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Mario Platform Script!


I want a script like mario platform game.


So far, I've found ones only for VX, but not for Ace.


I want an Ace one.




A script like this would be undeniably hot!!!














Here are some basic features that I the players to have:




-can walk/sprint


-can climb walls


-can attack enemies (static/moving) with weapon or by jumping on them


-can still talk to npcs or enemies


-can change weapons if they find a new weapon


-can hang on the edge of the platform


-can swing through ropes/vines


-can swim in water


-can crawl


-can choose different regions on a map before entering that level.





Here are some sample videos:



Arc Engine:  



2D Platform Game Engine- 



Platformer Game: Denwin's Adventure- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNyN_Odo7bk



rm2k3 platform- 







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I tried that one before but the download link doesnt work.




Thanks anyways!

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