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  1. -------------------------------------- Latest Plugin: Extended Doodad Pack 1 -------------------------------------- Here are some plugins made for RPG Maker MV, a piece of software that lets you create your own role playing games for the PC, Mac, and various mobile devices! Keep in mind that these plugins are made for RPG Maker MV only! They do not work on other RPG Makers. THIS THREAD WILL BE USED FOR PLUGIN UPDATES, NEW YEP VIDEOS, AND BUG REPORTS! This thread is NOT a request thread. Requests include new plugins, new features for existing plugins, and features that you personally think should exist but currently do not. If you want requests, visit the proper subforum for it; this thread is not the place to do so. To make a bug report, simply report it in this thread. Chances are, I will find out about the bug in this thread than by making one in the JS Support forum. NOTE: Read this before submitting a bug report on this thread: I will only support my own plugins and code that I, myself have provided. If there are bugs with other people's plugins and/or bugs with the RPG Maker MV base code itself, I am not responsible for it. Report it in their own threads if it is a bug for their plugin or the official bug report forum if it is a bug with the RPG Maker MV base code. I am not responsible for bugs created by plugins created by other makers. There will be no compatibility patches made between my plugins and non-YEP plugins. This is not because I disrespect other plugin makers. If I did, I wouldn't go so far as to maximize compatibility with my plugins when possible. The reason behind this is because of my lack of time, and I'd like to put my undivided attention to errors caused by my own plugins. I am not responsible for any Lunatic Mode that you, yourself, have made. If you have created your own Lunatic Mode code that isn't running, go visit the JavaScript Support Forum instead. I am not obligated to explain to you how to code in JavaScript. There are plenty places online to learn it but this thread is not that place. I am not obligated to explain to you how to use all the various functions inside of my plugins. If a function added by my plugins is not listed in the Help File, it means I do not deem that function to be used for script calls. Therefore, if you choose a function outside of the ones listed in the help files to use in a script call, I am NOT responsible for it not working properly for you. No script call support will be provided for functions not listed within the help file. I am not going to "fix" my plugins to work with the Exclude unused files feature that comes with RPG Maker MV. The feature exists primarily for games that don't use plugins or games that use plugins that do not reference other game files. Read about it here in detail. ALL bug reports MUST follow these guidelines and use this template: Plugin Name: (What is the name of the plugin?) Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? (Click here for all of the latest updates and install them. If you do not have the latest updates, I will ask you to remake the bug report) Plugin Parameter Changes: (Mention ALL of the changes you've made to the plugin's parameters. Otherwise, I will revert every single plugin's settings to the default setting) Bug Explanation: (What is the bug in your own words? Keep this detailed. "It isn't working right" is not a valid bug report.) Create a Sample Project Reproducing the bug: The sample project MUST follow all of these guidelines: Create a new project. Do NOT just copy over your game project folders. This should be just a stock, empty, new RPG Maker MV project. If I do not see an empty project with Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius, I will not look any further. The project's file size must be 200 MB or LESS. Remove unnecessary audio and image files until you reach that size or use MV Stripper if you need help doing so. Install -only- the affected plugins. Do NOT copy/paste them over from your project's Plugin Manager. If you're using non-YEP plugins, do NOT include them. That said, I apologize that both ATB and CTB are no longer supported by Yanfly, so if you're using them, please remove them from the project used for the bug report. Do -NOT- rename the plugins' filenames. They will not work if you do so. MAKE SURE you DO NOT change the filename from the file downloaded from the website. Make sure they're in the EXACT order listed on Yanfly.moe. The correct ordering of plugins is important. Some plugins will not work if they aren't in the right order. Do -NOT- deploy the project through File > Deployment. Do -NOT- box the sample project. If I cannot open up the sample project when I get it, you will have to redo it all. Error Report: (If you received an error message, press F8 when the message is received to open up the debug console, then copy/paste the entire error log and paste it here). Exact Steps on How to Replicate Bug: (Write out IN DETAIL, a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the bug.) Did you recreate the bug on the sample project? (If not, do so. MAKE SURE you are using notetags in the right place and haven't misspelled anything. DO NOT USE SAVES. I need to know exactly how to recreate the problem from start to finish. Simply giving me a save file tells me nothing.) Upload the sample project and share the link (ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED): Use WinZip or WinRAR to archive the project. Do -NOT- archive it multiple times. Upload it on a website like Mediafire.com or Dropbox. Do -NOT- use a website that involves timers like 4shared, RapidShare, etc. If I am time-gated from downloading the project, I will ask you to reupload it somewhere else. Post the link here. If you do not include a sample project that meets these guidelines, the bug report will be invalid. There are NO exceptions. WHY I NEED A CLEAN SAMPLE PROJECT FOR BUG REPORTS: If you're wondering why I make it an absolute requirement for sample projects containing to be made, it's because in the past, I've chased and hunted bugs that do not exist either because a user had a conflicting error with a non-Yanfly plugin, has not updated the plugins, using the plugin incorrectly, or think something is a bug when it really isn't. The amount of time I've wasted chasing these "bugs" is unfathomable as that time could have been spent developing new content. To mitigate this issue, I made it an absolute requirement for bugs to be reported in such a manner because of the following: It makes the user go through all of the troubleshooting steps to reduce the amount of user errors. If the user identifies it as a user error, then the user would also have gained troubleshooting skills, which are essential for game development. If you cannot be bothered to learn how to troubleshoot, I'm afraid RPG Maker will be giving you a whole lot more stress later on. Isolate the bugs caused by Yanfly plugins away from non-Yanfly plugins. As stated above, I do not provide support for non-Yanfly plugins due to my lack of time to create compatibility patches for non-Yanfly plugins. Having over 100+ plugins, making a compatibility patch for each one of those with every other plugin out there is absolute insanity. It shows that the user is serious about getting the bug fixed as I am. Being able to put out time to isolate a problem so it can be fixed means the user is serious about getting their game made. If you are not serious about getting a bug fixed for your game, then I have no reason to be serious about getting it fixed for you. As a user's time is important to them, my time is also important to me, and this is our mutual agreement to get things done cooperatively. Thank you for understanding. BASIC TROUBLE SHOOTING 1. Are all your plugins up to date? If they're not, download the updated versions from here: http://yanfly.moe/yep/changelog/ 2. Did you rename any of their plugins from their default filenames? If you did, then the plugins won't work. Do NOT rename them. 3. Did you make sure all of the plugins are placed in order as http://yanfly.moe/yep/ inside of the Plugin Manager? 4. When you updated the plugin, did you /open up/ the plugin within the Plugin Manager? You are getting the error because you updated the plugin and did not go into the plugin itself like the instructions here in the first video: http://yanfly.moe/yep/changelog/ Why is this important? Because whenever new parameters are added to a plugin upon a new update, you have to enter the plugin in order for the Plugin Manager to add those new parameters into your game. Otherwise, you will get undefined errors and "random" crashes. Skipping that step is not optional and is very crucial to getting updated plugins to work. 5. If you are using non-Yanfly plugins, turn off ALL of the non-Yanfly plugins to see if there are any conflicts. 6. If you are testing your project in Battle Test and aren't seeing any changes made after updating your plugin, make sure you -save- your project. RPG Maker MV does not carry over changes to Battle Test until you save your project. F.A.Q. ABOUT ATB AND CTB PLUGINS The ATB and CTB plugins are custom battle systems that do NOT involve a turn-based system that you're used to with the default turn-based battle system (DTB). They function off of a tick-based system, which means it does not work off standard means. This also means you have to adjust either the plugin or your game to fit these means. Here are some frequently reported "issues" with the system. None of these are bugs so do not report them as bugs. If ATB bars are taking too long to fill up, then change your battlers' AGI values to higher or change the plugin parameters to fit your game. If ATB states are dropping in turns too quickly, this is because you didn't adjust the proper state turn settings within the Battle Engine Core to fit your game. For ATB, no, I will NOT make Active Mode. It's not because I can't (I've made it before in VX's Yanfly Engine Melody). It's because RPG Maker MV's code structure for the battle system makes it more likely to break everything if it does so. If this is something you absolutely need, the Plugin Request Forum is your place to visit, if DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core(which is at least compatible with my Battle Engine Core with the compatibility fix) can't meet your demands already. If there is "lag" between CTB turns, this isn't because of the plugin. This is because your low AGI values is making the game go through hundreds to thousands of CTB updates per tick. Once again, either you increase the AGI values or change the plugin parameters to fit your In CTB, States "skipping" multiple turns when updating isn't a bug. It is because in between the previous battler next battler, there was a huge gap in time, enough to go through two state turn cycles. Adjust the state turn settings within the Battle Engine Core to fit your game. For CTB, no, I will NOT make multiple instances of turn icons appearing for multiple actors. If you want something like that made, you can request it in the Plugin Request Forum. If all of these issues are beyond you, then I'm afraid the ATB and CTB plugins aren't for you. As a developer, it is your responsibility to understand the plugins and systems you are using. You are not doing your players any favor by using a system that you, yourself, do not fully comprehend. I will not educate anyone how ATB and CTB systems work. My plugins work based on the ATB and CTB systems of existing Final Fantasy games with slight tweaks to fit RPG Maker MV's system. Please study them on your own accord. TERMS OF USE HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS And below are the plugins I've made. I strongly recommend that you place these plugins in the following order if you plan on using them. The plugins here will link to the individual posts on this thread for more detail.
  2. It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that some plugins and drivers may be better suited than others, but I've always wondered if it is true or not... I have DirectX, and OpenGL, but I wonder if either one is better than the other... Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  3. ActorSlide.js GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins Free plugins created for RPG MAKER MV! • Plugins Credits to Gamefall (or Gamefall Team) required. - Wolf Rpg System (Version 1.1) - Player Hud (Version 1.0) • Other Plugins For these plugins Credits are appreciated, but not necessary. • Term of Use Free to use for non-commercial and commercial projects. • Useful links
  4. Plug-Ins! by @Hikitsune-Red RED_RandomLoadingScreen RED_SetRegionId PH_Warehouse (edited by me to allow renaming capabilities and randomized items) Terms of Use (can also be found in-file) - Free for non-commercial and commercial use - Just give me some minute credit as "Hikitsune-Red 火狐"
  5. QPlugins

    QPlugins Demo - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo Site - https://quxios.github.io/ Plugins QPlus - v1.0.1Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QPlus.jsThis plugin is the core for most of the QPlugins. It also adds a few new functionality to RPG Maker MV to improve it.QSprite - v2.0.2Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QSprite.jsThis plugin lets you use sprites that are set up with Quasi Sprite Animator https://github.com/quxios/SpriteAnimatorQAudio - v2.0.3Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QAudio.jsThis plugin allows you to play an audio (bgm, bgs, me or se) at a fixed position. The volume and panning will be dynamically updated based off of the players distance from that audios location.QCamera - v1.0.0Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QCamera.jsImproved camaera control for RPG Maker MV. Lets you scroll diagonally, towards a character, set the time it takes to scroll in frames, change who the camera is following and smooth scrolling which makes the camera 'lag' behind the player or target.QInput - v2.0.0Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QInput.jsThis plugin enables full keyboard support as well as letting you set the default keyboard keys for mv inputs.QInputRemap - v2.0.0Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QInputRemap.jsThis plugin adds an input remapping window to the Scene_Options. This lets players change their keybinds ingame.QNameInput - v2.0.0Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QNameInput.jsAdds Keyboard support to the Name Input Scene.QSpeed - v1.0.0Download - https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/tree/master/js/plugins/QSpeed.jsThis plugin lets you set custom move speeds for your characters. It also adds an acceleration / deceleration effect when that characters move speed is changing. This can be enabled / disabled Reporting bugs/errors/crashes When you find a bug / get an error or crash. Report it here or as a github issue [ https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo/issues ]. I would prefer github because it's easier to track. When reporting include the error that it shows on the console log (push F8 to open the console) not the error that shows on the game! Also include any extra information that lead you to that crash so it will be easier to recreate. Terms Free to use for commerical and non-commerical projects. More information at: https://github.com/quxios/QMV-Master-Demo#terms-of-use-for-non-commercial-and-commercial
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows the player to have an option in the menu to kick/remove party members from the party. The system is kind of similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Pokemon where if you don't want them anymore you can just release them. My game is a bit similar where there would be lots of non-important actors that can be recruited. I know you can make an event to remove party members but the event command of "Change Party Members" only removes by actor ID. I would have to set the actual actor ID to remove them from the party, but that would be difficult when the party can consist of any of the 1-100 recruitable members.
  7. Jump System(GS)

    Introduction Hello everyone, how are you? I want to create a plugin that allows the creation of jump locations, I wanted to hear your opinion on this, I know it sounds like little but it's a start. I have a diagram on how the code will work. Coding Green: processing Orange: Waiting Red: Condition Blue: Running Yellow: Retrieving Information Summary All code is written in an anonymous function, In this way we save memory. As there are 255 regions (MV 1.3.4) will be created an array to support all the values defined in the parameters. To facilitate the input of new values, a method defined in the Game_Interpreter scope is defined to append new values to the array. When the player is moves the code is executed, thus we can save memory. Lastly Until 01/10/2017 we will already have this plugin released. The next I'm thinking of making a mission system, but I do not know if it's necessary ... Thanks Team Degica Credits Translator: Google Translate Editor: Guilherme Santos
  8. Heya Forums! I'm new, this is my first post, so if I'm in the wrong place or a bit lost, sorry! Please could you point me in the right direction? Anyway, I'm trying to parallax a map, Well, I'd like to think I've done it really well, cause' the map I parallaxed worked out fine - a store! Problem is, as soon as I go from the store outside into the street, the overlay layer is still there - all the shadows, and the tops of my crates, and that jazz... Yeah. I followed as much tutorial help as I could, and Googled to see if anyone had the same My only event for the parallaxing is pretty simple. I've made some screenshots, but if anyone needs any more info, I'm happy to give it out. My Event http://imgur.com/6TAYNdv The Issue http://imgur.com/GjGBE6Q Using the TDDP_BindPicturesToMap, OrangeMapshot and YEP_RegionRestrictions as my plugins Update: Loaded one of the default maps that comes with the software and had my player exit to this map, and the issue doesn't show there, but as soon as he goes into one of the other buildings using the parallax, it shows. Long story short, the overlay from my wine shop is following my character to places that aren't the wine shop. I mean, it works flawlessly IN the shop, but previously I was going out into the street and all my shadows and bits of stuff were there. Then I go into the House, and it's also there! Can't shake off this overlay. It stays in spot, so BindToMap is working, but how can I confine it to the Wine Shop alone? Am I going to have to start all my maps making a default map and then clearing it and pasting in my own maps? Pretty anxious for some help, I could offer the working answer a free copy of my game, if I, well, ever make something worth releasing.
  9. I've started to use some of the Yanfly's Script like Buff State & Core, Damage core, ecc ecc... Those script are really usefull to create skills and states with unique kind of effects. I've also watched his tips & Tricks videos to learn how to create particular effects, in these codes he uses some functions or Prototypes (i don't know very well JS) like: this.isAttack() that returns if the current action is an attack or this.isPhysical(), this.isMagical().. or even this. user.setStateCounter(Arguments arguments ..) that creates a counter on the state's icon. I've learned those by reading yanfly's codes, but i was wondering if there was any documentation or list of these functions that could help me, because there are a lot of things but right now i'm stuck with this problem. Every time i wanna create some kinda of state or skill i need to search for a similar effect in those Tips & Tricks video and try to learn how something. It's quite a lot frustrating and time wasting. Thanks for reading this far! I'll wait for your answer! PS: Also sorry for my bad english
  10. Hello everyone. Firstly if this is in the wrong forum my apologies, feel free to inform me if i've done goofed and ill move this post to the correct place. Secondly I want to know is it possible to disable and activate Certain plugins via a script or event call in game. An example of what im trying to achieve is for one Chapter of a personal project im working on I want to disable the Sideview yanfly battle system im using and enable A undertale style battle system and its related plugins. Obviously I cant have both on at the same time and I noticed MV has a option to Turn Plugins on and off via the plugin menu. I want to know is this possible in game? Thank you for your time.
  11. Pick Up & Carry Events

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any plugins that allow the player to pick up events and carry them around? I thought I had one from Tomoaky but I can't find it or any reference to it on the authors site. Thanks.
  12. Vlue's (Daimonious Tails) Complete Plugin's Vlue also known as Daimonious Tails is a great scriptwriter and has been working on scripts for a while making various plugins for older RPG makers, and is now working on new Plugins for MV, Here is a complete list of all his work. I did not make any of the plugins here, i have contacted Vlue and have been given permission to add his work to the forums, All his work can be found on his Official Website. All his time making scripts, Plugins and maintaining his website i decided to post his work here for him to spread work to the RPG community, please show your support on his website. Game Time - v1.1 Inventory Menu - v1.0 Crafting System - v1.3e Quest System - v1.2b Quest System Editor (Add On) - v1.1 Steal Ability - v1.0a Latest Updates : Quest System Editor - Version 1.1 - Added Save button, Auto update ID (now it will ask you when you save), delete quest error solved Game Time - Version 1.1 - Added timer variables Crafting System - Version 1.3e - Auto-teach recipes, recipe name override, padding issues, fixed gold window issues Quest System - Version 1.2b - New plugin commands, new script calls, failed quest, editable max obj values Terms of use All of Vlue's work is free for both commercial and non-commercial use with the exception he is credit of course as well as anyone else who has contributed to his work and helped create the scripts we have today, if you use any of his plugins dont forget to show some support and as stated at the top, check out his official page when you get 2 minutes for more info and updates. http://daimonioustails.weebly.com/
  13. To help get my game off the ground I used an old demo received by Yanfly (to test his new plugins) so to have access to bunches of skills and the like. However, the character in the first slot of my game is now stuck in "Perma Guard" when he is in battle. It only affects things visually, but its frustrating trying to figure out how to fix this. Since I started on the game its been an issue, so I'm assuming some sort of plugin may be the cause. Is there a plugin from yanfly that alters a characters Standby Animation when in a side view battle? When using the default battle system, the only time my character uses the "Normal Standby" animation is when they are being selected to use a skill. If no skill is chosen or they are skipped, they jump straight into their "Guard" animation, and its almost like they're stuck that way, even when they're inflicted with status ailments, they won't take the appropriate animation. I feel like when I modded the yanfly model (I deleted levels and reworked characters, but left the skills in tact) I missed something that Yanfly may have added to alter an actors side view animation. I could really use some help...
  14. Game Balance

    Hey everyone, I'm in need of some help or advice or anything that you can give. We are working on an open-world RPG of a massive scale and we are having trouble getting the mechanics balanced. I'm using a few different plugins to try and acheive this balance and they are as follows: Quasi Params Plus: I am using this for custom parameters such as Strength, Dexterity and such to base player's stats of off, but not the enemies. Yanfly's Armor Scaling and Enemy Levels plugin: I am using the Armor scaling to have the damage be reduced by a percentage so that way even harder enemies still take damage and not just 1 or 0. The Enemy Levels plugin is so they scale with the player and their stats adjust according to formulas. I am not sure if I need to give the enemy the same custom stats and use them to determine attributes like I have the players or if I should think of this from a different angle. The enemies always do a decent amount of damage, but the players never seem to see their damage improve much per level. I'm not sure how to balance it out because it is an important gameplay mechanic. I'd like to hear what others have tried to balance out gameplay and what I might try in order to do so.
  15. This will only cover the BASICS of plugin making. I will add more to this when the video is up ( i.e. how to pull params from the user to use in your plugin) A video will accommodate this in a little bit. You will NOT become a level 99 Warlock after this... maybe. a level 5 Wizard?. Anyways, 1. Download my template https://www.dropbox.com/s/23qz6k2st0fnjb1/template.js?dl=0 2. Download an IDE, or a Text editor specifically for coding ( I use Notepad ++) (you can use regular note pad, but that's boring) https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ 3. Load my Template and read through my comments. You can adjust code if you'd like. Believe it or not, this is actually a working plugin as well. Load this to your plugins folder and turn on your Text Drawing on your title screen.. see what happens! * I will explain this below for the newer guys later tonight* Please read through replies on this thread for errors or best practice. //=============================================================================// Toms_Example Template// by Faytless / Thomas Pham// Date: 10/25/2015 //============================================================================= /*: * @plugindesc xxxxx // Describe your plugin * @author yyyy // your name goes here * * @param xxxxx //name of a parameter you want the user to edit * @desc yyyyy //short description of the parameter * @default zzzzz // set default value for the parameter */ // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS! // Declare your function // 1. change *** to your plug ins file name below.// You are telling RPG maker that this plugin exsists. (function() { var parameters = PluginManager.parameters('template'); // NOTE: THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A DARK WIZARD. HERE ARE SOME BASE FOR YOU TO LAY A FOUNDATION FOR PLUGINS!// Now find something you want to edit in the core plugins. You can// find them in the Project\www\js folder // 2. find the EXACT function you want to edit /* This function can be found in rpg_scenes.js Scene_Title.prototype.drawGameTitle = function() { var x = 20; var y = Graphics.height / 4; var maxWidth = Graphics.width - x * 2; var text = $dataSystem.gameTitle; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.outlineColor = 'black'; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.outlineWidth = 8; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.fontSize = 72; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.drawText(text, x, y, maxWidth, 48, 'center'); */ // You need to come up with a name for your modification while keeping // class name the same. // the name of the function I want to edit is called // Scene_Title.prototype.drawGameTitle // The name of my function will be called _Scene_Title_xxx //Follow for ease of use, follow the template below. // Start your var as _NAME_NAME_YOURCLASSNAME // Have it equal the function you are replacing var _Scene_Title_xxx = Scene_Title.prototype.drawGameTitle; // make your adjustments by adding code, or adjusting them below. // This is an exact copy of the code above, but with some of my adjustments // to some of the parameters. Later, I will show how you can call your parameters that the user adjusts // so your plugin has a little more control Scene_Title.prototype.drawGameTitle = function() { // _Scene_Title_xxx.call(this); //sometimes you have to call your function to get this to work. In this case you don't Ill explain why later. var x = 20; var y = Graphics.height / 4; var maxWidth = Graphics.width - x * 2; var text = $dataSystem.gameTitle; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.outlineColor = 'black'; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.outlineWidth = 8; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.fontSize = 200; this._gameTitleSprite.bitmap.drawText(text, 0,0 , maxWidth, 48, 'center'); } })(); // dont touch this.
  16. Harry Potter Spell System

    I'm starting to make a game based off of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I wanted to have a spell unlock system similar to the one in the GBA Port of Prisoner of Azkaban (A.K.A. use a spell a certain number of times to unlock the next spell upgrade). I wanted to know if there is some kind of plugin for me to be able to do this. Thanks to those who can help out.
  17. "Plugin Commands"

    Hello everyone! I've got a bit of a problem. I'm trying to use a plug-in (Map Selection by Mr. Trivel) to create a teleport network; however, I'm very new to RMMV. I'm afraid I don't know what it means when the "how to use" section lists the Plugin Commands. Do I use those in notetags with events? If not, how do I implement it? I've looked on the forums, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find a clear answer. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
  18. Hi, I want to introduce a feature in my game that will allow reserve characters to be sent on quests a la Final Fantasy Tactics and somewhat akin to Dragon Age: Inquisition, although it would involve playable characters rather than NPCs. My idea is that there would be a large cast of characters, and anyone not selected for the fighting party would be back in a headquarters of some sort, where they can be sent on quests and return after a time with EXP and items (I'm using an invisible timers plugin, so that part of it I think I can handle). It's more how to handle the aspect of certain characters being chosen and then given the EXP when they return, even though they're not in the main party. Let me know if you can think of a good way to handle this or if there's already a plugin I don't know about that helps!
  19. YEP.54 RowFormation Problems

    Ok so, I am having some problems with the Row Formation plugin for RPG Maker MV. I can't do battles, but the menu works fine (As shown). Can someone tell me what I have to do get it to work? If I have to update RPG Maker MV. I can't do that, my laptop has no space on it.
  20. [STV] Plugins Newest: STV_DamageFace Latest Update: STV_DamageFace Current: 4 Plugins --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STV_DamageFace | v1.0 STV_ClassSelector | v0.7 STV_StageSelector | v1.1 STV_BeastBook | v2.4a --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms of Usage: Feel free to use all here listed Plugins in 1. Non-Commercial Games, 2. Commercial Games However it would be nice to give proper Credits to "SkottyTV" Have Fun And Enjoy! - Also a free copy of your game would be nice so i can see how you used my plugin - Bug Report / Functionality wishes: Please let me know if you encounter any kind of Bugs and/or have some functions in mind that you want me to include/update. Stay Cool!
  21. Hey guys! Sorry again if this is in the wrong space, but I hope I put this in the right spot. I've used Gameus Quest System in previous (unfinished) projects, but the current one I'm working on, I seem to be having issues. I can't find anything that looks different from the ones that worked just fine, so I'm not sure what's wrong. It adds the proper quest as necessary when I tell it to, but in the play test, the quest does not display properly when the you open the quest log. It's just blank. Here's the event that starts the quest: Here's the quest's details in the editor: I can't find what's wrong, it seems that it should work. But here's what it's doing in game: Edit: The above image is after having clicked on/opened the quest, to the point that it should be opened and displaying text. I know that usually for Gameus Quests, you need to click once to select a category and once to open the individual quest -- but it's also not displaying my "Quests" category. That being said, it did not previously display the default Gameus categories of Story, Gathering, etc. Anyone have experience with this and can tell me what I've done wrong? Thanks in advance!
  22. Update 2016-10-28: Fixed the Formation window so that at least one hero must be alive when exiting the window. My thanks to willer111 for pointing it out. Credit where credit is due- I got the idea from Yanfly's Party System engine and had originally written these changes into his code. I was originally going to contact him to offer my changes as a contribution, but then I realized that I had made no actual changes to any of his work. So I split my code out and am offering it as an extension for his plugin. I will also concede that the code format for my plugin is mostly a rip and duplicate effort based on his work. This plugin enhances the Yanfly Engine Party System plugin by providing the option for live party members not involved in combat to replace dead members if everyone fighting dies. It has two main options: allow the player to select a replacement party using the Formation menu, or randomly fill the combat team with random members that are not dead. Before swapping out members, the game will display a customization message to let the player know what's going on. This only works for actors *in* the party, so if you couldn't chose them from the Formation menu, you can't get them here either. I'm releasing this as version 0.90; I'm not certain I'm happy with the way the way the combatants are replaced if the menu is not used and may want to see how I can better animate it. I'm also not 100% certain that this code is fully functional. While there are only a couple of options available for configuration, I can't promise that it will work with all YEP plugins. I know that it works with the Battle core and ActorPartySwitch extensions, primarily. As of this time, there are no scripting commands to turn on or off any functionality. I'm not interested in learning how to do that tonight. To use this plugin, please place it in your project's plugin folder with YEP_PartySystem.js and link my script beneath the PartySystem plugin. YEP_X_PartyReplaceOnDeath.js
  23. Hey there, another request from me that I hope can be made in the future one day I as I like to have something like this for one of my future RPG Projects. This one might be another challenging Plugin for MV to make, but I wouldn't mind getting help with making this as for the one RPG I want to make has this as part of the Core in both Story and Gameplay and I like to get it to work properly. Thank you for your time to looking over this and please let me know if anything can be done with this request.
  24. I need some scripts from VX ACE to MV. I will cross out ones that have been solved -------No Tint in Battle------- The tint will remain the same outside but in battle theres no tint change. VXAce Script: https://www.dropbox.com/s/30idhspnhhcnef8/New%20Text%20Document.txt?dl=0 -------Timer Relocate------- Need the timer to be moved from the top right, to the top middle. VXAce Script: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvvthz9ovqp8uit/New%20Text%20Document%20%282%29.txt?dl=0
  25. This isn't so much a question as it is a piece of advice to anyone that this may happen to. I recently did a Windows 7 System Restore back a week due to some issues an update caused to my computer. Idiotically, I did not backup my WIP game data. Once I got back on the computer after the restore, I realized that a plugin that I had been working on for a few days, along with others that I had installed, were gone. I began to panic, and I couldn't find any good way to get that data back, so I ended up starting the plugin over. However, after about an hour of re-do, I decided to change my Google search for another way. And I found one. If this happens to anyone, use the program ShadowExplorer. It works like a dream, you can find the files that were 'shadow saved' before they were deleted with the restore, and it can save days of headache. I've downloaded it, no risk, works perfect. I hope that this will help someone in the future. (Also, don't do what I did. BACK UP ALL THE TIME) (P.S. if this doesn't belong in this specific category, definitely move it to the correct one)