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Please make every effort to use the materials linked here according to the posted Terms and Conditions of the artists, and always credit those who contributed to your game.
In addition, please respect the effort represented in the body of work present in Granny's Lists and do not copy them without permission. Thank you.

Sprites, Portraits and Faceset Resources for Pirate/Seafarer Games

seijitataki's pirate girl sprite
Antares' Custom Lady Pirate sprite in bandana and midriff suit and VX RTP Pirate sprite Recolors
Hyabusa_Suzuki's old Pirate sprite in yellow bandana hat with eyepatch (scroll down)
Resource Staff releases from RPGMakerWeb Pirate Portraits 
Smarthious' two sprites, kid in pirate hat and girl in red bandana
TPASmall's talking RTP captain and pirate sprite edits
Kimaila's Eyepatch wearing fellow
Kimaila's pirate gal with faceset
Closet - Portrait, emo facesets and sprites, except as noted

young man in uniform with tri-corner hat
young woman in uniform with tri-corner hat
man in uniform with tri-cornered hat (no sprite)
"evil" char in uniform (still bare-chested!) with tri-corner hat(no sprite)
long-haired man with eye-patch (with battler)
man with eye-patch(no portrait)
zombie/undead/skeleton pirate(no portrait)

Konoe's youthful pirate faces and portraits plus sprites - some very colorful


Tileset Resources for Pirate/Seafarer Games

Celianna's tileset, among many other things, includes barrels chains swords and hammocks
Celianna's parallax tiles include, among many other things, a gallows, prisons, skulls, and bunks
Kimaila's Torture tiles with wall chains, manacles, bloody swords...
Rich Maker's Pirate ship
Ryu kou kannagi's tiles
Ying's incredible piles of booty for parallax mapping (booty = gold and treasure!)
Nice brush by Starraven for photoshop or GIMP for making maps - Not VX maps, like treasure maps. =]


Avadan's ships, various, with crew members have some crediting issues, for your information, that are being resolved.
Blake_Ezra made a sunken ship edit of Avadan's ship but has the same crediting issues
from sen? - add-ons for Avadan's ship
fromTabby's Cabin - xp ship edits <-- choose the last link on the left hand side and scroll all the way down
ryu kou kannagi's cannons
Cyangmou's Ship Tileset example and download
Konoe's world map pirate ship vehicle
J130R's World Map tiles with a treasure map feel, including sea monsters and ship for the map

Underwater Resources List Here:
with Seaweed covered chests, Portraits of Captain and Crew, seaside battlers, shells, and all things briny Edited by GrandmaDeb

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I realize you're staff on the other site, but with how organized you are, you'd be awesome for doing the resource directory on this site (especially since the person who did it before isn't staff anymore).

Anyway, love the lists as always, I'm trying to become more organized myself, but with almost 3 gb of resources that were barely organized, it's taking forever to backtrack, ha.

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Wow pretty cool stuff in here. I took a look on all links you've posted. I especially like the seagrass chests! :D

I now will click trough your other threads!

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Granny's Lists of Pure Awesomness strikes back. :)

GrandmaDeb likes this

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Ahh, I have it in another list (lol I have a ***cough, cough*** kind of lot of lists) but I think you have a good idea to add it here. Thanks for the suggestion.

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bumping for new resources, notably a GIMP or photoshop brush for making treasure maps and a pirate gal sprite by seijitataki

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wow, you people are amazing! i hope i can get this good befor i go to college for graphic+game design. whats best art program to make sprites with?

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