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  1. Vibrant Sideview battlers

    Looks much better IMO.
  2. Map Size Limitations?

    I think you've gotten to me with the Chrono Trigger example (I played a lot of CT and I am using some elements from it in my game). I was tempted to use smaller overworld sprites so maybe I will be able to justify cutting it down. Its just, I couldn't make the fatboy star smaller and still maintain the style. Here check this out, I made this in like 20 minutes last night. Its ugly as hell and I need a better tileset and a real mapper to do it for me, but it will give you a better idea.
  3. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.6

    I'd like to see this too. In a perfect world I'd be able to set how many squares an Actor and Enemy occupies. I belive Chosicca has said that is a feature that is already coming. Fingers crossed!
  4. Map Size Limitations?

    Thanks guys. I will check back on this thread in the morning.
  5. Map Size Limitations?

    So I had this brilliant idea of the center of the game looking a bit like a giant fat starboy and surrounded by a network of rivers (3 tiles thick each) that branch out into about 12 different distinct regions, (there is a reason for this). I've drawn up the map and charted it out but, just to give you an example: This is roughly how the center of the map is going to look and to do that in the builder required 30 x 30. I couldn't make it smaller without it being cluttered. Its interesting that the final fantasy world maps are small, they did feel bigger, but I suppose I am using 7 as my measuring bar. The regions in the cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) are almost twice the size of the center, so that would (minimum) make them 60 x 60 each. As for using ACE that isn't really an option since I've put over 200 hours into development and spent quite a lot on art assets already. Is there really no other way?
  6. Map Size Limitations?

    Hey Guys, I was just (for lolz) tinkering with making my overworld map and I realized that if I am going to have the overworld roughly the size I need its going to need to be about 350 x 400. I am overestimating to be safe. But I'd heard the maximum size RPG Maker MV can handle is 250 x 250. Is that true and is there a way to get around it? (And no, I can't make my overworld smaller, it will make everything too close together and make random encounters redundant). Any help, advise, or just talk about the topic would be welcome.
  7. Resolved.

    This can now be deleted.
  8. Paleo era resources?

    Could this work?
  9. Wind chimes

    Its a long shot... but are there any chimes (or chime-like things you could retool) in the old Japanese Sprite set that came out for (Ace?) I am surprised when I think about it... but I'm not sure I've seen wind chimes or dreamcatchers.
  10. How do you feel about LGBT characters in games?

    Trans comes from transitioning. So, if they're not going under the knife, preparing to go under the knife, or had the work done... they're not trans. I hate identity politics more than anything, I should not have come to this thread but I cant unsee what I've seen. Its this simple, sex isnt political. Its personal and private. Who you do or do not sleep with is none of my business and should be between you and who youre sleeping with. Straight, gay, lesbian, whatever. The LGBT Community is a tiny, tiny fraction of the population and they are astoundingly over-represented. There are more members of the LGBT community on television and in media than there are gingers. So, I am extremely tired of having it shoved in my face. Call me bigoted or whatever you like but its how I feel. Its the same way I used to feel about guys that would date hot girls to show them off and brag about having sex with them. Its just lazy and tasteless. From a story point of view, its a crutch for poor writing. Essentially, its saying "This character cannot be defined by their identity, so I am going to define them by what they are." Its the difference between writing a compelling story about a 40 year old man or writing a story about an Orc. Its easy to write about the Ork, you can take shortcuts and its naturally unusual so its easier to think its more interesting. I think the LGBT thing needs to step off and spend more time in the bedroom and less time in our face. So, yeah. I don't like it in my games and I won't use it. Not until there is some more social change. Creatively, its lazy and juvenile. Plus, I'm still pretty sure GD is a mental illness. When they took it off the list with Cert5, they do so in such a way that if the same rules were applied to schizophrenia and the patient simply heard voices but they complemented them and did not compel them to violence, than that delusion is not technically a mental illness either. And that seems wrong to me. No Otherkin in my games either or Brony's or bestiality or anyone or anything so rooted in its sexuality, perversions or fetishes that they completely lack substance and depth of character in lieu of being defined by what they are instead of who they are or what they do and/or have accomplished. None of that is fun to me and I can't respect it. I don't care what someone does in the privacy of their own home or their own bedroom but I dont want to see it in my video games. Not unless its really compelling and interesting, and its usually not, its usually just trashy garbage by people who are so undersexed that their standards are so low that they've fallen down the rabbit hole of sexual degeneracy... and I don't got time for that... who does?
  11. January Goals & Progress Thread

    @Lihinel That is utterly amazing. So, the dust cloud remains the entire time (like switching shape, etc) as different sound effects flash up and when it clears, one man is standing and the other is seven shades of pain after having their butt kicked, right? Love the idea. Probably the most original thing I've seen on RPG Maker yet! If you want to spice up the difficulty, you could add "Chair", "Stool" and "Bottle" or to the options along with the Fist. Is there any kind of reward? Do increasingly big and angry people come and try to kick your ass if you win a lot? Are there different angry people at different bars? Can winning too much earn you a reputation with NPCs in the bar(s)? If you win do you get gold or rare items? (Like hobo teeth or broken dreams) If you win 100 battles in a row, does your testosterone increase so much that you gain the ability to do this? Does winning earn you extra attributes? Does winning grant you access to special meals at restaurants that up your stats (like in River City Ransom) Does winning teach you rare moves you can't learn any other way? Does losing leave you damaged? Does losing cost you anything? If you win enough, can you fight Gorthar -- the God of Inebriation, Poor Judgement and Deadbeat Dads?
  12. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.6

    Another Question (Sorry if this gets annoying): Is it possible to "link yourself" to another target on the field? For Example: RetroBoy uses the Bite Skill. RetroBoy bites down hard! RetroBoy won't let go, it looks like he's on there good! Now whenever RetroBoy moves (or is moved by an enemy) the target he is biting is moved also, and must remain adjacent to him at all times. This could be used as a "Grab" or "Drag" mechanic... or it could represent how Dogs latch onto a foe and refuse to let go.
  13. W.A.R.D.

    I stopped updating because I have been compiling stuff and working on getting everything ready. It will be updated soon. Its taking me longer than expected. It will be all better organized and written up probably within the next two and a half, three weeks, tops. Which is why I said at the bottom the update is in progress. I also do not plan to release a demo... at any point. I will be releasing nothing until I release the full game. The four heroes you make at character creation are your set heroes for the game. They a great deal of customization available, but once you have started the game that is your team. I have toyed with the idea of magical items that would allow you to change race, but ultimately decided against them as I don't think it would really add anything to the experience. I have a linear story with an open world experience. Which means it is going to be extremely easy to wander into high level areas before you are ready and get lost. This is how games used to be when I was a kid and although everyone has told me its bad game design, I want to do it anyway. I think there is a certain amount of excitement to danger and because the battle system is tactical, there is a little more margin for error... and a bigger window to flee at the start of a battle. I do not have "branching choices" as much as I have (or will, they re notes currently) give players a number of choices. These choices will give slightly different dialog but corresponding stat bonuses. Thus, as a player chooses to make more and more intelligent decisions the hero will become more intelligent. If they choose to be more direct or thuggish, their strength will increase, etc. I will also be including a large number of Race Specific quests, which you will only be able to "unlock" if one of your heroes is of the corresponding race. These will be relatively minor as far as the plot goes, but might be a nice way of getting some unique or rare items that you cannot or make find otherwise. I may have seven separate endings depending on the player's final choice, but as of yet I have not settled on that. I am trying to focus on finishing all the math and record keeping. I have been meticulously balancing this thing and I have pages and pages of skill lists, etc. Players will be able to collect and craft (albeit to a limited capacity) hunt for rare treasure (including item sets, hopefully) and really heavily customize their team so that their combat style and strategies are uniquely their own. Most of all though, I am hoping that people think there is a certain challenge to the game and feel a genuine sense of accomplishment when they save the day and watch the credits roll.
  14. January Goals & Progress Thread

    Good observation to have had. .... ... ... Whats RMN?
  15. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    I like the sign, it looks good. The rest is a bit clunky. However, I suppose I am a bit bias because I am not a huge supporter of fan games. It would be my advice (feel free to stab me with the nearest sharpest implement) but it would be my advice to drop it and create something uniquely your own. It will be more rewarding in the long run and it will be yours. So no one will be able to tell you to stop distributing it and you won't have to measure up to the product a multi-million dollar company made. Be your own person, dance to the beat of your own drum, and craft your own dreams my friend! You may commence with my stabbing now. ^_^