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No RTP or other files needed.

Gather round, kids, it's time for some
story-telling. You got the lights off and curtains down?
Then let's start.

Let's go back in time, to the year 1913.
We're going to follow the story of a normal,
but yet not so normal family.
It all started when the family inherited
a big mansion from the mothers
now deceased uncle.

They weren't rich by any means, but they also inherited
quite a bit of money.
So they thought: "Wow, living in a mansion,
let's try it out!"
Ah, the young and foolish.
Would there be any stories to tell without them?

Alright kids, let grandma Agatha guide
you through this night of horror.
You like scary stories, don't you?
Because if you don't...
Shoo! Go away!

This game is something I made for a contest in which
you were required to finish a game in one week.
The contest in question was GIAW XI and it finished in 3rd place.
The game plays much like games such as "The Crooked Man",
The Witch's House, or Mermaid Swamp, although being made in a single week,
the quality and length of the game is somewhat lower.
Playtime should be between 0.5-1 hour.










Scripts by:





modern algebra

V.M of D.T


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I want to play this. But I'm too chicken to even download >.< Maybe if I get my friend to play it with me...Hrm...

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It's not very scary at all. It may say horror but it's more like a thriller.

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I'm kinda stuck at the point where i got the tweezer...

But it's a really good game so far,I really like it aand it has a scary athmosphere


EDIT : Okay I'm done with playing this game and it was AWESOME.

The graphics were simply amazing and the plot too !

Only the father's face is a little bit darker in the front view,idk if it should be like that.

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Thanks for letting us play this, SnowOwl!


I've just finished it - or at least, got to an ending screen that seemed pretty final. Is there more than one ending?


I'd certainly call it horror myself, mostly for the ending, but then I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to horror. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the plot, and I certainly felt emotionally invested in finding out what was going on. Switching the viewpoint character worked brilliantly.


And no random combat! Hooray! I'm no fan of random battles, so the emphasis on story development over battles and levelling up worked great for me. Nice to see RPG Maker used a bit differently.


The wonderful art in the paintings on the walls felt vaguely familiar - were they inspired by early twentieth century illustrations from books of fairytales? And all the cool details, especially upstairs, made me want to know more about the people who had lived there before the story started - you've built a compelling world there.


My only suggestion would be to aim to reduce the amount of walking around you need to do while retracing your steps. Maybe shrink the maps a little? As Scott Rogers says many times in Level Up! the guide to great video game design, "Walking is not gameplay". It got a little tedious walking back and forth along the hallways to see if anything had changed in places I had already explored. That would have been much less of an issue if it hadn't taken so long to walk back and forth. I almost gave up in frustration at one point when my brain ran out of item-location possibilities and I didn't feel like staggering around randomly hoping for something to happen. I'm not known for my patience... But your back-story carried me through because I really wanted to know what was going on. As a one-week project, it's almost unbelievably good.


Anyway, thanks for letting us play in your world. Further episodes would be gleefully consumed. As an old Call of Cthulu player it brought back pleasant memories of scaring my wife with explorations of haunted houses.

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Thank you AChan and brazenartifice (and sorry for the late response). I'm glad you enjoyed the experience, even with its flaws. I'll be sure to bring your critique along on the next game I make.

I'm honestly so-so at making puzzles, and especially when under a tight schedule, which might be why the game feels a bit slow at times.

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I tried this game for a little bit. It's fun and the atmosphere is excellent. I couldn't find real issues aside from some minor some grammatical errors.


Good job, I enjoyed it.

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