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  1. Terms of use:  can be used in commercial or non-commercial.  Must credit me as JonTheFox.  If used in commercial, give me free copy of game.    Must also credit  KADOKAWA.  Can only use if you own a copy of RPG MAKER MV.     I don't know how much I'll have to contribute, but if anyone wants to use this, they are welcome.  So far I was inspired by Blithe's attempt to make my own Snow Forest Battleback, which I think actually looks pretty good.     Snow Forest Battleback2:    
  2.       These are some edits and in some cases/when it happens, things painted from scratch. Note: Most of the files here are not in the necessary tileset format unless I have enough things to fill one whole Tile sheet. Terms of Use: free to use for non-commercial and commercial projects as long as credit is given. In case you want to use tiles I made from scratch in a commercial project, I want to be contacted first. It's still free to use, it's just that I want to know where they are used you need to own RPG-Maker MV to use the edits made from the MV stock assets. Every file with "Enterbrain" in its name is edited from the MV stock assets unless additional information is provided whom to credit I specify below the respective resources, and is again provided as part of the file names please do not repost these resources and instead link back to this thread if you want to share them somewhere you can edit them for your personal use if you want to share the edits you made based on my edits and other resources, make sure everything is credited properly and provide a link back to this thread. If you tell me about it, I can also add a link to it in this post so people know where to look for resources that fit with the ones in here. Update log: 2015-10-29: Opened this thread. Same day: Reuploaded everything because Photobucket is weird; fixed some things with A4 tiles. 2015-11-02: Added plants to Tile B-E. 2015-11-13: Update to one A4 tile (ceiling tile fix); added new A4 wall edit and new Tile B-E half-columns. 2016-01-14: Added new A2 carpet. 2016-01-16: New version of the A2 carpet: less pixelated, more variations. 2016-02-09: A5 stairs of "Helga's Carpet", a few modern A2 floor tiles and A4 wall tiles, as well as a living room table and a couch. RMMV Tiles – Edits, Recolours, and some things painted from scratch: Feedback is very welcome, so don't hold back. Especially when it comes to the tiles painted from scratch. While I do test them in editor, there may still be some things I didn't notice. I can't promise that I will take on suggestions, though, but I'm pretty sure there will be more tiles to come in the future. I do plan on adjusting my VX Ace Columnar Basalt Tiles for MV, but since I'll have to overpaint them to fit with the style, this may take a while.   Edit on the same day: For some reason, Photobucket kind of resized everything that was larger to 640x480 (I don't remember ever checking that option), which I only noticed just now, so I reuploaded everything. Please tell me if you notice some things being weird, and sorry if this caused an inconvenience. And while I was at it, I also fixed vertical tiling for some A4 tiles, as well as the shading in some others.
  3. Hi everyone. This are some sv_enemies edits (recolor and franken) that I've been working on. Some are a little rough on the edges, but I am hoping to get better at this.   Terms of Use
  4. I needed a winter forest battleback and decided to make an edit to the battlebacks2:Forest.png that comes with RPG Maker MV. It's a small edit to make the trees/ground appear to have snow on the bark/grass blades. It looks best when paired with battleback1:Snowfield.png and battleback1:Road2. Not so great with anything else. The editing itself isn't the best (please forgive) but maybe someone else can find a use for it.   TOU: Free to use in your commercial and non-commercial games so long as you own a copy of MV. Credit: KADOKAWA   Download Here   Here's some pictures to show what it looks like when paired with the 2 snow battlebacks I mentioned above:     Also, if anyone can do a better edit, please point me to yours. I'd love to use it!    
  5. 16Bit (Colour) Tileset

    As someone who is, oddly, obsessed with "Retro-ifying" images I decided to reduce the colours of the RTP Tilesets to 16 in order create a sort of SNES feel to my game. Enjoy If you use these in your RPGMaker MV projects just credit me. Normally resource creators and scripters ask for a free copy of your game if you commercialise it but I don't really mind either way... Samples in the spoiler tag: ...personally I like to pay for things so I'd probably buy a copy anyway. MVRTP-16Bit.zip
  6. Yanfly has released their own weapon sheets on their site. You can use either, I'm fine with that. (Should I close this thread, I do not know)   Note: To make these images work, you need Yanfly's Weapon Animation plugin. Instructions on how to configure it is his post or website. Also Weapons2 might be positioned off by a few pixels, but it probably isn't noticeable. Also, I noticed that there is a hue notetag in Yanfly's weapon animations, but I haven't tested that out with the default weapons.   Are you using Yanfly's Icon Set with the recolored weapons? Need recolored weapon sprites? Well look no further as I have recolored the MV RTP default weapons (1 and 2). There are 16 colors that will go will Yanfly's icons, so no need to worry about a missing color from the set (unless I missed one).   Credits/Usage: This is a recolor of MV's Attack Motions, so you need to own a valid license for RPG Maker MV. As for crediting, you must credit Kadokawa for the images and me for editing (it is not a requirement). You can use this for both, non-commercial and commercial games as long as the two sentences beforet this are valid enough.   Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?6xchi3n7yxu0eiq   What they look like: These are clumped together but they are separated from the download.   Screenshots: Coming soon!
  7. Face edit

    So I made this request a while ago but it had to be closed because Kaduki wasn't around, but now that he's back I'd like to request it again. I need someone to make me an edit of this face so she has a look of pure hatred and anger. Imagine you met the person you hate most in the world and all your anger surfaced at once and you just can't control yourself anymore, this is the best way I can describe what i'm looking for.   Use whichever one as a base. (except the four in the bottom left I want her eyes to be showing)   Thank you in advance  
  8. Roof tops tiles

    Hi Community.   I edited the tileset of RMMV a bit for my own needs and would like to share with you. It is not much. Just some roofs and a bit smoothed out mountain tops.   Free for non commercial use. For commercial use make sure you have permission for the original tilesets of RMMV, since this is an edit.   No credits needed.     Tiles: Enjoy.
  9. RPG Maker Chat Group!

    Yo everyone! I figured since the other groups getting pretty full why not start up another give those who haven't joined a good opening to connect with each other. Sooo if you're interested in joining the group just contact (nayllon@sbcglobal.net) on skype or Nathan CorneredCosmos! Or just ask a buddy about it! Some simple common rules in the chat we should cover 1.Be respectful 2.Please keep controversial conversations to a minimum 3.Please avoid any gossip....we don't need that 4.Do not harass other members or else there will be consequences. 5.We're all developers here, we shouldn't discuss ANY illegal activities. Or anything that would regularly get you banned from these forums. 6. To enter the chat officially we need your forum name. Hope to see you in the new chatroom!
  10. Victor's Materia Minor Edit

    Howdy!   I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with what I hopefully believe is a simple script edit to Victor's Materia script : https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/materia-system/   What I'm hoping to do is create an option in the script that by default each weapon/armor has 2 materia slots, unless otherwise stated in that weapon/armor's  notebox.   The reason I'm requesting this feature is because I'm trying to use it along with Vlue's Weapon/Armor randomizer : http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/14771-weaponarmor-randomization/   By defult, the scripts can work in the same project (no crashes), but armor/weapon/s created by Vlue's script don't seem to take their materia notetag into account, meaning that any randomized weapon/armor has no slots by default.   As a side note, the script allows for both separate and linked slots for materia. For simplicity's sake, I would only need the 2 separate slots.   If there is any questions that you might have, please do let me know!
  11. Note: I made a change to the ToU (bolded for clarity). This is simply to make it easier on people. If you repost any of these resources, post the ToU so people know whether or not they can be used for commercial projects, etc., even if you stop updating the site you repost to (meaning people wouldn't be able to contact you to clarify the terms). Thanks!   I'm including a lot more custom work in this thread now, so I would especially appreciate feedback. Some of you are amazing artists and anything you can tell me to help me get better, is always a good thing. (I'd like to give a quick thanks to Sharm and Celianna, as their work, both past and present, is what inspired me to start doing this in the first place, and is often the inspiration for what I attempt to create. I've also learned a lot from looking at their art and watching Celianna as she creates hers.)   If you have requests related to anything I create (e.g. recolors, resizes, different styling, etc.) please feel free to ask.   Terms of Use: *Always credit Enterbrain or Kadokawa for any RTP resource, including recolors, resizes, etc.* Commercial projects: Yes, no credit to me required Non-commercial projects: Yes, no credit to me required Funded projects: (kickstarter, gofundme, etc., whether commercial or not) Yes, no credit to me required Reposts: Yes, no credit to me required. Please do not claim you made them though. *You must include these terms of use if you repost these on another site!* Edits: Yes, no credit to me required. If you use any of these resources, feel free to send me a screenshot if you want. I'm always happy to know they were useful to someone. This is not required however.   Indoor Tiles and Parallax Files
  12. Hey there, guys! I don't know who else has noticed, but when listening through much of the MV audio through headphones there is an ever present hissing noise. This is especially noticeable in soft songs and non looping sounds such as MEs and SEs. Anyway, no need to babble. It's rather easy to remove so that's what I'm working on!     I was given the go ahead to share this. The file includes a .ogg and .m4a of with the hissing completely removed.    Oct 23rd, 2015: Scene 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/brwlmhxtiox4g8h/Scene%201%20%28hiss%20removal%29.rar?dl=0 November 4th, 2015: MEs and BGS https://www.dropbox.com/s/855s6o7938zldrk/audio.rar?dl=0 January 3rd, 2016: Complete "Games" Folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3jqki6plzk1lj3/Games.rar?dl=0   Absolutely all credits to Kadokawa, no need to credit me. You must own MV to download and use these edits Enjoy!
  13. MV Dog Battler Edit

    Hello everyone. Here is a recolor edit of a dog battler posted by ninjaconor (link to post). I just made it match the color of the RTP dog. Have a good day everyone and keep on working on your dream projects!   (Imgur link for those who want it http://i.imgur.com/zz5lQqy.png)   Please follow the credit guidelines that ninjaconor put for the original battler. I only edited it and do not require that you include me in the credits.
  14. Some kind of black square the size of my cursor is preventing me from editing maps in map edit mode. Whenever I select a tile and want to post it on a map, the square gets posted on the map instead. Attached is the black square posted a few times on my new map.
  15. with the tag below how do i add Name: before the enemies name when scanning   uses 2 plugins... http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/13/yep-8-skill-core/ http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/10/yep-2-message-core/     <Before Eval> if (target.isEnemy()) { var id = target._enemyId; $gameSystem.addHpGaugeEnemy(id); var text = target.name Name:() + '\n';                (something like that?) text += '\\px[100]\\c[4]HP:\\c[0] ' + target.hp; text += '/' + target.mhp; text += '\\px[400]\\c[4]MP:\\c[0] ' + target.mp; text += '/' + target.mmp; text += '\\px[700]\\c[4]TP:\\c[0] ' + target.tp; text += '\n'; text += '\\px[100]\\c[4]ATK:\\c[0] ' + target.atk; text += '\\px[400]\\c[4]MAT:\\c[0] ' + target.mat; text += '\\px[700]\\c[4]AGI:\\c[0] ' + target.agi; text += '\n'; text += '\\px[100]\\c[4]DEF:\\c[0] ' + target.def; text += '\\px[400]\\c[4]MDF:\\c[0] ' + target.mdf; text += '\\px[700]\\c[4]LUK:\\c[0] ' + target.luk; $gameMessage.add(text); var weakness = ''; var resist = ''; var immune = ''; var absorb = ''; var elements = $dataSystem.elements; for (var i = 1; i < elements.length; ++i) { var name = elements; var rate = target.elementRate(i); if (rate > 1) { weakness += name + ' '; } else if (rate < 0) { absorb += name + ' '; } else if (rate === 0) { immune += name + ' '; } else if (rate < 1) { resist += name + ' '; } } if (weakness === '') weakness = 'None'; if (resist === '') resist = 'None'; if (immune === '') immune = 'None'; if (absorb === '') absorb = 'None'; weakness = '\\c[4]Weakness:\\c[0] ' + weakness + '\n'; resist = '\\c[4]Resist:\\c[0] ' + resist + '\n'; immune = '\\c[4]Immune:\\c[0] ' + immune + '\n'; absorb = '\\c[4]Absorb:\\c[0] ' + absorb; text = weakness + resist + immune + absorb; $gameMessage.add(text); } </Before Eval>
  16. Save tons of time by bulk editing your database in a text editor! We'll use "find and replace" to change words with a few clicks! Then we'll add a trait to ALL armor, and even create a quick macro to change prices. The same basic steps work on all the files -- items, weapons, skills, etc. 
  17. Hi everyone,   I'm using Yanfly Ace and the Battle Engine as scripts in my game.  I noticed that the combat hud that is diplayed on the bottom of the screen during the players turn has a lot of room on the right of the commands:   Attack Magic Guard Items   Here is a picture (the first one)   http://imgur.com/a/77Bsz     Here is a link to the script... https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/ I'd like to shrink the size of that command box (from left to right), and then extend (from left to right) the other one that contains the characters in the party, so that their pictures are larger and their names fit.  Which lines do I have to adjust?  Thanks in advance!   Luke
  18. Hi, I created some edits to use them for parallax mapping. Decided to post some of my (insignificant) work to give it a try. Hope it will be useful for someone. Some of the edits require parallax mapping as some of them are outside the grid limit. Use it as it is for parallax mapping or rearrange it to use it as Tileset.   You must own a legal version of RPG Maker MV to use these edits and credit goes to Enterbrain. You dont need to credit me for this edits, but a 'thanks' would be nice if you will use them. Can be used  non commercial and commercial.   Edit: 29.11.2015: Added another mixed tile picture (Flooring, lanterns,furniture,windows, recolors)         05.12.2015: Added mixed tile picture (Tiles with sand, recolors, clocks, furniture, nature)         31.12.2015: Added mixed tile picture for interior (bathtubes, tables, furniture, mirrors, couch)         01.02.2016: Added mixed tile picture (Flooring ad Wall)         10.02.2016: Added mixed tile picture (Books, trophies, furniture, gravestones...)               Have Fun!        
  19. Hello all! I am looking for some mods to be done on these sets that I made in the RPG Maker MV generator. I'm trying to make a sprite based on a person here so I do have pretty specific ideas. This character needs to have a small brown spot in her right eye in the lower right area. I have an Instagram reference, so PM me if needed for clarity.   Also, and this is the main thing I'm looking for here is to change the headset to more closely resemble Astro A40's. http://www.astrogaming.com/a40-headset/A40-GEN2.html?dwvar_A40-GEN2_color=Charcoal#start=1 Now, it doesn't need to be a perfect match by any means, but the camo headband just doesn't work for me. If editing the mic is problematic, my focus is really the headband and some of the orange accents.   Here's what I hope to emulate: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNrgJPpUYAAA98K.png:large   Any questions, please let me know. Thanks in advance!!~
  20. [MV] Burn Overlay

    I just request a small and simple edit from my fellow community members. My game will have a 'burn' state and I need an overlay for it. The default overlay sheet has a rage overlay which will work fine, as long as the face is removed. So, all I'm requesting is the face on the rage state overlay be edited out so that only burning fire is visible. I attached the overlay in question just in case I wasn't specific enough (which I highly doubt though )
  21. Armchair Edits

    Hi everyone!   This is my first time posting ( and editing) "Resources" so I hope everything is ok!   I took the couches from the RTP SF-Tilesets and made them to armchairs! I personally think they came out quite good, and I hope you like them.   Well, since this are just edits I dont claim any right to them so if you own RPG Maker MV you can use them. ( I guess? Right?!)   Here is a screenshot on how they look in game:       If this isnt ok, just say it, I will take it down immediately  >< 
  22. Sprite/Faceset/SV edit request :3

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could edit the face and sprites for one of my characters? The character was made with the RMMV Character Creator. I would just like a scar added to his face and sprite, I tried a few times but couldn't do it Thank you deeply in advance for anyone who can do this for me
  23. There is a plugin that came with MV at launch I have edited a fair bit for looks, but try as I might I cannot find a way to make it show a Gold popup message. The plugin I speak of is the "TinyGetInfoWnd"   I am still very new to Java and while I can edit things for repositioning and looks I have  hard time trying to solve how to create new windows in an already existing script, and I have tried several ideas with no luck whatsoever on this so I am turning to the community for help.   All I am looking for is to add in a Gold Popup window to the existing plugin if at all possible, or a small plugin that can achieve this in the same manner as this one with the same general look in-game.   Uploading a few screenshots and the plugin in .txt form since .js isn't allowed... O.o   if anyone can help me at least get started on the right path it will be much appreciated!   Plugin:   Misc Screenshots of how it looks in game:
  24. Hello! Here I'll post manly RTP Edits, since I'm not a real pixel artist, haha. But, maybe they're useful for someone   Terms of use Feel free to use it on commercial or non-commercial games. You are also free to re-edit it. Please do not post it elsewhere. Don't forget to credit me and Enterbrain   RTP Edits for innner taverns: (I'm still making some more to build the tavern for my game) A5 edit. (Darker colours and a stair with floor edit):  
  25. MV-styled VX Ace Soldier Battler

    What i'm hoping to get is a MV-style battler of the Soldier battler from VX Ace. I would just use that Waifu 2x whatever it's called, but I see that the way the battlers were drawn in MV are different than Ace's.   Essentially, what i'm looking is a MV version of the Soldier battler from VX Ace, with the spear and shield instead of the battle-axe.