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Adventure, Horror, Psychological

Demo Length

Around 2-4 hours (depending on how long player will wander)

Current Progress

Approximately 70%



LP Video



Author's Note


Long time ago, probably influenced by quite depressing weather, that lasted for few days I’ve decided to create a certain game in which I wanted to reflect my thoughts at that time. At first it wanted to just create an abandoned, seemingly endless city in which player would wander around. It was supposed to be just a pointless “game" at that time. When I seriously started working on it, I began to come up with some ideas for events. Later on, I menaged to make something, vaguelly resembling a plot. Work was going on well for a while. But at some point, I just somehow neglected whole game, and it was left unfinished.

Few years later, I felt like I should try finish making this game. I dig out some of my old notes holding vague informations about plot and tried to somehow improve it beforehand. But rather than improve current plot, I came up with story, explaining how main heroine ended up in place from Divinity Fatum. That’s how idea for the prequel game was born, and that’s how I started working on Divinity Fatum :Birth:.

In theory, :Birth: was supposed to be more linear and story-like, but I wasn’t really that concerned about that. I just wanted to tell a certain story. However, I couldn’t really use graphics from the first game, as first - they didn’t fit the atmosphere of the game, and second - I wasn’t finding them appealing anymore. Thus I’ve created most of the graphics from scratch once again, and slowly worked on the game. I was also polishing the story alone, and in the meantime I came up with something, that could be called a final part of the series. The idea of Divinity Fatum Trilogy was born that way. However, shortly after my joy of coming up with almost complete plot, I’ve meet with some technical problems so bothersome that they made me neglect :Birth: as well. Thus, second game was abandoned in it’s early stage, while the final one was never even created.

Few more years have passed and now here I am - once again returning to Divinity Fatum. This time I’ve decided to recreate first game and merge ideas from all three games into this one. First thing I did was switching from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker VX Ace. Both have flaws, but Ace seems to let me avoid certain technical problems, that I had while making previous games. I changed story a bit to suit the current idea, and added some new things overall. Also, because my skills got better over all these years, and I’ve gained a lot of experience in the meantime, working on this game seems to go very fluid. I hope that this time I won’t fail.







Protagonist of the story - whose name we're not granted to know - finds herself in desolate, endless city. Not remembering anything about herself, nor knowing how she ended in this place, her only choice is to wander around town in hope of finding a way to escape. On her journey she finds certain clues, slowly leading her to an answer of what this city is and most important - who, or rather what she really is.


As mentioned in summary above, this game’s story takes place in endless city, which player has to explore in order to find new clues. Concept of the game was somewhat based on “Yume Nikki”, when it comes to wandering and exploration part. However be aware that instead of having many small, yet diversed maps, you walk around big city in which it is almost sure that player will get lost. Because of that it is advised to play this game only if you consider yourself patient enough and able to immerse yourself with the story. 


For these who just want to go for the story, without experiencing feeling of being lost, and immersing themselves into atmosphere of the game, I wrote a pretty much spoiler-free walkthrough with few additional instructions. It pretty much only tells where events are located. Hope it’ll help:






In game we take control over nameless female protagonist. Story revolves around slowly figuring out who she is. Because of that, there is no further need to describe her.






Victor Sant






















Matthias Verbinnen

Zip Zipper










Digital System





Nbs Dark


































Completely custom graphics and art


Two levels of difficulty: easy - turning Intuition on, which tells player where next crucial event is, and normal - where player wanders completely blindly, without any hint of where next clue is


Multiple endings (yet to implement)






Dev's Blog



Known Issues


There are supposedly quite many typos in game

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I will approve this but you have 48 hours to read the Tagging Guide and modify your topic. Please follow the keywords exactly, especially the first BOLDED part about the first tag as prefix. Thank you.

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I will approve this but you have 48 hours to read the Tagging Guide and modify your topic. Please follow the keywords exactly, especially the first BOLDED part about the first tag as prefix. Thank you.

Hm, Done. Is it good now? Pardon my newbiness.

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This sounds like a very interesting game, and I love the design of the protagonist. I'm such a sucker for characters with white hair.

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This sounds like a very interesting game, and I love the design of the protagonist. I'm such a sucker for characters with white hair.

Same here (thats why her hair is white, duh). Just don't get discouraged and pissed off too easily, by this game.

Also, I'd like to announce, that for testing sake, I can give all kinds of clues, together with directions.

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I won't get pissed or discouraged. I grind levels for a living, I traverse dungeons for a useless item for a side quest to get a peice of heart. I think this game should be fine...I hope you don't put cryptic stuff in it.

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Damn, what a psychedelic trip, that gave me shivers, very well done.

The music is amazing, the atmosphere is just shocking.

The start is really weird and boring somewhat, since it may or may not take a really long time till something happens, but when something happens, it's amazing.

If that's what's going on in your mind on a rainy day, damn i don't want to know about you having a nightmare.

The main char's looks are a weird mix of hot and disturbing, i have no idea if you made that yourself or not, but all the visuals and drawings used are amazing, very high quality.

Really can't wait to see some more of that game.

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Yeah, graphics are completly done by myself (along with drawings). I came up with that character few years ago and was using her in my various works (usually art).

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Yeah, graphics are completly done by myself (along with drawings). I came up with that character few years ago and was using her in my various works (usually art).

Well that's really amazing then, can't wait to see more of your art.

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A small update, with few bugs repaired, and small glimpse of how I call it 'second chapter'.

Demo: http://www.mediafire...7m3d1cujxn31iu3

Little spoiler on how to get to the new part. First, it's necessary to collect 'Innocents' clue. Then we head out to read Sophia's Diary. After that, when trying to go to the Tower, small flashback appears, showing us some kind of door. When trying to leave to the Tower once again, protagonist ask whenever she should go, or not. We chose 'No' and get teleported to the old, dark city. Then we head out to a certain alley, where we find red doors. Beyond that point, events from second chapter start.

Anyway, it's small update, but still something proving that I keep on working on the game.

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Wow this game gave me the chills. I'm so easily scared about these types of games and yet thats all I seem to play xD. I love the atmosphere and the art. I can see you've gotten attention about it but I can't express how amazing it looks! And I am sort of used to this type of game style? It sorta reminds me of .flow or the other fan games of that series of games. And just my average gaming life being lost even with maps.

However odd how the street numbers never seem to want to be my friend lol. I always felt like I'm getting close to the number I want and no I have to search through the alleys and whatnot. Though at least I knew where I had to go so I can't complain much if any, I grew to enjoy looking for the certain street I needed to find since I would know if I was at the right spot.

The one negative, if I can call it that is, my god I feel like I'm walking so slow in that game. Idk maybe thats where my patience should come in but I just wanted to press a running button or at least a power walk button, I felt like I was crawling from street to street but it could just be me. But other then that I love the art, I love the sounds (and hate them at the same time when they freak me out), I love the music and I just can't wait for more. I did have a problem though. When I reached the tower towards the end, at least I'm assuming its near the end, when I go to observe the throne the game ends and says a gameover file is missing? Do I have to redownload the again or was that the end of the demo?

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Starting from the end - interaction with throne for current moment ends the game. Normally there is going to be cutscene made later on, however for now I decided to just leave that like that. There is no GO graphic because I completly forgot to even do one in the first place, being totally honest XD.

Next, you can walk faster while holding shift. She walks remotely fast then. I believe I've even wrote about that within in-game instruction.

About figuring out how street numbers work here, it's kinda tricky, but solveable. However the easier way would be getting a map:

Basically, on 1st street, go up, then right, until you get to street 6, then down, to get on street 9, continue going right, until house with door on street 10. Map is there.

Also, I'm happy you've enjoyed this little experience. Your remark about it reminding you .flow is pretty right, as I came up with idea, from Yume Nikki fanbase.

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Wow I'm such an idiot xD first there was a map...and I could run *facepalm* I could've sworn I used the shift key since it just seems like instict to me that shift=run but it didn't work that time or maybe I didn't notice but yeah I turned it on again to see if I could run and what do you know I can sprint now. Oh least I spent a lot more time in the game since I was being slow and lost xD But hey if I can play this game with no map and not running I bet anyone can. I can't say I regret being lost in it, honestly even when I was lost I enjoyed the game and the atmosphere.

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After long time, I'd like to announce small update:


If I recall correctly, last demo that I've posted here ended after Cinderella Event. This one contains 4 more events. I've repaired some bugs, corrected many typos and changed Clues menu a bit. If anybody have old demo and save states, don't copy them into updated demo. Unfortunately some scripts require playing game from the beginning.


Also, I've added difficulty option. It basically turns on or off the Intuition feature (small bubble on the top left of the screen, showing where next crucial clue is located).


So, what should I say? Have fun playing slightly updated demo, I guess.

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Taking into account that this game is considered a wander-fest, I wrote a small, spoiler-free walkthrough for these, who want to get everything as fast as possible, however without getting themselves really immersed into the game. So, here's the link:


It is advised to get updated demo, as it covers all events from the walkthrough:


Also, I probably should write a little bit about acts in this game, as they vary in the feeling and gameplay.


-Life- That’s the first act of the game. That’s basically the whole part where player wanders around the city, searching for some kind of escape.

-Birth- Second act of the game. After wandering around the city and finding various clues to what protagonist is, she starts to be concerned about how she became what she is. In this part she finds answer for that question, by learning about past of girl named Sophia.

-Death- Final act of the game. Here… I don’t want to spoil anything yet ;).


Lastly, some additional screenshots of the second act of the game:










^ This one ain't in updated demo, however location is pretty much completed.

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Cool. I am about to play your game, and I might even post a video review about it.

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Slight notice of game info update. I've also added first of LP's of the game, made by ManlyBadassHero.

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Looks cool... might give it a try, but not sure whether to go with the demo or wait for the finished game...

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Well, it's hard to tell when game will be completed. Theoretically there is not much left to do, but still it may take even about year, knowing myself.

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Played to the end of the demo. Didn't write any comments while I was playing, because honestly I didn't expect me to really like it that much (prefer traditional RPGs). The first 30 minutes or so felt alright, but a bit too much walking around looking for nothing. Had to use the walkthrough at one point, but got bored of the game at that point. Came back to it the next day, because I think the game's atmosphere was quite well done (I like the music), and I was a bit curious what would happen next in the world. It started to get pretty interesting around the 1 hour mark with more stuff happening. The part in the building where you experience the various diary entries by Sophia were really good, especially Clockwork's entry. After reaching the end of the demo (2 and a half hours) I still don't understand much of what's going on, but kinda looking forward to an update of the game to see how it's going to end.

The strong points were definitely creating atmosphere, the unique tilesets, original art that looks very nice (I liked the drawings in the Lonely Princess story), music and sound effects. Didn't come across any bugs or glitches, but there were a fair amount of typos... would be nice to get those fixed at some point.

Edited by Milennin

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Hm... If i remember correctly there are 3 more events in the city, after collecting Kaoru's event. Nonethless thanks for that review. I'm pretty much aware that first part of the game (so called wanderfest) can be quite discouraging. That's why I understand why you get bored of it on the first try. I'm also happy that you get grasp of atmosphere of the game - that certain thing was my priority in this game - creating atmosphere that could really move the player in some way. About not understanding the story, to be honest at that point of the game (without getting three events mentioned before) guessing the plot may be quite impossible. There is some plot, whatsoever. I also wanted to make that game as mysterious as possible - that's why it seems so hm... cryptic. As for typos, I'm very much aware of them, but as english ain't my primary language and I've learned it by myself, rather than in school, it is quite hard for me to spot any typos. My wife helps me here a bit, but she isn't really that certain of her linguistic skills as well and copying whole game into google translate just seems like a drag. I posted request for help in that matter somewhere, but there was no reply so far, sadly.


Anyway once again thanks for review. If you'd have any suggestions as for how to improve game, I'd gladly hear them.

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If you want I can help with the English, just fixing the errors.

As for a suggestion... well, I did think of one, but I don't know if it would be a good one. Make it a relatively small chance (like, 1/10, up to you to decide) for the player to end up in the street for the next clue. This could help players wandering around to get to clues a little easier.

Another suggestion I thought of was to come up with a way to change push-to-sprint to a toggle-sprint. After a while my finger got tired of constantly having to hold shift, and default walk speed is pretty slow, lol. That's just 2 things that would be nice, but it's up to you.

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Yeah, about second thing I considered that as well. However I've also met with opinions that some ppl prefer dash option, instead of 'toggle dash'. I'll still consider that one. As for first idea, that's actually pretty neat idea. Not only it would make the gameplay easier for some, but also include certain mindf*ck factor, which would be pretty much welcome.


And as for typos n stuff, I'll gladly accept any help. If you stumble upon any of these, notify me please. Of course I'll include you in credits for that.

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Okay, this post could get pretty long.

I'll add the location of the text in bold, then the corrected text under it.


How to play message

Press ESC to open the menu, where you can check clues that you've collected and save or exit the game.


Street plates

Look for street plates to learn where you currently are.


Gaming experience

For a better gaming experience, play in dark, with your headphones on.


Note in room with Map

I believe that I've mapped most of it.


With this in mind, I can't guarantee that this map's accuracy, but still, it's better than nothing..."

With this in mind, I can't guarantee that this map's accuracy, but it's still better than nothing..." (can use either)



Is this the map mentioned in that note...?


Notepad after writing on wall

"I've found this notepad and pencil in an empty room that I am in right now.


"How long have I been wandering around already?


Even if I can't tell how much time has passed,


At least a sign of another being would be fine. As long as there would be someone who could give me some hope.


the owner of this notepad, and the one who wrote that sentence on the wall.



This should be a place full of other beings...


They may love each other, they may sometimes hate each other, but they would always be there for each other, supporting themselves, so nobody would experience the torment of solitude.


It seems to not be working anymore...


Bed in room with Book of Genesis

I'm not feeling sleepy or tired.


Book of Genesis

Does it mean that God looks like a human being?



It hurts a bit when I touch it...



What is that? A key?


Story Book

A long, long time ago, in a land faraway, there was a certain kingdom.


In that kingdom there was a great tower, rising up above the clouds.


That tower was the place from which a princess was ruling over her loyal subjects.


The princess was truly loved by her people.


From the top of the tower she could hear how her people enjoyed their every day - all thanks to her efforts.


For so long she had to fight the urge to leave, that one time - despite restriction put on her - she decided to visit her people.


She opened the doors to the throne room and ran down the stairs to the very bottom of the tower, just to see her followers.


After leaving the tower she instantly went into the city, in hope to find her subjects.


in hope to find all these people she would hear from above, glorifying her name.


But not matter how long she was walking around, looking around for anybody, she couldn't find anyone.


"It seems that... a Lord's place is not among the people, but on a throne, from which one can rule."


Book of Wails

A book? In a place like this?



It's... a gigantic eye...?



Why did this happen to me?


I've lead a good and happy life, when without warning everything instantly ended.


I had yet so many things to do, such a bright future...yet it was taken away from me...


What have I done wrong to suffer such a fate?


It was a fruitful life indeed.


I've helped others, trying to secure a bright future for them.


So why... why had I to end like this?


Nobody's a saint - I'm aware of that.


Nonetheless, aren't our lives supposed to be balanced between good and evil?


With all honesty, I've done bad things... but still, I've always tried to be good.


Is this supposed to be judgment we were told about?


I had a very ordinary life - loving family, decent job...


Did I really deserve this kind of sentence?


I could've fallen in love, get married, have children... I could've lead an amazing life... (I don't understand why he says this... assuming this is the same person talking. Earlier he said he had a loving family, and now he wishes he had fallen in love, to get married etc. -- I suppose it gets somewhat explained by the text following up this part)


Everything... was taken away from right in front of me... like teasing me...


Text on ground

What does it mean... and who wrote it?


Sophia's Diary

I wonder how it is to sleep, to dream...




Perhaps the only kind of sleep I can is that of the dead ones..."


Did she escape from here?


Cinderalla's Entry

Individuality is hated, as well as those who signs of it.


I was no longer ridiculed, but a hollow feeling started to grow, devouring me from inside...


I've decided to just lock myself in here...


I won't have use for it anymore, and you may need it to manage yourself in this twisted world.


or at least keeping her facade good enough to fool them."


forced to stay away from those around her."


Not in a world like this at least..."


"Today was probably the last time I could speak with her. She gave up. That's why I decided to write this down. As a memento.


It's a page from Sophia's Diary. One of the torn out pages...


Someone living in a completely difference place than this one.


Kaoru's Entry

I was designated as a guide for those who are lost, yet haven't lost their reason to exist.


Here, those who have lost their reason to live are sentenced to wander blindly.


You seem to have a vague idea, but nonetheless you can't really tell what it is.


Beyond it you should find that what you're looking for.


I also have a feeling that we'll meet again.


I was expecting another boring, unproductive lecture.


Honestly, upcoming visits appear to be something that I'll be greatly enjoying.


He must've been very important to her, if she wrote a whole entry about this meeting.


Somehow... it's soothing to find out that there are people like him in her world.


Clockwork's Entry

An untameable being, which only we were able to capture!


However, with my superb skills, I was able to capture this monster and make it obey all my orders without complaint.


We have all the time in the world!


The tormentor is no more.


You gave me an opportunity to fight those who oppressed me.


He will come to your aid when you'll be in need.


I hope we'll meet again someday.


"The last incident didn't teach them anything, as expected. It seems that their egoistic nature is stronger than their feeling of guilt.


"Some girl who doesn't really stand out.


All alone in this wicked place, she was the ideal candidate to be the next target of violence and ridicule.


"It didn't take that much time until they could do literally anything to this poor girl.


"Waiting for an opportunity to change the world is just an excuse. (not sure why instantly was there...)


If you want to change everything, start with small deeds.


You'll gain the trust of others,


Last time I watched my friend slowly being eaten.


that is my resolve.


When I got these, however, I saw her fighting back her oppressors. Because she wasn't alone anymore she had become more confident."


She knew how to fight, and because of what she went through, she was making sure that nobody in her surrounding would go through the same."


People could fight for that.


Milene's Entry

I haven't had any guests for a long, long time.


People usually seem very, hm...


You start to believe that you can deal with everything by yourself.


You become obsessed about it...


people are quite, hm...


In any of them.


I just rarely have the occasion to speak so freely with somebody.


Anyway, if you'd like, why won't you stay for the night?


It is quite a big place after all.


Well then, when you want to go to sleep, just go to the empty room on the first floor.


Afraid of this monster?


I'm going to slaughter you.


You're going to slaughter me?


In my eyes you are definitely not the monster which you think you are.


Despite... of what you saw?


We all make mistakes in our own course of life. I won't judge someone because of their past.


And I think you are more human than those who claim such title as theirs.


What I know is that you aren't a monster. (end sentence - leaving out the part after it to avoid repetition)


"A peculiar character got my attention lately - a girl that seemed to be completely alienated from others."


"It seemed as if nobody has even acknowledged her existence.


"She wasn't however opporessed by anyone.


"I can understand. However, if not for that facade, she'd be devoured by them long ago.


When she realized that I mean no harm she opened up to me." (not sure if you go with English or American spelling in your game, as you seem to use either spelling at random)


As I learned later on, it's like a double-edged sword - it protects her, but also eats her from inside."


"Living a solitary life, being afraid of others..."


So... Milene was yet another... victim after all?


She wasn't abused in a way Cinderella or Clockwork were, but still they managed to harm her...


she would probably go through the same thing as those two before...


Blood trail

The trail ends here...


World's End Diary

This is the date when the world ended.


the true past."


"However, the world begins and ends as in a cycle, and this will continue for as long as there will be ambitious people seek power and desire to satisfy their curiosity."


The world disappears until she won't dream it again."


her and the whole world, until I won't find a way to break this cycle of madness.


I will also write down any circumstances that lead to the Apocalypse, so I can think of ways of preventing it in the future."


"This time a group of scientists decided to search for the so-called "God Entity". They've found her in White Desert, or so media told us.


"Again, I was too late. This time I don't even know who and where they found her. I can say for sure that it wasn't in White Desert. In this world there wasn't even a place named like that."


Instead of searching in deserts, I've started to search for ancient towers and their ruins."


I've pulled out a blade from her chest, and...


"As predicted, she resting in one of the ruins of an ancient tower. I set camp there and started to guard the place."


"For a long time it was going smooth, but one day, an army found the tower and insisted on researching it.


They tried to take her out of the ruins, and well..."


Like scientists from previous worlds, they also wanted to find this "God Entity". Because of great conflict between the church and the science world, they wanted to disprove once and for all that a being like God doesn't exist.


"We found God a few years later.


Salomon's Note



Note III

"When she creates a new world, the whole Void serves her as her clay


To create a new world in a way she wants."


"Maybe because I had a will strong enough to survive right before merging into that mass.



-A simple blade, covered with red stains. (Blade)

-Notepad belonging to someone who's also trapped here. (Notepad)

-Mirror that showed me how I look like. (Mirror)

-Note saying: *I can hear them.* (Note)

-Book containing the lamentations of souls, forgotten by their God. (Book of Wails)

-A gigantic eye, watching over the shadows (Eye)

-Text saying *I love you*. A strange, red trail begins from here. (Text on the ground)

-Note saying: *Don't look at me.* (Note)

-Probably the only sign of someone being here. (Shadow)

-Worn out notebook. Half of it was torn out. It describes owner's futile attempts to fall asleep. (Sophia's Diary)

-Entry from Sophia's Diary. It somewhat describes the life of her friend, living as a scapegoat. (Cinderella's Entry)

-Entry from Sophia's Diary. It tells about Milene's struggle with solitude, which she chose to protect herself. (Milene's entry)

-Notepad serving as someone's diary. It describes circumstances of a few previous world's ends.


A lot of it is removing unnecessary commas, although I wasn't sure about all of them. Also a fair amount of cases of forgetting an a or the. There were some sentences I wasn't sure what to do with (didn't add them to list), and a few sentences that didn't make too much sense to me, so I left them.

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