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Less than one hundred sprites.

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Cel-shaded sprites. These were based off a template I found on deviantart [here] and I made a bunch of them a while ago. But there were no matching tilesets and I was even worse at tiles back then than I am now so I never used them. And now i'm not gonna use 'em, because they're old and I don't like them any more. Do you want them? YOU TAKE THEM.


Not really that long ago, Emmych made this template, and I made some sprites on it. Again, not gonna use 'em, might as well post 'em.

RA6lO.pngxloEA.pngJPffm.pngabX8s.pngpbEww.pngmS0T5.pngefeac.png5rN1p.pngwjdhh.pngNWAYv.pngjOXYV.pngq7hOM.png0msu3.png (The hair for this last one was done by Terra-chan. In fact........ I MADE NO HAIR. It's either RTP or Mack hair, can't remember on a sprite-by-sprite basis though.)

Wondering if a popular template is too mainstream for me? Ha!! Nothing is too mainstream for me! Now, a few anthro animals. (a mix of RPG maker XP animals and Mack humans)


(Note: This is only 1 picture, and can't be imported directly into RPG maker, but you wouldn't want to since these are just templates. Also, the top 3 should fit Mack style clothes with little editing)

These sprites aren't mind-blowing but maybe someone can have fun with them.

Credits: If I credited somebody, you need to credit them too. And, of course, credit me! Credit credit credit!

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Since all of these are edits, I don't think they can be used commercially???? it's easiest just to say you better not use them commercially.


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Hey, these are pretty good. It's refreshing to see sprites that aren't made on the RTP base, especially the ones on Emmych's base (I've always wanted to see people using it). One thing though, with regards to the blonde-haired sprites on Emmych's base (farthest to the right): the hair doesn't really match the other characters' hair. It kind of looks pillow-shaded, especially on the bangs.

I wish I was using sprites on Emmych's base, because if I was, I'd definitely use these, especially the ninja!

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It's nice to see sprites that are so different from the RTP. I think they are very well done. Good job!

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