
  9. What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    @kaukusaki I had a feeling that is what they were. I've had them. Though, my favorite preparation involves a charcoal grill with Kingsford coal and Applewood chunks. And about 14 hours of smoldering. I don't know if they could be called chitterlings because of how crispy they'd be but they sure as Hell are good! St. Louis? It's not far but...I don't exactly have a reliable car (and Amastice is some time away since I'm sure you don't know what or when it is). @TheTsunaru Ouch. That. Sucks. I cannot imagine what that must be like. Just be glad it wasn't sliced off... Cheez Whizz and Jam? Talk about two flavors not mixing together. Even I couldn't eat that. I've had PB and Brie on Triscuit before, though...
  10. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    @noctiluca Ha ha ha, I so know what that is like, to have pale skin (my hair is the opposite though but I dye it)... Transformative looks, that's something I do often. It might be that certain reactives already in your lashes and surrounding skin act up more when you use mascara. If that is so, you can use clear mascara and it shouldn't be so bad. @kaukusaki Coconut oil, and color ink/dye. Of course, this is applied with a brush rather than a wand... As far as finding some...I cannot help ya, sorreh. Googleeeee may be of some sort of help but...
  11. It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that some plugins and drivers may be better suited than others, but I've always wondered if it is true or not... I have DirectX, and OpenGL, but I wonder if either one is better than the other... Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  12. How many people here use or know about Bitcoin?

    Ummm... BITCOIN!? Oh yeah, that's a damn good way to get in trouble with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). I actually was in quite a bit of hot water with them concerning a bitcoin account that I personally never had (but thanks to this I realized that my identity had been stolen), and if it weren't for the fact that I could prove that the account wasn't mine, I wouldn't be here typing this right now because I'd be in prison... And with that, I must inform you that I omitted a four thousand word rant right there, filled with all sorts of colorful words. F*CK BITCOIN, and to HELL with all those ASSHOLES that steal from the struggling people; steal from the rich you DUMBASSES! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! *ahem* I've got a sudden date with a punching bag, if you'll excuse me...
  13. What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    @Arisa Now that's good stuff. @kaukusaki Never had crow, but squirrel and raccoon I've had. Chitterlings? I can totally dig vegan food. Do you cook for Amastice? I wanna come over if you do.
  14. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    @Sharm Yes, dark eyeliner is useful for making our eyes appear larger and/or brighter. Winged eyeliner? I haven't tried that in many years. I tend to end up drawing past my eyes and down my face...yeahhhh...I'm an odd one. A deep green color would also do wonders to set off your blue eyes (unless they're a deep blue). @Arisa If I may, have you ever tried Burt's Bees? It is kinda high in price but well worth it (and you'll avoid a lot of potential allergens). @kaukusaki I got a good guffaw from the 'warpaint' shtick, oh your sense of humor is always so uplifting. L.A. Colors is great, I think. As for Rimmel, I've only tried their products a few times (I HATE paying nine bucks for a tube of lipgloss). Kleancolour? No way! I used to import that when I was younger... Okay, Wet 'n' Wild...I have a LOT of those products (mainly because they're incredibly inexpensive and are worth more than their value). Mascara, I myself make my own because I prefer to go with bold colors that are not necessarily made by the big brands...
  15. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    @Ms Littlefish I remember once, importing this stuff from Japan, it cost like $60, and it was bad but on the model it looked really awesome... :/ I prefer to stick with the brands I know. Yeah, Covergirl all day. lol