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What causes 'RGSS3 Player has stopped working' errors?

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#1 Shaz


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Posted 15 April 2013 - 02:09 AM

I'm getting a large number of these errors today. Most of them have been as I was leaving a menu - in some cases just exiting the menu to return to the map, and in others, choosing Exit from the menu and returning to the title screen. In fact, I can't think of ANY that have happened at any time OTHER than closing the menu.

I haven't made any changes to the menu scripts for weeks now, and the only thing I've done in scripts today was play around with positioning of the message window.

I haven't noticed any errors in the console window when it's happened.

What sort of things do you normally look at when this starts happening?
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#2 Galv


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Posted 15 April 2013 - 02:51 AM

I ran into this a while back and it seemed to happen randomly and had me stumped. Someone referred me to Mithran's Global Object script and it gave helpful information to critical objects (I don't have full understanding exactly what that is, but from what I could tell it was certain objects not being disposed properly).
(To use it in Ace you just need to change the last line to point to Data/Scripts.rvdata2 (Victor helped me with that))

It creates a txt file in your project with critical objects which may lead you to the problem areas.
In my case it was Moghunter's weather script (Mog has fixed that in his script), which didn't dispose of something properly and when I went into battle my sideview script didn't like it and caused that crash.

Long (and not-very-well told) story short, I hope that helps

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#3 Shaz


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Posted 15 April 2013 - 03:07 PM

Thank you Galv! I'll give it a go :)
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#4 Harmill


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Posted 20 April 2013 - 10:24 AM

I get this same error, but it happens when I close the game player. It doesn't happen all of the time, and since it happens when I'm X'ing out of my game, it doesn't affect my work much. But I don't know why this is happening and it's kind of odd for it to behave in such a way. I purchased it off Steam if that makes any difference...

#5 Andar


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Posted 04 June 2013 - 02:31 PM

there are several possible reasons for such errors and they're not always part of the program.


the variant described in Galv's post is often called a "memory leak", because as a result the memory appears to run out for the game. Basically this happens when a loop reserves new memory for creating variables but doesn't free that memory after the variable is no longer used, causing increased parts of the memory being reserved and unusable until the game runs out of free memory.


another variant can be a damaged program that no longer functions properly. in that case you'll solve it by deinstalling and reinstalling the program.


A third possibility is a damaged background program/driver. In that case the error is not really inside the reported program, but one of the background tasks running at the same time uses up the capacity needed for the program that reported the error. This couold be an automated backup suddenly working at the same time the game files are accessed, or it could be caused if you installed two different antivirus programs that suddenly decided to check themselves out at the same time or something like that.


Or it could be that you simply have too many programs running at the same time - the editor, the game for testing, a graphics program for working on a missing sprite, a browser for checking in the forums - today's computers can handle a lot more at multitasking, but even they have limits - especially if some of those programs need a good part ofyour hardware capacity to work...