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This game belongs to the Arum world [the RM Universe].

In Search for Dragons got second place in the VXACE NUGGET CRASH COURSE contest over at RMN!

Demo download:
(demo version 3 (fixed), without RTP)
(yes yes, the title here is not fixed, I know, I haven't had the time! It'll be for the final release)







More screenies (not avaliable in the demo yet)

Tips, tricks, and Secrets
If you can’t see what’s written in the textboxes it may be that you don’t have the required fonts.
The fonts (Georgia and VL-Gothic) are included in the game folder (under Fonts).
Copy them to your computer’s Fonts folder. Simply drag the fonts to:
Drive>Windows>Fonts [you can also access the fonts folder by the Control Panel]

You can press the X button (by default the “A” key in your keyboard) to skip by text. You can adjust the system settings from the menu (automatic dash, text speed, etc).

Finding things
Items are not immediately visible on the map. When you get near the area an item is hidden, a green arrow will flash over its location.
Similarly, blue arrows indicate jumps and especial movement routes.

Don’t be afraid of exploring
Nice stuff such as extra equipment is mostly found in a mix of exploring and trading.
There is at least one item in every map with veeeery few exceptions. They are often in conspicuous places, so take your time to look around.

Backtracking is your friend
There are instances where you SHOULD take a minute to backtrack. You will find new things you couldn’t see before, and they’re often worth it.
There is also a shortcut system (for now it only connects the first dungeon, but as the game expands so will the shortcuts) that make going back to town easy.

Save often!
There are no designated save points in this game, you can save anywhere. It is your responsibility to remember to save. Bosses and important fights have plenty of signals before they come, so make sure you prepare and save.
I also recommend you make a different save after the first boss, since the next area will not let you backtrack once you start.

Shops and healing
Items are the only way to cure status effects and recover HP/MP. They are plentiful, but some can only be bought from shops (at a reasonable price).
Monsters also all drop sellable items you can get rid off without fear to increase your gold. Also remember you’re given quite a bit of money at the start of the game, so take a moment to swing by the item shop and spend it!
There are also campsite points thorough the dungeons. They’re found like items, with a red arrow pointing their location. Such places have no monsters and you can rest there to fully recover for free.

Use those skills!
The skills are there to be used. Remember TP will go up by hitting and getting hit, so it’s a very renewable resource. HP and MP can be restored with items, and they are plentiful.

Demo details
This demo is roughly a half (maybe a bit less) of the planned game, and should be around 2-3 hours (not sure, could be wrong).
The demo is not a finished product and there may be heavy changes compared to the full version.


Here are a few tips on how to get some of the hidden things. They’re nothing really complicated, but you may miss them if you just rush ahead.

-The village has a lot of things you can find. The ideal time to search is once your party is full, as the last member will open many options.

-After defeating the first boss you should take the time to backtrack a bit. You’ll soon find a new place that is more than worth it.

-Three characters in the village, one in the forest and one in the caves will trade things with you. These exchanges are always worthwhile.

-Two characters (one in the village and one in the forest) will give you great healing items and replenish them once you spend them.

Other Details
This game was created for the Nugget Crash Course over at RMN. I tried to keep it as small as I could...and well, this came out. It was going to be a full game in 15 days, but since that proved impossible.
The demo was by released April 1st and the finished game willcome by end of april with the RM Universe contest [Details will pop up soon for that].

-Indra (mapping, eventing, databasing)
-Helel Ben (databasing and combat programming)




-Lady Aendine


Demo version 3 (released april 30th):
Ready for the contest!
Not much in the way of dungeon, but by GOD a lot in the wya of plot.
Roughly another of hour of game, most of it scene.
The battles and dungeosn may be a bit on the rough side, since I was REALLY pressed for time (deadline's literally one hour away).

Demo version 2 (released april 24th):
The game content has not changed much, this is mostly an impoved and fixed release of the first demo.
-Bug fixes (mostly item database)
-Changed intro scene
-Added extra scene at the end
-Added extra emotion faces
-Added skits and campfire scenes
-Added extra items on the field
-Greatly lowered random encounter rates
-Added rest points before both bosses
And a bunch of other stuff you probably won't care about. Enjoy :D

Note: The encounter rate right now is QUITE LOW, so you may not encounter many if you move along fast.

Known Bugs in the latest release

None as of yet. Please tell me if you find any!

He's a little support bar to put in your siggy if you want. Not that fancy, but hey, I'm not an artist >I
Paste this in your signature:




[24/04/2012] Uploaded Demo (v2). Got the second place in the Nugget Crash Course contest over at RMN! :D
[20/04/2012] Added screenshots.
[30/03/2012] Created topic. Demo will be up in a couple of days (finishing up databasing and combat).
[01/04/2012] Added demo download and game details. Give me some feedback peoplesss! @w@
[01/04/2012] Added spaning download button and support bar. And submitted to the actual contest. The tension is donee >3


Edited by Indrah
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Ok Indra that does it, you can't just keep making these Arum projects and not exspect me to want to be a part of this!!!!!!! D:!!!!!!

Ok Im gonna do it im making somthing small...but im gonna do it! Damn you Indra!!!!!!! T____T

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@Rixis: Mwahahah! Do eet! Do EEEEEEEEEEEEET! >D This is blatand "make them some games for Arum" bait. (It was supposed to be a full rgame presented to the contest, but it ran away from me OTL)

@EE: Thanks! The demo will be up the 1st at the latest (because heck, it's the contest deadline).

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I'll go ahead and say it's not MINE XD I only touched up some tiles.

The purdy title/story backgrounds are by Snowskadi and the facesets/sprites are from Saitou.

(It's in the credits too, but just calrifying it. Using Snowskadi's stuff is so pretty it feels kind of like cheating :I)

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Ohh it's looking great~~

Keep it up!

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Were did you get the fog weather affect?Iv been looking for that forever.

Edited by servantofthetower

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Have you tried doing a simple search for "fogs"? -.- There are two scrips on the forums already that do it.

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Looks fantastic! I love anything to do with dragons!

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Well, ladies and gentlement, THE DEMO IS OUT!! *collapses in a puddle of goo*

Well, I made the dealine, which in itself is this HUUUUGE accomplishment for me. Get the demo at the OP, you peoples! Do it! And then tell me your impressions on it!

I also posted a couple of helpful hints for stuff you may otherwise miss. If you're still havign trouble with something, I'll be glad to help.

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<3 My dear, I am proud of you! ;A; Angh... You popped this baby out while I had collapsed into sleeeeep.

Snowskadi... <3 You used in a great way their stuff, it fits perfectly the setting of this game. 8)

I'll be testing now the gameplay... And have to say your writing is good as ever!

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And I'm done with the demo >W< Love your writing as always, and Meriel's Black Hole is just way too badass.

Can't wait til I get my hand on the full game, Indra :X

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@Scin: <3<3<3<3<3

@Apple: Mwahaha, Black hole is so fricking unfair, I love it. Eveyone loves it.

There was a bug before so that Meriel's level pwould resert when she learned it. BUT SINCE ITS SUCH A BASTARDIC SKILL THE TESTERS NEVER HAD ANY TROUBLE ANWYAY XD

(for those that havent played, no don't worry, it's not an unbalance issue, you'll see >3)

Edit: Coulnd't resist and made a supportbar and download button. >I

Edited by Indrah

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And I couldn't resist wearing the support bar >w<

Though you should have made it same size with the Lorelai one. My support bars were lining up so pretty >////<

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@Apple: I saw <3

I never claimed to be any good with support bars, I never know what size they're supposed to be x.x

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Here's a couple of bugs some players have found, mostly related to the items, so they're easy to watch out for:

-Some Key Items can be used, and if you do they will be lost forever. Just dont try to "use" them. They still do their functions.

-The Wolf's Bracer will greatly decrease attack instead of increasing it, making it useless (sorry, it was a secret item and all OTL). That can't be fixed from the current version you have, so just don't equip it.

Edit: OMG epic FAILUUUURE. The download button wasn't linking to the download OTL It's fixed now.

Edited by Indrah

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Aaarrghhh! I have WORK that I'm supposed to be doing this afternoon. WHY did I come here?! Man, you work fast Indrah!

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Oh, yes. I also gave the demo a good shot. Well, I believe I've already given you my two cents, Indrah, but I must commend you on your superlative effort with the demo. You're always sharp on details (well, most >o>) and I thought the narrative was off to a promising start!

I really liked the little arrows that indicated an item in the vicinity. Oh, it was very proper and fashionable! And, as always, the mapping was a treat to the eye. Ho ho, I was sure to get a good glance of every map - what with the inversed actions, I found myself at a near crawl at times.

No matter. I am waiting in anticipation for the next update. You've brought forth a few questions for us to ponder. I wonder what the answers shall be...~


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Indrah, looks great! Can I make one small suggestion? I noticed your first language is Spanish (though your English seems excellent). The title of your game, however, sounds a little off in English. I would suggest making it 'In Search of Dragons' instead of 'In Search for Dragons.' You could get feedback from others on here and see what they think too. Keep up the great work!

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I played this game for a few minutes before I went to school this morning. This game is very fun. I just had a few difficulties with the game.

My first problem is that there isn't a quest log so I didn't know where to go sometimes.

My second problem is that I wasn't prompted when to move which made it a bit difficult differentiating between cutscene and gameplay.

My last problem is there is bad transitioning. Transitioning from one scene/mood to another is very quick and doesn't give me time to process what's going on.

Besides these, the demo was very good. Keep it up. :)

Edited by rgangsta

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I finally got to play a bit of the the demo (due to time constraints)~

It was fun so far! I loved the characters haha (For Owen, in his status is said "ritch".. did you mean rich? :) )

The bgms were enjoyable~ it sure takes me back~~

I can't wait for more! Keep up the great work!

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Hey there ^^

playing the demo and found just a little mistake:

The description of the Aoife Herb tells me, thatit recorvers 30% HP and cures Bleeding...

but the table next to it tells me, that it's 50% HP, and if I'm not wrong it cures Poison Oo?

Maybe I'm the one wrong here, but just wanted to tell you ^^


ok, found something else...

The stinking sap should revive one ally with 25% HP, but when I use it, the character has only 1 HP...

Edited by mobychan

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Thaks for all the comments and bug reportz people! Keep 'em comiiing! (Feedback is to me what brains are to zombies \(@w@)/

I will probably (PROBABLY) not post the demo with the fixes before the final release, because most are item related and not game-breaking, but I'm fixing them, don't you worry :3

@Cass: I fixed the speed (in the public demo)! It was my mistake in the end TT^TT One of the intro events set the player speed to a crawl OTL

@Servantb7: I will be honest. Back when i first wrote the title I was OH SO NOT SURE if it was "of" or "for", but "for" sounded nicer so I went with it.

While a few people have told me about it, no one has said it to be COMPLETELY wrong, and frankly, it's a pain to change all the images, considering it would break the supporbars some kind people have put on for me ; ; So unless it creates a big problem I'll stay with "for".

@rgangsta: A couple of other people got lost, so I'm guessing I'll add a log (don't see the point myself, but then again I don't count. I always know what comes next :I)

One of the places people get confused on makes me insane: the last room in the cave where you must go all the way up. I already showed them pointing to the damn wall, and people still get lost OTL

About the move after scenes...the solution would fade in/outs, and I don't want to spam them costantly with every scene, nor has anyone else had a problem with that yet.

And the transitioning...well, you're the first one to ever comment on that, so I'll wait for other opinions on the matter.

@Asterisk: Already fixed Owen's typo. I always make that one OTL

@mobychan: Thanks for the reports ; ; Thats the sort of thing I keep missing by myself. Will get fixed.

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Really nice little game. I actually loved the small dialogues in the beginning between Owen and his bodyguard =).

However i had one little moment, where i think something could be fixed (In spoiler for those wo haven't played the demo yet):

In the short span, where you only have the female character in your party (forgot her name) i encountered spiders who would paralyze me. Being the only party member i was unable to use any sort of healing item and got paralyzed over and over, until it was game over.

While i got the item, which should prevent paralyses, i had it equipped on another char and so it wasn't avaible at that time. I think you should consider making her temporary class, she has in that small time span, immune to paralyses. It's not fun to get an encounter and die, without any way of preventing it.

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