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Damage Text Revamp 2.1

Damage Display Popup Battle

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 10:06 AM

Damage Text Revamp
Version: 2.1

Tired of looking at that rather dull Arial Black font in battle? Are you looking to fancy the look and animation of your damage text? Look no further, this is the Damage Text Revamp! It's customisable and it's heavily packed with options. Have a look for yourself!

  • Set X, Y, Blend Type, Angle, Zoom_X, Zoom_Y, Color, Tone of Damage Text.
  • Set format, color, and outlines for Damage/Heal/Miss/Critical Val+Text
  • Set keyframe animations for damage text.
  • Set specific keyframe animations for Damage/Heal/Miss/Critical text.
  • Enable or disable damage counting (known as Iteration).
  • Create keyframe animations for damage counting.
  • Create specific damage counting keyframe animations for Damage / Heal / Miss / Critical

  • v1 (11/18/2009) - Initial release.
  • v2 (4/6/2012) - Remade, added a plethora of new settings.
  • v2.0.1 (4/6/2012) - New dmg_v variable to help ease script calling needs.
  • v2.1 (4/8/2012) - New switch setting added.


Posted Image
Video coming soon. This screenshot does not do this script justice.

No demo.


You may learn a little more about each setting by looking at the "What is this?" section in my script header.

Awaiting question.

RMXP only. It pretty much rewrites the heck out of the damage and update methods in the Sprite > ::Sprite class of the RPG module.

Credits and Thanks
Yeyinde's help with fixing stacking error issues.
Rhyme helped me out a few years ago on drawing outlines better.
Kain Nobel asking for the Miss text to have a custom string to it, and suggesting a scrolling text option. My Iteration feature probably looks nothing like what he requested but it should be just as epic.
MetalRenard pretty much telling me to "make this as epic as possible" made me want to go all out on this script. Again for asking about it being possible to make the sprite flash every time the value reaches +100 more, which made me add the dmg_v variable.
Victor Sant's Collapse script for RPG Maker VX Ace inspired me to attempt a custom animation feature for Damage Text.

Author's Notes
When I first made this script, I remember making it because I was bored and I was watching people play Eternal Sonata. I couldn't help but love how fancy the damage text looked, so I wanted to make something kind of like it here.

Now when I was working on this version, I went in there thinking "okay, I'll just edit a few settings and call it a day." It sounds mean, I know, but that was because I didn't think I'd be able to improve the script much further. That was, until I saw Victor Sant's collapse script thread for RPG Maker VX Ace. Seeing that thread gave me some new ideas for what I wanted to do for this script.

Terms and Conditions
Feel free to include it in your game, just credit me.

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I'm currently not supporting any of my scripts because I recently came back from a lengthy hiatus. I will begin revamping almost all of them in due time. For now, look at the Progress page on my site to check my current progress.

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