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      RPG Maker MV Wednesday Updates   01/19/2016

      So, what do we do while waiting for the updates? Every Wednesday, we'll be updating everyone with free resources and possibly fixes until they're integrated to the engine!   You can find Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 over here! Make sure to check this status update every Wednesday for new content!
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      Steam Lunar New Year Sale + MV Steam Trading Cards   02/05/2016

      Hey everyone! Check out all our RPG Maker offerings in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale! We have great prices on all sorts of Resource Packs, plus MV, XP, VX Ace, and the Game Character Hub! Pick up what you were missing today! We've also added Steam Trading Cards to RPG Maker MV, So get cracking on unlocking all those Badges!

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  1. RPG Maker Chat Group!

    Yo everyone! I figured since the other groups getting pretty full why not start up another give those who haven't joined a good opening to connect with each other. Sooo if you're interested in joining the group just contact (nayllon@sbcglobal.net) on skype or Nathan CorneredCosmos! Or just ask a buddy about it! Some simple common rules in the chat we should cover 1.Be respectful 2.Please keep controversial conversations to a minimum 3.Please avoid any gossip....we don't need that 4.Do not harass other members or else there will be consequences. 5.We're all developers here, we shouldn't discuss ANY illegal activities. Or anything that would regularly get you banned from these forums. 6. To enter the chat officially we need your forum name. Hope to see you in the new chatroom!
  2. Hey everyone, by any chance is there an app for the RPG Maker Forums?   
  3. Curious about the forums...

    So, I decided to put this here, because no where else seemed appropriate. My question is, how do I insert images into my posts? I've tried BBcode, but it says I'm not allowed. I wanted to put in banners on my Early project feedback thread, I designed some nifty looking ones. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  4. How to UNMARK forum as read?

    Hi, I have been scrolling through the forums and the topic is white and I know that means "Marked as read." and I haven't read them, I have no idea how to mark in as unread I tried many things, I want it to be green and blue like the other topics but it didn't work any ideas? Thanks!  
  5. Forums are very sluggish.

    Hey after the recent update the site is running incredibly slow. If I try and ping the forums, it doesn't even work and there's timeout. The forums ran perfectly fine prior to the update. 
  6. How did you find out about rpg forums?

    How did you find out about rpg forums? I found out about it from searching for scripts and always finding this site, I also knew that there would be many more features such as characters, posting my own stuff and more! How did you find out about it? 
  7. Sorry, I have no idea where I should put this. Please, moderators, move this to the correct forum. Thank you.   A couple days ago I posted a forum topic in Completed Games with a description and a link to mediafire, where my game can be downloaded. It was only after I clicked post that I realized I forgot to put screenshots. So, I'm waiting to see whether it will go through, or I will get it bounced back.   But so far it seems I haven't gotten any reply at all. I'd like to know where I stand and whether or not my game is up there?
  8. Messages on wall's and light effect?

    Ok so im making a horror game using rpg maker vx ace but im wondering how do people do light effect on windows like they make sunlight shine through the window and another thing how do people put bloody messages on the walls and other horror stuff you can't normally do with rpg maker.
  9. Action Failed?

    When ever I try and post, click, PM, or comment something there is this thing that says "Action Failed" but it ends up getting posted anyway it's annoying and bugs me, how do I fix it? I haven't installed anything recently help! Thanks in advanced.
  10. It's gotten to the point where I can play a game in the completed game section that clearly isn't complete, due to technical issues or design flaws. If a game has bugs I can understand, even if they are game breaking; but there comes a point where the excuses run out.   To take pressure off the moderators and trying to make staff do more work than necessary I propose that if a game wishes to make it to the completed games section it needs to be tested by at least 3 members of the community before going from either project development or early concept  to later in it's life on the forums.   While it may not seem like a lot, it can add a bit to the quality we can expect from developers who wish to display their work.  While I am not asking people retroactively do this for all games already present it would be nice to expect some level of functionality in the completed games section or assurance from the community members who tested it previously and approved it going forward with their own time.   I understand this means other members using their time towards someone else's project, but if a game can't get a least 3 people behind it to fully complete it start to finish, then it may not belong in the completed games section.