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Problem with the CoGen DRM and RGSS301 files


Hello. I've been using Ace for about a week now and am considering swapping to it from XP. So far, everything seemed fine. However, I recently encountered a problem regarding the RGSS301.dll file upon trying to testplay. I would get the error "RGSS301.dll is not a valid Win32 application"


I had previously exported the game file and I found that replacing the RGSS from the older game folder to my current project folder would fix it. But every time I would save, it would repeat the error. I actually tried replacing every RGSS file I had but the results remained the same.

I tried reinstalling Ace, but now I'm encountering a new problem. Upon opening up Ace, (Not even getting the trial window) I recieve the error "Cannot initialize CoGen DRM". I redownloaded Ace and reinstalled again, just in case, but I'm encountering the same error. That's where I am at now.

Any suggestions or help for solving the two problems would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I ended up following this thread:


(which I only found out about right after making this thread, I did a search for CoGen DRM and I didn't find beforehand, unfortunately)

I managed to find a solution regarding the CoGen DRM by replacing it with the same file from my XP folder. Additionally, it seems to have somehow solved the problem with the RGSS file. I'm not sure how exactly, but it works.

Would anyone know why I encountered the problem with the RGSS file to begin with? I would like to know how it happened so that I can fix it if/when it occurs again.

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I've moved this thread to Tech support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

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