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  1. RPG Maker heroes are here! Originally a part of the Season Pass, you can now purchase this character pack as a standalone DLC! Head on over to the Steam page and enjoy bringing those familiar heroes to new life.
  2. Blight

    Hello! Welcome to the sickly world of Blight; a world where death by sickness constant, and there is little to no magic to fix it. If you get sick, you eventually turned into one of the "Blighted". (Zombie-like creatures that just consume. They still retain their memories though, which makes it worse.) Features: A nice, 16-bit style. Class System - Warrior, Hunter, Trickster, Etc. Job Point System - You will be able to learn skills and specialties by defeating enemies and doing certain actions within your class. Example: Rest would cost 10 Job Points. A normal enemy would give roughly 1/4 of the amount of job points to XP ratio. Levelable Skills - Level 1 - Molotov Cocktail - Lvl 1 Fire based "Ability" Level 2 - Fire Bomb - Lvl 2 Fire based "Ability" Level 3 - Ignition - Lvl 3 Fire based "Ability" Don't want to give away too much! Attack Battle Gauge - Time-Based Turn Battles Limited Refillable Abilities: Example, Rest would have a single use per battle, as it is one of the first abilities learned. It heals you for full health, but takes 3 turns to "cast". 3 Party System - 1. Main Character 2. Pet 3. Switchable Mercenaries Switchable Mercs - (These are still being worked on, these are just a few ideas) Hunter - +15% damage to animals Wizard - -15% Casting Cost Archer - +20% Agility Thief - Thief Command
  3. Escape from the City

    Escape from the City is a game inspired by 80's action movies and classic beat-em-ups such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight, but presented as an RPG similar to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest! The game is being built in RPG Maker MV. I'm very familiar with this series of engines and find it to be very versatile whilst still being easy to work with. I believe this engine will make completion of the project within the next 2 years a viable goal. The game will feature: Side View Battle System 8 Directional Movement 6 to 8 hour length Perishable Weapons - if you pick up a crowbar and use it as a weapon, it will break eventually Stealth and Touch Encounters - you can choose to sneak past enemies or take them head on An unarmed black teenager has been fatally shot by a white police officer. Peaceful protests turned violent after the city announced the officer would not face trial. Looting and arson became commonplace as a full on riot ensued. In a bid to maintain control of the city, a fence was erected around the perimeter while riot officers battled the public. The fighting has escalated, the authorities have retreated, and the city has been lost to roaming gangs. You've had enough. You're leaving this hell hole and you don't care who tries to stand in your way, be it the law or the gangs. Unfortunately, it's not going to be that easy and you might just find yourself investigating the circumstances of the shooting and uncovering the truth behind the harsh and excessive response from the government. I'll be honest, this is the first section I head to when I look at other people's projects, so I plan to regularly return to and update this part of the topic. I'm making all of the graphics in the game from scratch, by myself. That is taking some time so the screenshots shown here are from an extremely early phase and may not represent the final product. Alpha Title Screen - Uses royalty free stock images at present which are likely to be replaced, however this does convey the 'mood' I want for the title screen. In-Map - Hanging out in an underground rail station. Battles - In battle. I look forward to your feedback and thoughts. I'll keep this thread updated as development of the game continues.
  4. Synopsis The story so far is being developed and refined, but the basic scenario is this game is based on a massive multicultural city in space that is infested with crime and corruption. Alien gangs control the city and a mysterious new narcotic hits the streets- who will be king of Archtross? This game will feature a gang/faction system where a large portion of your profits will be generated by territories held and businesses while simultaneously trying to progress the story. Although this demo does not currently have a quest to play- this is aimed at giving you a "wow" feeling on how nice it looks. Demo contents Unique world travel system- vehicles are dependent to travel the city. Random pedestrian and traffic system Beautiful visuals and lighting Amazing ambience and audio Enemies are shown and can be randomly spawned in city areas Screenshots: DUE TO SIZE RESTRICTIONS, THE DEMO HAS BEEN REMOVED UNTIL THE NEXT UPDATE, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS PAGE TO BE KEPT UP TO DATE!.
  5. Hi guys, it's me again...the dude who still knows sh** about this awesome software. I have decided to go with frontview battlers for my game, however I don't want them to be that static. I found the yanfly plugin which makes them more alive, however, I want something different. I am able to create these frontview battlers on my own so it is easy for me to give them different poses: Attacking, Injured, Hit by an attack and so on. Now I need a plugin for that, and I am unable to find one. I want an easy solution to give my frontview battlers a different picture when it is attacking and when it is hit by an attack (I know I can get a different picture of a Battler when it falls under a certain amount of HP with a Yanfly plugin). Is this possible? It would be awesome if you could help me out! Edit: Oh, and also: Am I able tu use a "Frontview Battler frame"? It would be a spritesheet with 3 images to make it look like the battler is breathing!
  6. Hi guys, currently I've got the Izy Vehicle Radio plugin installed and it's a great plugin but heavily flawed in numerous ways, I've tried reaching out in the topic regarding it- but I felt maybe a new topic in general further elaborating this particular request would be required. For example the issues with this plugin I can find are: Song lists are reset when entering new rooms- if you switch to song B from song A- entering the next room and switching songs will reset from song A instead of moving to song C in order. Exiting and entering the vehicle resets the currently played song. Sometimes there is a freeze delay with changing songs. Song title seems to use the same function as map names when entering different rooms. Both appearing on top of each other if music has been switched. Lack of presentation- I.e use of pictures, colours etc. What I aim for is a radio system much like the GTA series which a heavy portion of my project is inspired by- I plan to implement a few radio stations that play tracks in there category and hopefully with the addition to having each song play through memorizing the position the track is in to avoid irritating song resets. And when switching radio stations by a key- "R" a picture of the station could appear center top or bottom of the screen? However I'm not certain if this is possible to do with the program and such- I'm mostly putting this out in theory of what can be done but also welcome the help of making it so.
  7. Hello! I want to day that I am a taking a break for 1 month, and Episode 3 Will probably be released 2 months later (at best). Thank you for understanding, I will share some screenshots when available. EPISODE 2 AVAILABLE NOW "He made my life hell, and I will make his grave" World Building Story Features Screenshots Game Thank you!
  8. Monument

    Click here to play Monument Approximate playtime: 25 minutes Genre: Adventure Flavour: Cyberpunk, fantasy Synopsis: You are a young apprentice who learns a terrifying new skill. How will you use your power to shape the world around you? In Monument, players will learn insightful knowledge which can be used to affect the game world. However, only a few interventions can be made. How will you choose to intervene? Game features include a town of NPCs whose fate you can influence, and an interesting meta gimmick - play to find out what that is. While the gimmick might not be necessary, it does play into the game's story. Plus, I was curious to see if the technique would work, and game jams are a great time to try out experimental ideas! This game was (mostly) created in 24 hours for the New Brunswick Game Jam with the theme of "Everything you know is wrong." Screenshots:
  9. Potomac (PG-13)

    *Warning, Mild sexual themes but generally PG-13* Download available here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uhrxul7m2yruurd/Potomac+V1.01.rar Potomac is a simulation of the life of a 19th century Detroit prostitute. You play a scenario over the course of 10 weeks, and must try to survive the mean streets of 1880 Detroit! Based on real historical documents, find clippings from the 1880 Detroit Free Press! Collect companions and items to assist you. At the conclusion of 10 weeks (if you survive!) you score is calculated. This game is designed like a Euro board game, you are meant to try for as high a score as possible! You must decide which weekly activities gain the most value, and adjust your strategy based on the luck of the streets. Features: -Randomly generated scenarios -Historical simulation of 1880s Detroit! -Manage your finances and rent -Infamy system, don't get too Infamous or you will be arrested! -Collect real clippings from the 1880 Detroit Free Press How to Play: The object of the game to to survive 10 weeks on the Potomac Quarter of 1880s Detroit. You will be given a score at the conclusion of the game, based on how many historical event you resolve, your total money, and a steep penalty for infamy. Each week you can engage in two activities, daytime and night time. Events may be different based on the time of day! Here is a brief description of the action spaces: Items: Shows the items available to Maggie Boxing Skills: Any tricks Maggie or friends have learned to use in the ring Health: View the stats and health conditions of any party member Police Station: Bribe the police or report crimes to reduce your infamy General Store: Buy various goods for use in other activities. This is a free action Saloon: Gamble to win money, box in the ring, or drink to encounter historical Detroit events! The Streets: Sell Patent Medicine, Beg for money, or try your hand at robbery (easier with a gun!) Church: Prey for charity or volunteer to reduce your infamy School: Attend classes or the gym to improve your stats Prostitution: Sell your body for easy money. Gallery: View clippings from the 1880 Detroit Free Press showing the historical events you have completed Honest Work: Do various tedious or dangerous work to earn a pitiful wage End Week: End the week right away Download available here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uhrxul7m2yruurd/Potomac+V1.01.rar Screenshots:
  10. Hmm, perhaps my search fu is weak, but I can't seem to find one. Requesting a Tile Set Add-On. I'd love a Target Practice (Archery) Stand. Preference: 48pixels wide (max) by 72pixels tall (-ish). Colors: Just red & White, on a wooden stand. Style: RTP Style Facing(s): Facing straight down. Also, a slightly angled one would be nice too. Extra Info: Plain would be great! Plain, with a couple of arrows sticking out would be cool as well. Reference Image: Thanks!! -Mia
  11. Another Day

    Game Genre : Adventure , Visual Novel Game Flavours : Fighting ,Horror ,Mystery , Music , Comedy Trailer : Story Episode 1 - Real World : Coming Soon Story Episode 1 - Another World : The world is divided between the hunters and the hunted. Those that are hunted are just regular people. These are the men and women that fight against the hunters as best they can. Those that hunt are super-human. These are the men and women that show no emotion, murder without reason, able to summon grotesque monsters, not to mention being physically stronger than regular humans by far. The one disadvantage they have is that curse that they bear only allows them to live 18 to 19 years. Rento is a 14-year old hunter that a group of people manage to capture. With an experimental procedure, they used a "seal ring" to erase the memories of his past, and possibly make him closer to human. Shortly after, Rento joined the group, and even made a few partners, despite the apparent fear they had of him. Together, they represent the best hope this world has Game features : - A time attack based turn battle system - About 3-4 hours of gameplay , play follow the story - No level , not too much training - True ending will be see trailer in next chapter , that's continue the game - If you unlock happy ending or bad ending , it's okay . Just unlock for fun - The series in real world will be free Soundtrack : Screenshots Real World : Screenshots Another World : Characters ( Another World ) : Characters ( Real World ) : Credits : KADOKAWA Yanfly Atelierrgss SumRndmDde Soulxregalia Galv Terrax Haydeos Candacis Celianna Cyanide MrPyramidHead lazhiral flakeheartnet ryan1978 Sturmfels whtdragon aqua gomiamiheat6804 CWStudio mlogan Avery Zyphli shinempp AlephNull Com_sho Andy Chen
  12. Final Fantasy XI: Braver Chapter One THIS IS A NON-COMMERCIAL FAN GAME Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-Xn3_TODzEZWk4SHo1YzZEUlU/view?usp=sharing Story & Brief History: Embark on an epic journey through the seemingly endless lands of Vana’diel filled with bustling cities and savage beast lands. Our story takes place ten years after the Crystal War. The Crystal War, although devastating for the peoples of Vana’diel, had finally united the four nations of Bastok, San d’oria, WIndurst and Jeuno to stand together in arms to extinguish the evil Shadowlord and his demons that plagued their lands. During the time of the Crystal War, the Tavnazian Marquisate had fallen as the last stand before the alliance of the four nations was able to uncover the location of the Shadowlord. This battle would ring through the echoes of time as the most devastating tragedy to occur in the history of Vana’diel. After a ten year respite, a new and mysterious evil has begun to emerge that will soon threaten all life on Vana’diel. It will be up to the peoples of Vana’diel to shine their light and vanquish the darkness before it swallows them whole… A new day has dawned for Vana’diel, the Age of the Adventurer. Four adventurers have joined together to serve their nations for the greater good of their people. The heroes stand together and fight for what they believe in, united by the loss of their families and loved ones during the Crystal War. After their last excursion in Valkurm Dunes, the adventurers are requested in the presence of the Ducal Guard in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno. A new mission sends them to the Republic of Bastok where they uncover new and startling information that will send them to a battle on the front lines that they never expected. Characters: Aeodin Basic Classes: Warrior / Red Mage / Monk Description: A hume born and raised in the Republic of Bastok, nestled deep within the arid region of Gustaberg. Aeodin became a Junior Musketeer following in his father’s footsteps in the Bastokan Military. He soon after turned to adventuring in hopes of making a difference in the world of Vana’diel to honor his ancestors who served and died in the Crystal War. Kayame Basic Classes: White Mage / Black Mage / Red Mage Description: An Elvaan born and raised within the walls of the Kingdom of San d’oria in the cool air of the Ronfaure region. Kayame was born to a mother and father who served as Royal Knights under King Destin, the 26th ruler of San d’oria. Despite their powerful magic, they fell at the hands of the Beastmen Army during the Crystal War leaving Kayame an Orphan. As soon as Kayame was of age, she set her sights for the Grand Duchy of Jeuno to use her strong magical abilities for a good cause. She became an adventurer in hopes that she could save anyone from feeling the same pain she felt when she lost her family. Dario Basic Classes: Thief / White Mage / Black Mage Description: A hume born and raised in the great Federation of Windurst, within the tropical lands of the Sarutabaruta region. Dario was born to a Hume and Mithra which is still uncommon to this day. At the time of the Crystal War, Dario had been sent to live in the small fishing village of Kazham on the northern tip of the Elshimo Islands for his safety. I was in Kazham that Dario would learn many of his skills from hunting and fishing to magic and guile. Sadly, his parents never returned to him after the war. In his teens, Dario was taken in by the Pirates of Norg and trained under Gilgamesh. Later, Dario set for Jeuno to use his abilities as an adventurer in hopes that he might be able to make a difference for the greater good. Lazulai Basic Classes: Warrior/ Thief / Monk Description: A hume born and raised in the lush Tavnazian Archipelago behind the walls of the wealthiest city in Vana’diel, Tavnazia. At a young age during the Crystal War, she watched as the Beastmen Army obliterated the once thriving Tavnazian Marquisate, wiping it from the map. With a few survivors, Lazulai managed to escape during the attack to the safehold. She not only became an orphan, she also lost her dearest friend, Zayafont. Since the fall of her nation, she began tirelessly training to hone her skills to protect the ones she loves and to repay the Beastmen tenfold any chance she was given. Lazulai left the safehold with eyes locked for Jeuno. Gameplay Features: 1-2 hour demo included in post Non-Profit Fan-Game based on Final Fantasy universe with unique and original storyline Easter Eggs and memorable characters from the FInal Fantasy Universe 7-10 hours of story driven gameplay with many more hours of optional side content. Side-view Battle System with use of Yanfly Action Sequences and custom animations Detailed Job & Subjob System capturing the essence of Final Fantasy XI with a twist on advanced jobs (to come in final release of Ch.1) Skillchain combo system that chains Weapon skills together to formulate new skills for extra damage and exploiting elemental weaknesses! On map encounters means you decide when to fight which is a good thing...you’ll need to be prepared. Interactive Timed Attack button press Weapon skills determine how much damage your Weapon skills will do! Unique Enemy AI that requires use of all character skills and resources to be managed wisely. Row formations spice up the battle with knock back attacks and row specific skills. Equip skills to suit your playstyle with each job and mix & match skills based on which subjob you have equipped to create a team that plays on strengths and covers weaknesses. Use powerful “2 hour” abilities in battle to turn the tide in your favor. Level up to learn skills for each job and utilize the Job Point system to earn powerful passive abilities and Weapon skills. Mining / Fishing / Harvesting System Elaborate Crafting System Large explorable city and dungeon maps with beautiful lighting and parallax effects. Customizable equipment that allows for deep job specialization via augments obtained through the crafting system. Over 30 Side Quests with token rewards to trade in for items. Collect rare items from your enemies and challenge Notorious Monsters & BCNM for rare and exclusive loot! Dynamis End Game content to bridge Chapters and earn powerful Artifact Armor & Weapons Features to come: Chapter 2 Advanced Jobs Craft Level Up System Summoning System And much more! Credits: --Development Team-- Mithrandir The Huntress Crisys Motiondog --Music-- Final Fantasy series Anna Smile Chrono Cross --Plugins-- Yanfly Moghunter Sumrndmdde HIMEworks Terrax Hudell Gamestailer94 --Resources-- Final Fantasy XI Thalzon Aekashics Whtdragon StrangeDragon Hiddenone Hadecynn RPG MAKER KADOKAWA
  13. Afar is an MMORPG created in RPG Maker MV. It is currently online and playable, though is in its very early stages. Afar has been officially launched in a very early Beta form. Please take this into consideration. There is not yet a lot to do: there is no battle system, no trading, no shops and no enemies. What there is is the very basic early game and various multiplayer enemies built into a solid base from which to build from. This includes a built-in chat system, in-game forums, and various server-side saving of data systems. Everything for the MMORPG functionality has been created by myself. Community resources and scripts are used for other aspects, but the core system is of my own design and creation. as such, if you would like help in planning your own MMORPG, while I do not have time to do your work for you, I am happy to answer any questions and offer my thoughts on your systems and their design. Afar is intended to be what I call a Cooperatively Created World Game. What that means is that the actions of players affect all players. If you beat up a merchant, that merchant will be unavailable to other players, unless they heal them. This expands to an entire world level, and if players are on average losing to vampires, vampires take over more of the world. This is not yet implemented, but keep in mind that this is the end goal. Afar has a lengthy history starting with my first RPG Maker projects back in 2004. I won't bore you with the details, but it is the spiritual successor of relatively successful games Vengeance Online RPG and Afar, the latter of which I have continued the name of (and which I will now call Old Afar). Old Afar was online for five solid years and amassed 1,500 players, being created in JavaScript and PHP. It was not a fully graphical game and while complex had various issues that meant people didn't stick around for long. I am presently working on the battle system. The above image is a mockup only. We currently have two maps you can walk around. In one of them you can interact with trees to harvest resources. There are NPCs you can talk to using my own message system. There is an in-game forum, in-game chat system, in-game Wiki-like user guide, server-side inventory, and server-side saving of position, looks and game variables. There is a character creation system hooked up to a visual equipment system, again of my own creation. Below is a pretty up-to-date screenshot of meta windows (overlain menus, basically). Currently Implemented Chat: talk to players in a built-in IRC chat interface. Forums: discuss the game with other players in an in-game message forum. Ghost Players: see other players walk around their map with computer-controlled mobs which use their looks. Character sheets: view other players' profiles. Future SimPvP: fight against computer-controlled versions of real players. Trading: trade items and gold with real players. Tat Exchange: a secondhand store. Private messaging: send IMs to other players. Group quests/dungeons: play alongside other players to complete complex dungeons and quests. Group events: join other players in mass events that require wholesale participation. Guilds: organise with your friends and own a Guild Hall. Coop World: the world shapes around your actions as a player. Afar is updated every week day (with some small weekend updates but with no guarantee). These updates can be of any size or importance. There is a long term plan for schedule of updates but this is a closely guarded secret (unless you have access to my head). Current short-term plans: - Finish and release battle system - Fill the world with roaming enemies - Create first dungeon and quest based on this dungeon - Create shops, items, merchants - More maps to explore Long term plans: Old Afar had an extensive world to explore which I wish to recreate in Afar. The currently implemented maps do not even cover the space between the Port and Tiben. That is roughly: Afar uses a soundtrack composed of various chosen pieces of classical music. It is nowhere near complete, and there is a risk of it sounding like a Best Of CD, however I want to stick with this as it is something I am passionate about. Currently the only two in-game tracks are edited from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, although they need a lot of work. You will find a comprehensive credits list on the in-game credits page which can also be accessed here: http://afar.ws/forums/guide.php?page=credits (Please note this page is designed to display in-game in a small window).
  14. I'm not sure what resources resembling my requests are out there but I'm looking to find content that can be used for city docks such as cranes, large sea containers, barrels and many more cargo and shipping equipment. It's unfortunate the RTP does not contain enough.
  15. -------------------------------------- Latest Plugin: Extended Doodad Pack 1 -------------------------------------- Here are some plugins made for RPG Maker MV, a piece of software that lets you create your own role playing games for the PC, Mac, and various mobile devices! Keep in mind that these plugins are made for RPG Maker MV only! They do not work on other RPG Makers. THIS THREAD WILL BE USED FOR PLUGIN UPDATES, NEW YEP VIDEOS, AND BUG REPORTS! This thread is NOT a request thread. Requests include new plugins, new features for existing plugins, and features that you personally think should exist but currently do not. If you want requests, visit the proper subforum for it; this thread is not the place to do so. To make a bug report, simply report it in this thread. Chances are, I will find out about the bug in this thread than by making one in the JS Support forum. NOTE: Read this before submitting a bug report on this thread: I will only support my own plugins and code that I, myself have provided. If there are bugs with other people's plugins and/or bugs with the RPG Maker MV base code itself, I am not responsible for it. Report it in their own threads if it is a bug for their plugin or the official bug report forum if it is a bug with the RPG Maker MV base code. I am not responsible for bugs created by plugins created by other makers. There will be no compatibility patches made between my plugins and non-YEP plugins. This is not because I disrespect other plugin makers. If I did, I wouldn't go so far as to maximize compatibility with my plugins when possible. The reason behind this is because of my lack of time, and I'd like to put my undivided attention to errors caused by my own plugins. I am not responsible for any Lunatic Mode that you, yourself, have made. If you have created your own Lunatic Mode code that isn't running, go visit the JavaScript Support Forum instead. I am not obligated to explain to you how to code in JavaScript. There are plenty places online to learn it but this thread is not that place. I am not obligated to explain to you how to use all the various functions inside of my plugins. If a function added by my plugins is not listed in the Help File, it means I do not deem that function to be used for script calls. Therefore, if you choose a function outside of the ones listed in the help files to use in a script call, I am NOT responsible for it not working properly for you. No script call support will be provided for functions not listed within the help file. I am not going to "fix" my plugins to work with the Exclude unused files feature that comes with RPG Maker MV. The feature exists primarily for games that don't use plugins or games that use plugins that do not reference other game files. Read about it here in detail. ALL bug reports MUST follow these guidelines and use this template: Plugin Name: (What is the name of the plugin?) Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? (Click here for all of the latest updates and install them. If you do not have the latest updates, I will ask you to remake the bug report) Plugin Parameter Changes: (Mention ALL of the changes you've made to the plugin's parameters. Otherwise, I will revert every single plugin's settings to the default setting) Bug Explanation: (What is the bug in your own words? Keep this detailed. "It isn't working right" is not a valid bug report.) Create a Sample Project Reproducing the bug: The sample project MUST follow all of these guidelines: Create a new project. Do NOT just copy over your game project folders. This should be just a stock, empty, new RPG Maker MV project. If I do not see an empty project with Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius, I will not look any further. The project's file size must be 200 MB or LESS. Remove unnecessary audio and image files until you reach that size or use MV Stripper if you need help doing so. Install -only- the affected plugins. Do NOT copy/paste them over from your project's Plugin Manager. If you're using non-YEP plugins, do NOT include them. That said, I apologize that both ATB and CTB are no longer supported by Yanfly, so if you're using them, please remove them from the project used for the bug report. Do -NOT- rename the plugins' filenames. They will not work if you do so. MAKE SURE you DO NOT change the filename from the file downloaded from the website. Make sure they're in the EXACT order listed on Yanfly.moe. The correct ordering of plugins is important. Some plugins will not work if they aren't in the right order. Do -NOT- deploy the project through File > Deployment. Do -NOT- box the sample project. If I cannot open up the sample project when I get it, you will have to redo it all. Error Report: (If you received an error message, press F8 when the message is received to open up the debug console, then copy/paste the entire error log and paste it here). Exact Steps on How to Replicate Bug: (Write out IN DETAIL, a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the bug.) Did you recreate the bug on the sample project? (If not, do so. MAKE SURE you are using notetags in the right place and haven't misspelled anything. DO NOT USE SAVES. I need to know exactly how to recreate the problem from start to finish. Simply giving me a save file tells me nothing.) Upload the sample project and share the link (ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED): Use WinZip or WinRAR to archive the project. Do -NOT- archive it multiple times. Upload it on a website like Mediafire.com or Dropbox. Do -NOT- use a website that involves timers like 4shared, RapidShare, etc. If I am time-gated from downloading the project, I will ask you to reupload it somewhere else. Post the link here. If you do not include a sample project that meets these guidelines, the bug report will be invalid. There are NO exceptions. WHY I NEED A CLEAN SAMPLE PROJECT FOR BUG REPORTS: If you're wondering why I make it an absolute requirement for sample projects containing to be made, it's because in the past, I've chased and hunted bugs that do not exist either because a user had a conflicting error with a non-Yanfly plugin, has not updated the plugins, using the plugin incorrectly, or think something is a bug when it really isn't. The amount of time I've wasted chasing these "bugs" is unfathomable as that time could have been spent developing new content. To mitigate this issue, I made it an absolute requirement for bugs to be reported in such a manner because of the following: It makes the user go through all of the troubleshooting steps to reduce the amount of user errors. If the user identifies it as a user error, then the user would also have gained troubleshooting skills, which are essential for game development. If you cannot be bothered to learn how to troubleshoot, I'm afraid RPG Maker will be giving you a whole lot more stress later on. Isolate the bugs caused by Yanfly plugins away from non-Yanfly plugins. As stated above, I do not provide support for non-Yanfly plugins due to my lack of time to create compatibility patches for non-Yanfly plugins. Having over 100+ plugins, making a compatibility patch for each one of those with every other plugin out there is absolute insanity. It shows that the user is serious about getting the bug fixed as I am. Being able to put out time to isolate a problem so it can be fixed means the user is serious about getting their game made. If you are not serious about getting a bug fixed for your game, then I have no reason to be serious about getting it fixed for you. As a user's time is important to them, my time is also important to me, and this is our mutual agreement to get things done cooperatively. Thank you for understanding. BASIC TROUBLE SHOOTING 1. Are all your plugins up to date? If they're not, download the updated versions from here: http://yanfly.moe/yep/changelog/ 2. Did you rename any of their plugins from their default filenames? If you did, then the plugins won't work. Do NOT rename them. 3. Did you make sure all of the plugins are placed in order as http://yanfly.moe/yep/ inside of the Plugin Manager? 4. When you updated the plugin, did you /open up/ the plugin within the Plugin Manager? You are getting the error because you updated the plugin and did not go into the plugin itself like the instructions here in the first video: http://yanfly.moe/yep/changelog/ Why is this important? Because whenever new parameters are added to a plugin upon a new update, you have to enter the plugin in order for the Plugin Manager to add those new parameters into your game. Otherwise, you will get undefined errors and "random" crashes. Skipping that step is not optional and is very crucial to getting updated plugins to work. 5. If you are using non-Yanfly plugins, turn off ALL of the non-Yanfly plugins to see if there are any conflicts. 6. If you are testing your project in Battle Test and aren't seeing any changes made after updating your plugin, make sure you -save- your project. RPG Maker MV does not carry over changes to Battle Test until you save your project. F.A.Q. ABOUT ATB AND CTB PLUGINS The ATB and CTB plugins are custom battle systems that do NOT involve a turn-based system that you're used to with the default turn-based battle system (DTB). They function off of a tick-based system, which means it does not work off standard means. This also means you have to adjust either the plugin or your game to fit these means. Here are some frequently reported "issues" with the system. None of these are bugs so do not report them as bugs. If ATB bars are taking too long to fill up, then change your battlers' AGI values to higher or change the plugin parameters to fit your game. If ATB states are dropping in turns too quickly, this is because you didn't adjust the proper state turn settings within the Battle Engine Core to fit your game. For ATB, no, I will NOT make Active Mode. It's not because I can't (I've made it before in VX's Yanfly Engine Melody). It's because RPG Maker MV's code structure for the battle system makes it more likely to break everything if it does so. If this is something you absolutely need, the Plugin Request Forum is your place to visit, if DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core(which is at least compatible with my Battle Engine Core with the compatibility fix) can't meet your demands already. If there is "lag" between CTB turns, this isn't because of the plugin. This is because your low AGI values is making the game go through hundreds to thousands of CTB updates per tick. Once again, either you increase the AGI values or change the plugin parameters to fit your In CTB, States "skipping" multiple turns when updating isn't a bug. It is because in between the previous battler next battler, there was a huge gap in time, enough to go through two state turn cycles. Adjust the state turn settings within the Battle Engine Core to fit your game. For CTB, no, I will NOT make multiple instances of turn icons appearing for multiple actors. If you want something like that made, you can request it in the Plugin Request Forum. If all of these issues are beyond you, then I'm afraid the ATB and CTB plugins aren't for you. As a developer, it is your responsibility to understand the plugins and systems you are using. You are not doing your players any favor by using a system that you, yourself, do not fully comprehend. I will not educate anyone how ATB and CTB systems work. My plugins work based on the ATB and CTB systems of existing Final Fantasy games with slight tweaks to fit RPG Maker MV's system. Please study them on your own accord. TERMS OF USE HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS And below are the plugins I've made. I strongly recommend that you place these plugins in the following order if you plan on using them. The plugins here will link to the individual posts on this thread for more detail.
  16. Eternal Twilight

    Synopsis For centuries untold, the humans and the Magi co-existed in peace with one another. The humans, at large, left the Magi alone,and in return the Magi left the humans alone. A few Magi disguised themselves and lived among the humans, pretending to be like one of them. For the most part, there was no conflict between the humans and the Magi. But…that wasn't the case with all humans. Some humans feared the great powers that the Magi could harness. They believed that the Magi made pacts with the devil himself to obtain their powers. If left unchecked, the Magi could one day use this blasphemous power to take over the world and enslave the humans. This story is the beginning…of their end. Characters Gameplay Screenshots Media Demo Download (v0.3) https://rpgmaker.net/games/8326/downloads/ Currently Known Bugs Current Development Demo v0.3a: Updating Battle Hud (almost complete) Story line
  17. RTP seems good this year but I did not like the dull washed out colors so I did a bit of an edit to give more color depth and vibrant colors edit.
  18. Hello everybody! On Friendship is a game I originally worked on as a kid over 15 years ago on the original RPG Maker for the Playstation. About six months ago, I saw how much RPG Maker MV improved upon the original Makers (especially with the side-view battling!), and decided to pick it up to sort of "re-make" the original game I made as a kid. Summary An inseparable group of friends face tragedy as one of them mysteriously vanishes, rumored to be kidnapped. Eight years later, Jake, Mel and Sera set out to find their kidnapped friend--resulting in an adventure far beyond what they ever expected. Features Traditional turn-based combat, enhanced with features such as Instant-Cast abilities that don't use the player's turn Rations - A system still being tested. Inspired by an RPG Maker game I played awhile back, rations are items you can buy that automatically restore health/MP after victorious battles, thus somewhat eliminating the need to stop and heal after fights Blacksmithing - a fairly simple blacksmith system in which ore and stones found around the world can be used to forge powerful weapons and armor A hometown that changes as the story progresses A few other minor features, such as the main character's Analyze ability which can be used to find monster weaknesses or just read humorous dialogue, and minor conversations that are displayed at the top of the screen and don't interrupt gameplay The main cast features Jake, an aspiring tactician who enjoys reading about monsters and strategy; Mel, a quiet, yet sometimes humorous cleric who suffers from amnesia; and Sera, a traditional wizard--or is she? Side characters include the townsfolk from the beginning town - Riven, a brash warrior; Soraka, a soft-spoken, kind-hearted cleric; Udyr, the town's leader and mentor to the main cast; and Jacob, a hunter with a passion for profuse apologizing and animals. Download Here is a Dropbox link. The file is 386 MB. I may also upload the game to the Steam Workshop, perhaps after the game is tested by others. Other stuff At the moment, I'd say there's about 4-6 hours of gameplay. The game is around 25-33% complete. Part of my reasoning for posting the game here is to determine whether I should finish it. I have a very rough outline of how I want the story to go, but that's about it--depending on the feedback I get, I might use this project as a valuable learning experience and begin working on a new, long-term project that I could sell. If you've ever played the popular MOBA League of Legends, you'll probably pick up the name references pretty quick. If I continue the project, I'll probably remove these references. I actually like the title On Friendship, but a couple friends have pointed out that they... Ahem, don't like it, for lack of better words. I'm open to suggestions. Feedback Feedback that I'm looking for in particular (though I don't have to get any--I'd just be happy knowing someone was interested in playing the game!) Difficulty. I have a terrible time balancing difficulty. My intent is that no grinding is needed and that every boss should be defeated on your first or second try. Bugs, particularly with the Ration system and events. At the moment there is a serious bug involving equipping off-hand daggers in the battle equip menu. In the game, if the main character Jake wields a dagger, he can equip an "off-hand dagger". However, if he attempts to equip a different, non-off-hand weapon during battle, the weapon will instead be erased and removed from the game. Story. Does each character have a solid identity? Is the dialogue alright? Too much or too little dialogue? Credits Special thanks goes to: Yanfly - for obvious reasons (AWESOME plugins--this project wouldn't be possible without him) Aekashics - invaluable monster sprites! HIME - a couple plugins of his were required to make the Ration system work Cellicom, CrazyCrab, Necrology, Avery, HiddenOne, Indrah, Candacis - for their amazing tileset edits and other things
  19. Cast down your eyes, oblivious, lightly shaded, Assuming the shape of a friend, you known to all men, yet Almost it bends our knees, such loftiness. Nothing in Your presence I know; but one thing: mortal you are not. A wise man could elucidate much for me; but where A God as well appears, a different clarity shines. - Friedrich Hölderlin, from A Celebration of Peace I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with the atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the earth will be killed. -Albert Einstein Overview Backstory PCs NPCs Stats Physics Need more ways to depict derelict/overgrown houses. Sending out feelers as to other people to do a Dragon Age-style crafting system, as no one so far seems to be able to do it. I'm so close to being entirely original images, I really ought to go the rest of the way so I can say it's 100% original. Trying to plot out the other two games such that I don't need to retcon anything in this one. None yet! v 0.1: The approval process. v 0.11 Approved! v0.12 Added a few sprites to the NPC spoiler. v0.13 Finally finalized the art of my main characters. v0.14 1/15/07 - First screenshot!
  20. Parallax Mapping and Region Events

    hey guys a very similar question was already asked here: Yanfly Region Restriction and Region Events, however for me it doesnt seem to work out, because i want to use parallax mapping. my question is, what would be the best practice to do the following: i want to use parallax mapping (as far as i understand and see parallax are lying over tilesets, so it is not an option to use a semi transparent passable tile for development and exchange it later on?) id like to have occaionally stepping sound, like for example wading through water until i stumbled across the stepping sound problem i was doing this like recommended by FallenLorelei in her Tutorials here: RPG Maker MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners i would be happy if you could point me some tutorials or best practice how to achieve this. thanks in advance!
  21. SimpleQuest A One-Map Challenge Description SimpleQuest is a basic, tropes-y RPG. Leave home, collect cool stuff, make some friends, help your neighbours and don't forget to save the world! However, there's one big twist: the game will all take place on a single map. This will mean design will need to be extra careful, as only one tileset (A + B-E) can be used (well, not technically true, but I plan to use no tileset swaps). Also, layout of individual places such as the world map, town, houses, caves, dungeons all need to be carefully managed so that no indication of other maps is found for each area. Current plans include a town, at least four houses/shops and a mini-dungeon in the town, at least one cave, and at least one castle, as well as a small world map. Features Single map for all areas Single carefully-assembled tileset Characters by Antifarea/CharlesGabriel (with modifications for side battles for party characters) Map graphics by Henry Software On-map monsters (graphics by Henry Software) Side-view battles (graphics by monta!) Challenges Area design Areas need to be designed so that other areas can't be seen from an individual area. Attention also needs to be paid to passability so that moving from one area to another in ways that weren't intended can't happen. Tileset design I only plan to use a single tileset, so that needs to be put together carefully so that everything fits. However, I'm not using one that has been optimized for RPG Maker, and there's no real way to do that, either, without a lot of extra work. As such, I will be trying to cram as much as possible into A5 and B-E tiles. Events Mostly applying to monsters, I will need a way to reset monster events without relying on Delete Event, as it's rather not applicable when you're never leaving the map.
  22. As I stated in my introduction, I came to this forum to get a feedback and advice about my game, "Schlangan et la fine équipe" (Schlangan and the dream team). I didn't know exactly whether I should put it here on in Projects developments, since I've been working on it for several months, but since I need feedback, it could be subjected to major changes, so I'll post it here for now. This is the description of the game in its current state, which takes around 14 hours to complete. Synopsis This story starts in the year 327 of the universal calendar. The universe, in the definition we all know, is composed of numerous races and populations. They are dispersed on myriad planets throughout galaxies. The space age has been reached by several planets, and they started the conquest of the universe. Because of this, many intergalactic empires have been created. To face so many opponents, the empires started to group themselves into alliances. We'll follow what becomes of Schlangan, commander of the Ragnarok alliance. He is a strange snake humanoid, ruling his empire from the planet Releeshan. Being quite quiet until now, his usual pace will be set upside down due to extraordinary forces far superior to him, whether they are god-level of not. By assembling a team of fighters, Schlangan will have to face what destiny has stored for him. Will he be able to reach the levels of gods and stronger beings ? Only the future can tell us... The story was initially based on fun facts on the browser OGame, where you control an intergalactic empire. But, since I read a lot of mangas, the story has become a shonen-like story, with enemies that become more and more powerful (Dragon Ball influence from my generation I suppose). That's why I think the RPG genre is the best choice for that story, the characters gain XP and also progress. A lot of references to other universes will appear inside the game, as well as mythologies. I also took the shinigamis from the Bleach manga, so if you know about it, you'll surely find things similar to it concerning Schlangan. Characters In the first part of this story, you'll follow along Schlangan and his four elite soldiers. At version 1.08, two new characters have appeared, but I'm not there yet with the ported version to MV. So, I'll just detail the main characters you'll be able to play in this demonstration version. Schlangan The snake humanoid with bat wings. He rules the empire of the planet Releeshan, as well as the Ragnarok alliance. His strength and fighting abilities are far beyond normal humans. Because of this, he let his team deal with basic missions. He only intervenes when there is no choice. After he vainquished the dictator Koyata, he took control of the planet. The four elite soldiers that were forced to obey Koyata thus decided to join the ranks of Schlangan. Yurok The first of the four elite soldiers. Like his teammates, his real name is kept hidden, and he prefers to be called under this codename. Very proficient with dual pistols, he also know how to give first aid to his teammates. Wenk With his strong personality, he's always ready to directly attack his opponents. He fights at close range with a short sword, and knows how to resist damages. Xayt Logisitics manager, also the most patient of the team. He'll usually be setback to shoot the opponents with his precision rifle. He also uses several kinds of hand grenades to deal with enemy groups. Zerf The swiftest of the team. Using two daggers, he knows how to quickly and precisely hit his opponents. He inflicts damages to handicap them, for example by striking the central nerve system to paralyze them. Antoine Quite hefty, he is a composed person, able to provide good advice. His strong build helps him to intimidate his opponents. Mathias Very smart, he tends to speak far too much, being always interrupted by other people. However, his powerful mind helps him find extraordinary solutions when confronted to terrific problems or enemies. Gameplay It's far too much to try to map the whole universe for a single game. Because of this, it won't be possible to go anywhere and anytime. Instead of that, I created a mission system. Primary missions are used to follow the main story that I wrote, while secondary missions bring side details on the universe and are used to train the characters. Any unlocked character may be played during a secondary mission, while there is no choice for primary missions. That's why it's really recommended to train all characters. During missions, you have Camping kits to completely heal the team. While secondary missions let you go back to the main base at any time, it is not possible with primary missions. However, clues on the required levels will always be given by NPCs. The main system follows the RPG classic systems, where characters gain experience while winning fights. They gain levels and increase automatically their stats. However, there is no real level limit. Two major differences also exist compared to "standard" RPGs. Firstly, there is no equipment in the game. The stats won't improve by changing items. Secondly, the stats may completely change during primary missions. For example, the characters will train in the story and have all their stats upgraded at a result. Because of this, the level of a character don't necessarily reflect its strength. Schlangan is far stronger than the four soldiers. To beat Schlangan lvl. 30 with the four soldiers, it would for example require something like the four soldiers at lvl. 120. The fight system is using a side view, paused activated time battle. Doing so, the fastest character will act more often. The ATB pauses during command selections, to let you time to think, especially for characters like Schlangan who have a tremendous amount of skills. The game language may be switched between French and English. The enemies are visible on the map. They will come towards you at different speeds once you're in their range, and will be sometimes avoidable, depending on the situation. There is no respawn for the enemies. Secondary missions will also have a "fully complete" mode if you beat all the enemies. Screen captures Here are some screen captures of the new MV version of the game. Landscapes : Fight system : Interface : Game advancement Since the game is based on the story I write (which exceed 2500 pages and is around... one third of the whole story), I don't think RPG Maker MV will be enough to put everything in a single game. To exceed those limits without using scripts that may complicate the mapping too much, I'll surely make several games and put them together in a single application that'll deal with the save transfer. In the end, it'll make a single game with many chapters. But due to the actual length of the game, if I want to finish everything, it would take years. Thus, I was thinking of a "patch" system, by adding missions bit by bit to the game. You'll just have to replace the game with the new version in the same folder. Your save won't be overwritten, and you'll be able to resume the game at that point. Also, it'll help for the debugging. If I had to give a percentage of the first season of the story, I'll compare with the chapters of the story. Obviously only primary mission account for it, since secondary missions are not part of what I've written. Progress of the story : Chapter 25 / 491 Available missions : 1. Primary 1 : Treh Ning's arrestation 2. Secondary 1 : Treh Ning's gift 3. Secondary 2 : The contaminated forest 4. Primary 2 : Flotin's Christmas gift 5. Secondary 3 : The former prison 6. Secondary 4 : Problems in Nathrax 7. Primary 3 : Flotin's father 8. Secondary 5 : Koyata's experiments 9. Primary 4 : An eventful Christmas 10. Secondary 6 : The golden dricater 11. Primary 5 : A new Year 12. Primary 6 : Trainings 13. Secondary 7 : The escapee 14. Primary 7 : The L.A.G. alliance 15. Primary 8 : The Shayo center 16. Primary 9 : A new trade 17. Primary 10 : Invasion 18. Primary 11 : Schlangan's plan 19. Secondary 8 : The artifact of Yosha Credits Here is the list of credits for resources that I did not create myself. Download link - Current version 2.16 Since I'll be adding new content bit by bit, I finally decided to create a launcher for the game. Doing so, it will automatically check online if there is a new version of the game, and propose you to update. It will also be useful if I have to create an urgent fix for something. The complete size is 420 MB for now, but the launcher will deal with the download of all the files. Here is a link to the executable file of the launcher. Usually it should work : SFE Launcher (250 kB) If for some reason it doesn't work, use the Setup for the launcher. The missing .NET framework will be installed. SFE Launcher setup (50 MB) I'm lazy, so the file are not protected; you can find them in the launcher folder. If you want to use any graphical resources for yourself, please do so. It would be nice to tell me or give me some credits, but I can't force you, it's my choice to give it freely (and it's not that good anyways ). To play the game, double-click on Game.exe. You can put in Full Screen mode using F4. I'd recommend to leave the BGM; even though I used the ones provided by RPG Maker, they are chosen in order to accompany the events in-game. You can change the volume using the options for a better comfort. Version history Here will be listed the changes made between versions. You can also find the list within the launcher. Version 2.17 (14th January 2016) New secondary mission : The artifact of Yosha. New : New accessible area in the Death Realm, south-east of the main hub. Fix : Correct damage formula for Kiai skills. Thank you for taking time reading this massive block. I hope you'll enjoy the game if you try it
  23. JK_DirectShop v1.4 Pirobi Introduction This simple script will, for shop commands where "PurchaseOnly" is checked, go directly to the buy screen. I decided to do this because it seemed redundant to have to still navigate that window if you aren't allowed to sell, and, if I recall correctly, it was like this in previous versions of RPG Maker. In addition, this script can allow users to have a "SellOnly" shop that works the same way. Plugin commands are used to simulate this(see the Plugin Commands section below). How to Use Please save the script below into "JK_DirectShop.js" and put it in your plugins folder. In the plugins window, place this plugin BELOW any other Shop Plugins. When you check "PurchaseOnly" in the editor for a shop command, this script will kick in. If not, it should function the way it always does. You can also use the plugin command DirectBuy(see below) for the same effect. Plugin Commands DirectBuy - This will make the NEXT shop command called a purchaseOnly shop. DirectSell - This will make the NEXT shop command called a sellOnly shop. If that shop command has the purchaseOnly box ticked, then the shop will become a normal shop. If using the plugins, they must be called each time BEFORE the shop processing is called because the shop will "reset" after the processing ends. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you call the commands DIRECTLY BEFORE calling the shop command(don't try to "set it up beforehand" :P). If, for some reason, a shop is set to be both Purchase and Sell only, it will behave as a normal shop. Script Compatibility This script will work with other shop plugins, as long as this plugin is placed BELOW any other shop plugins. Credit and Thanks- Pirobi, aka Kevin Garrone Author's NotesFree to use in any game, including commercial ones! NEW in 1.4: So I don't really remember doing the 1.3 update....Anyway, minor fixes so that the plugin performs as expected. NEW in 1.3: Simplified the code to make it more compatible with other Shop plugins. NEW in 1.2: Added functionality for a "SellOnly" option, which is missing from the default shop options(I'm 99% sure this was a thing in past makers). A plugin command is available to do that (I even added a command for the purchase only). NEW in 1.1: Moved the gold window to below the status window(the window on the right side), and moved the buy and status windows up to fill in the space left by removing the buy/sell window. As this rewrites the original Scene_Shop and related windows, it is NOT recommended to use this plugin in conjunction with other scripts that also modify the shop scene, due to unforeseen behavior.
  24. Hi all, very new to posting here, but essentially I'm cobbling together a Free Turn Battle System in MV (much like Yanfly's old VX Ace script) using a couple of scripts, most importantly Yanfly's Battle Status Window which allows the player to give actors commands in whichever order they want, regardless of the formation (Seemingly- It essentially involves skipping and unskipping turns in the Battle Window's code). Add in a bit of instant cast and forced 'tapped' states, and you essentially have a Free Turn Battle System... kind of. The problem I'm running into is that while using the Status Window plugin if you scroll to the right past the last battler in your formation it'll end the player's turn. This also occurs if the last battler in the formation is given a command (but I honestly kind of like this because it makes formation somewhat meaningful). Currently my trouble-shooting has been using my limited knowledge of JavaScript to attempt to create a conditional for skipping turns based on a the battler's position in the formation, but to my understanding there's not really a way to "check if battler is last in formation" in the code. So, given the way RPG Maker handles turn order and commands, I'd be incredibly grateful if someone could create a plugin that has the player confirm (Yes or No) whether or not they want to end their turn and execute all actions once all commands have been given (This being something that would apply to the default battle system as well as the illusion of Free Turn that I've created here) (For reference here is what that status window looks like, and what I mean by scroll past) The reason I ask for this particular solution is because it seems fairly multi-purpose (so others might get other uses out of it) and works well within the framework of how RPG Maker handles turn order. That said if anyone else has other solutions (or an alternative to using this method altogether) I'm more than open to use them. TL;DR A plugin that asks the player (Yes or No) if they would like to execute all of the commands given after the last battler in the formation has been given orders. If no returning the player to the battle menu as though they'd canceled the last command given. If yes executing the battle as normal.
  25. Does someone here knows how to have this plugin ? Where you can see the HP, MP and EXP Status of your character.