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Rotating Tiles

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#1 Zdaddy36009



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Posted 10 August 2012 - 05:38 PM

Does anyone know of a way to rotate the default tiles in vx/ace.

#2 Lunarea



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Posted 10 August 2012 - 05:45 PM

What are you trying to rotate, exactly?

Also, moved to support.

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#3 Espon


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Posted 10 August 2012 - 05:49 PM

I don't think you can rotate them without some kind of script.

Other option would be to simply open it up in a paint program and rotate it and replace a tile you don't need.

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#4 amerk


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Posted 10 August 2012 - 08:04 PM

Do you mean to rotate the autotiles? For example, rotate water with grass and sand? I've never heard of that feature so I doubt it, but that would be pretty neat.

#5 Celianna


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Posted 11 August 2012 - 06:05 AM

Please clarify your question. Of course you can rotate tiles by manually rotating them in a different program, and importing the tileset back in, but then the perspective becomes off. I'm not quite sure why you'd want that.

Unless you mean wanting the tiles to be sideways as well, in which case you'll have to re-draw this yourself, or ask someone else to do it. The tiles you see right now, are what you get.

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#6 Foxfirerage



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Posted 18 November 2013 - 05:16 PM

Rotating tiles would save tons of time and wasted effort on reloading the same tiles over and over.


some examples of what you would rotate:

  • Stairs (going up sides of buildings or hills)
  • desending stairs  ( going stright down instead of from sides
  • Hole tiles ( can be used to give better prespective ie walking down center of room with holes on both sides)
  • Steel plates for more rugged look
  • bricks for walkways
  • planks
  • tops of graves ( like they brok off and fell on their side
  • lilly pads to mix things up a bit so they all dont look the same

I could keep going but you get the point I think


Also fliping/mirror imaging things would be a wonderful thing too...

for things like the Dragon statue  so you could have one on each side of something  ^(>.<)> [] <(>.<)^ enter if you dare kind of thing.

#7 Shaz


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Posted 18 November 2013 - 06:17 PM

You cannot "rotate" tiles and have them look correct. They are 2D, not 3D. They are drawn the way they are drawn, and flipping or turning them by 90 degrees is not going to change something from a front view to a side view or back view.

If you want a bookshelf to go along a vertical wall instead of a horizontal wall, you need to draw a new bookshelf.
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#8 Celianna


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Posted 18 November 2013 - 06:58 PM

Don't necro-post.
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