Equip Evolve by Exp

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Equip Evolve by Exp

This script is similar to a leveling equipment script, where your equips can gain exp and go stronger.  Instead of increasing stats however, it transforms the item into a different one entirely.
- Change an equip into an entirely different one after battle, if enough exp was earned.
How to Use
Place it below ▼ Materials, below Tsukihime's Instance Items, and above ▼ Main Process.  Read the script's header for more info.
Equip Evolve by Exp
Post question and answers to common question here in the following format:
Q: What are the terms of use?
A: My terms are, anything goes.  As for Tsukihime's Terms, check here
Credit and Thanks
- Selchar
- Tsukihime for the Instance Items script Edited by Selchar
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Q: Is the weapon still level up or just gaining exp? For example I want the weapon to evolve at level 10 or higher. Can it be done?

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