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  1. Whenever i use the Yep tag \autoevent[0] It works properly however the command messes with Galv message busts position and i end up with something like this: Any help to fix this problem would be appreiciated
  2. -------------------------------------- Latest Plugin: Extended Doodad Pack 1 -------------------------------------- Here are some plugins made for RPG Maker MV, a piece of software that lets you create your own role playing games for the PC, Mac, and various mobile devices! Keep in mind that these plugins are made for RPG Maker MV only! They do not work on other RPG Makers. THIS THREAD WILL BE USED FOR PLUGIN UPDATES, NEW YEP VIDEOS, AND BUG REPORTS! This thread is NOT a request thread. Requests include new plugins, new features for existing plugins, and features that you personally think should exist but currently do not. If you want requests, visit the proper subforum for it; this thread is not the place to do so. To make a bug report, simply report it in this thread. Chances are, I will find out about the bug in this thread than by making one in the JS Support forum. NOTE: Read this before submitting a bug report on this thread: I will only support my own plugins and code that I, myself have provided. If there are bugs with other people's plugins and/or bugs with the RPG Maker MV base code itself, I am not responsible for it. Report it in their own threads if it is a bug for their plugin or the official bug report forum if it is a bug with the RPG Maker MV base code. I am not responsible for bugs created by plugins created by other makers. There will be no compatibility patches made between my plugins and non-YEP plugins. This is not because I disrespect other plugin makers. If I did, I wouldn't go so far as to maximize compatibility with my plugins when possible. The reason behind this is because of my lack of time, and I'd like to put my undivided attention to errors caused by my own plugins. I am not responsible for any Lunatic Mode that you, yourself, have made. If you have created your own Lunatic Mode code that isn't running, go visit the JavaScript Support Forum instead. I am not obligated to explain to you how to code in JavaScript. There are plenty places online to learn it but this thread is not that place. I am not obligated to explain to you how to use all the various functions inside of my plugins. If a function added by my plugins is not listed in the Help File, it means I do not deem that function to be used for script calls. Therefore, if you choose a function outside of the ones listed in the help files to use in a script call, I am NOT responsible for it not working properly for you. No script call support will be provided for functions not listed within the help file. I am not going to "fix" my plugins to work with the Exclude unused files feature that comes with RPG Maker MV. The feature exists primarily for games that don't use plugins or games that use plugins that do not reference other game files. Read about it here in detail. ALL bug reports MUST follow these guidelines and use this template: Plugin Name: (What is the name of the plugin?) Do you have all the latest updates for the plugins in question? (Click here for all of the latest updates and install them. If you do not have the latest updates, I will ask you to remake the bug report) Plugin Parameter Changes: (Mention ALL of the changes you've made to the plugin's parameters. Otherwise, I will revert every single plugin's settings to the default setting) Bug Explanation: (What is the bug in your own words? Keep this detailed. "It isn't working right" is not a valid bug report.) Create a Sample Project Reproducing the bug: The sample project MUST follow all of these guidelines: Create a new project. Do NOT just copy over your game project folders. This should be just a stock, empty, new RPG Maker MV project. If I do not see an empty project with Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius, I will not look any further. The project's file size must be 200 MB or LESS. Remove unnecessary audio and image files until you reach that size or use MV Stripper if you need help doing so. Install -only- the affected plugins. Do NOT copy/paste them over from your project's Plugin Manager. If you're using non-YEP plugins, do NOT include them. That said, I apologize that both ATB and CTB are no longer supported by Yanfly, so if you're using them, please remove them from the project used for the bug report. Do -NOT- rename the plugins' filenames. They will not work if you do so. MAKE SURE you DO NOT change the filename from the file downloaded from the website. Make sure they're in the EXACT order listed on Yanfly.moe. The correct ordering of plugins is important. Some plugins will not work if they aren't in the right order. Do -NOT- deploy the project through File > Deployment. Do -NOT- box the sample project. If I cannot open up the sample project when I get it, you will have to redo it all. Error Report: (If you received an error message, press F8 when the message is received to open up the debug console, then copy/paste the entire error log and paste it here). Exact Steps on How to Replicate Bug: (Write out IN DETAIL, a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the bug.) Did you recreate the bug on the sample project? (If not, do so. MAKE SURE you are using notetags in the right place and haven't misspelled anything. DO NOT USE SAVES. I need to know exactly how to recreate the problem from start to finish. Simply giving me a save file tells me nothing.) Upload the sample project and share the link (ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED): Use WinZip or WinRAR to archive the project. Do -NOT- archive it multiple times. Upload it on a website like Mediafire.com or Dropbox. Do -NOT- use a website that involves timers like 4shared, RapidShare, etc. If I am time-gated from downloading the project, I will ask you to reupload it somewhere else. Post the link here. If you do not include a sample project that meets these guidelines, the bug report will be invalid. There are NO exceptions. WHY I NEED A CLEAN SAMPLE PROJECT FOR BUG REPORTS: If you're wondering why I make it an absolute requirement for sample projects containing to be made, it's because in the past, I've chased and hunted bugs that do not exist either because a user had a conflicting error with a non-Yanfly plugin, has not updated the plugins, using the plugin incorrectly, or think something is a bug when it really isn't. The amount of time I've wasted chasing these "bugs" is unfathomable as that time could have been spent developing new content. To mitigate this issue, I made it an absolute requirement for bugs to be reported in such a manner because of the following: It makes the user go through all of the troubleshooting steps to reduce the amount of user errors. If the user identifies it as a user error, then the user would also have gained troubleshooting skills, which are essential for game development. If you cannot be bothered to learn how to troubleshoot, I'm afraid RPG Maker will be giving you a whole lot more stress later on. Isolate the bugs caused by Yanfly plugins away from non-Yanfly plugins. As stated above, I do not provide support for non-Yanfly plugins due to my lack of time to create compatibility patches for non-Yanfly plugins. Having over 100+ plugins, making a compatibility patch for each one of those with every other plugin out there is absolute insanity. It shows that the user is serious about getting the bug fixed as I am. Being able to put out time to isolate a problem so it can be fixed means the user is serious about getting their game made. If you are not serious about getting a bug fixed for your game, then I have no reason to be serious about getting it fixed for you. As a user's time is important to them, my time is also important to me, and this is our mutual agreement to get things done cooperatively. Thank you for understanding. BASIC TROUBLE SHOOTING 1. Are all your plugins up to date? If they're not, download the updated versions from here: http://yanfly.moe/yep/changelog/ 2. Did you rename any of their plugins from their default filenames? If you did, then the plugins won't work. Do NOT rename them. 3. Did you make sure all of the plugins are placed in order as http://yanfly.moe/yep/ inside of the Plugin Manager? 4. When you updated the plugin, did you /open up/ the plugin within the Plugin Manager? You are getting the error because you updated the plugin and did not go into the plugin itself like the instructions here in the first video: http://yanfly.moe/yep/changelog/ Why is this important? Because whenever new parameters are added to a plugin upon a new update, you have to enter the plugin in order for the Plugin Manager to add those new parameters into your game. Otherwise, you will get undefined errors and "random" crashes. Skipping that step is not optional and is very crucial to getting updated plugins to work. 5. If you are using non-Yanfly plugins, turn off ALL of the non-Yanfly plugins to see if there are any conflicts. 6. If you are testing your project in Battle Test and aren't seeing any changes made after updating your plugin, make sure you -save- your project. RPG Maker MV does not carry over changes to Battle Test until you save your project. F.A.Q. ABOUT ATB AND CTB PLUGINS The ATB and CTB plugins are custom battle systems that do NOT involve a turn-based system that you're used to with the default turn-based battle system (DTB). They function off of a tick-based system, which means it does not work off standard means. This also means you have to adjust either the plugin or your game to fit these means. Here are some frequently reported "issues" with the system. None of these are bugs so do not report them as bugs. If ATB bars are taking too long to fill up, then change your battlers' AGI values to higher or change the plugin parameters to fit your game. If ATB states are dropping in turns too quickly, this is because you didn't adjust the proper state turn settings within the Battle Engine Core to fit your game. For ATB, no, I will NOT make Active Mode. It's not because I can't (I've made it before in VX's Yanfly Engine Melody). It's because RPG Maker MV's code structure for the battle system makes it more likely to break everything if it does so. If this is something you absolutely need, the Plugin Request Forum is your place to visit, if DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core(which is at least compatible with my Battle Engine Core with the compatibility fix) can't meet your demands already. If there is "lag" between CTB turns, this isn't because of the plugin. This is because your low AGI values is making the game go through hundreds to thousands of CTB updates per tick. Once again, either you increase the AGI values or change the plugin parameters to fit your In CTB, States "skipping" multiple turns when updating isn't a bug. It is because in between the previous battler next battler, there was a huge gap in time, enough to go through two state turn cycles. Adjust the state turn settings within the Battle Engine Core to fit your game. For CTB, no, I will NOT make multiple instances of turn icons appearing for multiple actors. If you want something like that made, you can request it in the Plugin Request Forum. If all of these issues are beyond you, then I'm afraid the ATB and CTB plugins aren't for you. As a developer, it is your responsibility to understand the plugins and systems you are using. You are not doing your players any favor by using a system that you, yourself, do not fully comprehend. I will not educate anyone how ATB and CTB systems work. My plugins work based on the ATB and CTB systems of existing Final Fantasy games with slight tweaks to fit RPG Maker MV's system. Please study them on your own accord. TERMS OF USE HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS And below are the plugins I've made. I strongly recommend that you place these plugins in the following order if you plan on using them. The plugins here will link to the individual posts on this thread for more detail.
  3. Hi, I'm starting with RPG Maker and I have a problem that I hope you gays can help me out. So, I just want to put some space between Crowley and Blair. They are just too close. I have been trying to figure it out be myself, but I just cant. Can I get some help?
  4. Hey there. So, I'm planning out a project with class changes. I'll be using Yanfly's Class Change Core plugin for these purposes (found here). This particular plugin comes with the ability to change each actor's sprite and face graphic depending on what class they are. Now, I apologize in advance if this is an easy fix or if I state anything fallacious, since I am new to RPG making and only know the basics of cutscening at this point in time. For cutscenes involving multiple actors (and even some involving just one, depending), you have to make a separate event for each actor that uses the same image, correct? For example: the player walks into a library. The cutscene starts with a fade to black, and when visibility is regained, character A and character B are on opposite sides of the library. The characters in the library, despite REPRESENTING actors in your party, are actually just separate events that use the actors' image. The question is: How do I get the separate event to change along with the class? For example, if character A were to change their class from Warrior to Mage, the Mage image would need to be displayed in cutscenes instead of the Warrior image. Thank you in advance!
  5. I'm using Yanfly's animated sideview battlers for a project, and have a necromancer who can revive dead enemies. The problem comes when if I set an enemy to collapse when dead (corpses were cluttering things up): When revived, they appear as a ghostly silhouette instead of their actual sprite animation. I suspect there might be a simple command to reset / restore the animated sprite to normal, but I'm not sure what it is. Some more specific details: I'm reviving them with "remove state: death" and "restore 100% HP" in the skill's effects, in that order, no plugin modifications. I set them to "use SV collapse" via the plugin parameter, rather than through a trait. The problem doesn't happen with normal (non-animated) sprites, even with the plugin applying breathing effects, etc. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, everyone! I remember the newer versions of RPG Maker MV causing a handful of issues with Yanfly's plugin cores and its resolution changes along with it. The issue I have is that during battles in-game, the battleback will not stretch to the bottom of the screen, leaving an empty line. Strangely enough, the issue does not persist during battle tests. It might be that there has been news or a fix on this already, but forum and google search couldn't help me out on that. If there is, I apologize for creating this topic and would appreciate a link to the solution. Thanks in advance, Gin-Shiio
  7. Hello Everyone. So.. um .. I've downloaded the Pretty Gauge Plugin, it was recommended to be under the Core Engine, to be honest, everything was alright, the battle system is fine, literally everything except the Main Menu, whenever I try to access to it , I get this error : And when I check , It's from the Core Engine : I deleted the Pretty Gauge Plugin , still nothing , I've replaced it everywhere else , yet no effects , I have re-downloaded the Core Engine , but nothing new, but when I delete the Core Engine, everything is fine again. I really need the Core Engine , most of YEPs cant work without it .. also it has The Resolution Setting .. and .. it's just .. you know .. - Can you Please help me to fix the Core Engine ? I really can't do any progress and I have tons of Sketches to turn into proper art for my game and this error is keeping me insane and nervous ... Here's my Plugin Manager, ordered by Yanfly Orders from Yanfly.moe/yep Th-Thank you in Advance ... (I've tried to start a new game and copy files but nothing... hopefully I get answers ASAP...)
  8. Hi everyone, Having a play with a state that increases the critical attack chance each time the state is applied. The code is as follows: The issue I'm getting is when the state is applied I'm getting an error saying "ReferenceError: actor is not defined". What do I need to add to let the code know what "actor" is (actor being the one affected with the state". Also, using "user" and "target", which I would normally use results in a similar error. Thankyou in advance!
  9. Hello all! I'm using YEP's BattleStatusWindow along with the BattleCore plugins. I'm trying to make the Battle Status Window completely transparent. Not the Party or Actor menus, just the main Battle Window. I'd like to keep all the stuff inside it: The actor's name, face, and gauges. I just want the frame behind it to disappear. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks for the help!
  10. Hello all! RMMV is such a fantastic version of the RM series! I've been using them since RM2K. As such, I had begun to get proficient with RGSS (Ruby). However, my Java is at a complete beginner's level. I'm a huge fan of Yanfly's plugins. They seem to have a lot of synergy. However, there is one thing I've noticed in a lot of the scripts involving the main menu. It nearly every menu Core, it draws these dark, translucent rectangles behind a row of text. For example, in StatusMenuCore, it's behind just about every single parameter and variable. My question is, is there a way to remove these (or makes them 100% transparent if that's easier?) When I open a YEP .js file in my notepad, it is just a jumble of text that isn't formatted in proper rows. Is there some universal string I can locate to get rid of these rectangles? Thank you so much for your help!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a compatibility patch for this two plugins: YEP - Victory Aftermath VE - Battle Motions I need a compatibility patch for them because, when the battle has finished, the Victory pose for the SV actors it's bugged. It's like they are trying to perform the action, but suddenly, the pose it's interrupted or something, that causes the actor to not show the complete animation for the victory pose and loops faster that normaly. I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks for read!
  12. I'm using the YEP Core plugins, and I'm curious how I would go about using javascript to call for specific party members and targets. For instance I would like to have a skill that consumes 75% of the HP of all party members EXCEPT the user of the skill and converts the HP 'paid' into damage split among enemy targets. I have messed around with javascript in the past and know how to do very basic functions, but I am in the dark as to how I would call specific party members, targets, etc. Also, I'm unsure of if this should be in the learning javascript section as I'm attempting to learn specific javascript functions and utilize them with someone else's plugin, or if I should post this in the script support section.
  13. Bonsoir! I'm stuck again due to my lacking JS skills... I'm using YEP's Auto passive State and YEP's Life Steal Plugins. So I'm trying to add "Life Drain" (state) to the game. It should work like this: Weapon21 should enable the ability to apply Life Drain on each hit the actor does (with an x% proc chance). This include the normal "Attack" and also with all Skilltypes some abilities do multiple hits and "Life Drain" should check on each hit for the Life Drain proc. I do have my Weapon21 with the note <Passive State: 26> (26 is Life Drain) So if I start the battle test, my actor does have the state applied, like it should. The next step is modify State 26 that it absorb <b.maxHP x%> with an x% chance. I thought about to use it as Skill, which would be very easy with YEP's Life Steal, but I need it as an passive) I'm trying to combine both YEP Plugins into the notetag but I can't really get it. Also I did saw somewhere the possibility to bind a Skill to an passive state, but can't remember it correctly. Do Someone has an Idea? I also checked Moggle_x plugins and other stuff. The only solution would (maybe) work is this one from Tsukihime, but it's for ACE http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/8210-how-to-add-hp-absorb-to-a-weapon/?p=65425
  14. So I was absolutely loving Yanfly's new doodads plugin as my parallaxes were taking up a lot of space, and it was working great for the first few days, but now it's started doing this thing where it just randomly makes things appear that I haven't put there (examples below). I've looked all through the 'edit doodads' list but they're not even on the list so I literally have no idea where they've come from or how to get rid of them. They keep appearing in stupid places as well like on roof tops, in rivers and in front of doors. I haven't changed anything since I first started using this plugin so I'm not sure if it's a problem with the plugin or something that happens if you use it too much? I've only used the doodads on about 5 little maps so far but there are quite a few all added together, maybe it's a problem if you use too many?? But if it's going to keep doing it it's going to kind of ruin the game Anyone got any ideas?? Starting to think I just wasted a lot of time doing these! Example of trees just randomly appearing on top of rooves, overlapping things, in water etc, I haven't put them there and they're not on the list so I can't delete them either! It's happening on every map (I've missed a few on here that haven't been circled) but you can see where they look out of place and overlap or just sit in the middle of the path etc..
  15. Update 2016-10-28: Fixed the Formation window so that at least one hero must be alive when exiting the window. My thanks to willer111 for pointing it out. Credit where credit is due- I got the idea from Yanfly's Party System engine and had originally written these changes into his code. I was originally going to contact him to offer my changes as a contribution, but then I realized that I had made no actual changes to any of his work. So I split my code out and am offering it as an extension for his plugin. I will also concede that the code format for my plugin is mostly a rip and duplicate effort based on his work. This plugin enhances the Yanfly Engine Party System plugin by providing the option for live party members not involved in combat to replace dead members if everyone fighting dies. It has two main options: allow the player to select a replacement party using the Formation menu, or randomly fill the combat team with random members that are not dead. Before swapping out members, the game will display a customization message to let the player know what's going on. This only works for actors *in* the party, so if you couldn't chose them from the Formation menu, you can't get them here either. I'm releasing this as version 0.90; I'm not certain I'm happy with the way the way the combatants are replaced if the menu is not used and may want to see how I can better animate it. I'm also not 100% certain that this code is fully functional. While there are only a couple of options available for configuration, I can't promise that it will work with all YEP plugins. I know that it works with the Battle core and ActorPartySwitch extensions, primarily. As of this time, there are no scripting commands to turn on or off any functionality. I'm not interested in learning how to do that tonight. To use this plugin, please place it in your project's plugin folder with YEP_PartySystem.js and link my script beneath the PartySystem plugin. YEP_X_PartyReplaceOnDeath.js
  16. There is no indication in the help files of both plugins that this has been implemented, so I thought I'd request for a new feature for the plugins. I'm aware that you could add/change the element of a weapon or change the rate with attachable augments. However, you cannot determine for how much amount(except the rate). I'm thinking of a system similar to ragnarok online wherein an elemental weapon's damage can be upgraded and monster hunter's elemental damage upgrades. What I'm proposing is basically a more dynamic way to use the elemental core so that elemental attack and resist(in item upgrade slots) would not stay at a static percentage in a weapon or armor, to sum up, when and item is used for upgrading weapons/armors the upgrade effect would be to boost the elemental attack/rate. i.e. Windy Katana (+5) //using the elemental core's <Element Amplify 2(i.e. Wind): +15%)> and item upgrade effects/attachble augments Breeze Cloak (+5) //using the elemental core's <Element Rate 2(i.e. Wind): -15%)> and item upgrade effects/attachable augments This could be used in many different ways, such as purely elemental weapons for hunting particular monsters or purely elemental resisting armors for facing elemental monsters or a mix of elemental and stat boosted weapons/armors. This would particularly be beneficial to games who rely on crafting systems since players could customize their weapons for their specific needs. Take for example in ragnarok when grinding in Byalan Island, users would utilize wind and water elements. Another example is in monster hunter where users would change equipment to hunt particular monsters. Please feel free to comment if this has already been done, I'd feel dumb but thankful anyway.
  17. So, regardless of the layer, will my character ALWAYS be able to walk through doodads? Like I have torches that are around a summoning circle in yhe center of a room and i have them on the same layer as charcters but there isn't signs of collision
  18. YEP Gabwindow

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the proper usage of yanflys gab window plugin for MV. I can get one gab to work but cant seem to figure out how to run multiple gabs. Can someone tell me how exactly it works, iv tried a few things in a single event such as gabtext x gabfaceindex x gabfacename x gabtext x gabfaceindex x gabfacename x showgab showgab Also tried gabtext x gabfaceindex x gabfacename x showgab gabtext x gabfaceindex x gabfacename x showgab But it only seems to show the first gab. Any input on where im going wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Salutations, developers! One of my characters is a mage gunner; her pistol is fueled by her magic power, dealing Magic damage at each strike. However, due to balancing issues, this shooting power has to be limited by some sort of ammo. When using an Arcane Pistol, the weapon has these notetags: What i want (but don't know how to) do is the following: An "Ammo" State, which stores a certain number of "bullets" The "Shot" Skill requires the "Ammo" state to be availabe, consumes one "bullet" and, if the "bullet" amount in the state reaches 0, removes the state (thus making the "Shot" unavailable) The "Reload" skill applies the "Ammo" state and sets it's "bullet count" to, let's say, 5. Could someone please help/guide me in this work? I'm still pretty green in this "variable scope" thing, and i would prefer to use a state-stored variable, instead of a global one, for this.
  20. Yanfly Engine Plugins Addons by Corniflex Introduction :These scripts are addons for Yanfly Engine Plugins (YEP). Install Instructions : Always place the addons under ALL the YEP scripts to avoid issues. Check the required scripts list for each addons. Also check the version for required scripts : If your scripts are newer some compatibility issues can happen depending of what the update contains. AftermathLevelUp Addon (v1.00) : SkillLearnSystem Addon (v1.00) : ClassChangeCore Addon (v1.00) : License & Commercial Use : See here for my license. In short : Feel free to do what you want with my scripts (commercial use or not), just include me in the credits. Be sure to also respect Yanfly Terms of Use ! Sources : Feel free to suggest changes or report any bug on the Github repo. Credit and Thanks :- Yanfly for the awesome work and nice coding style that allowed me to learn a lot about RPG Maker Scripting. Voilà, have fun with these scripts and don't hesitate to report any bug or suggest new features !
  21. I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core plugin and the RPG Maker MV's Side-view battle system. However, the default setup for the Side-view battle system places the Player's party on the right side of the screen and the enemies on the left, while I would like it to be reversed. I've seen many places talk about this being a setting of the Battle Engine Core, but I can't seem to find it, and there don't seem to be any options for the default Side View Battles either. How can I achieve this?
  22. x

  23. When I try running my game with my character having an initial equipment (any kind) while I have YEP-Item_Core running, it get a TypeError upon booting up the game (before the title screen). If I turn off YEP-Item_Core, it works fine. I did not change any parameters on it. Screenshots: EDIT: Here is the console output for the error. It gives the specific line that is having issues:
  24. Yep Action Sequence

    Hi I am posting this thread twice.... But my last one was in the wrong Topic so it didn't got any anwers. I have a action sequence. but when i use it in someone with a bow bow animation doesn't plays. what do i do wrong. need help here is the act sequence <setup action> display action if user.attackMotion() !== 'missile' camera focus: target zoom: 150%, 20 camera offset: right, 50 else camera focus: user zoom: 150%, 20 wait: 40 camera focus: target zoom: 150%, 20 camera offset: right, 50 end immortal: targets, true </setup action> <target action> if user.attackMotion() !== 'missile' move user: targets, front, 20 else perform start end wait for movement motion attack: user wait: 10 attack animation: target wait for animation action effect wait for animation wait for movement wait: 5 </target action>
  25. So i am using a yep sequence. and when i use it with sword its okey but when i use it with a bow it does the right animation but there is no bow in my characters hand ? can i have some help