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Tiles and more


Hi! My name's Dave and i'm new to this community i just bought VX Ace 2 days ago and i'm completely new to this sort of things i've started building stuff but i'm a bit confused on some matters.

I'm a bit confused on the tile sets... if i make my own tiles how many 32x32 tiles can i have as maximum?

The tiles that are set on Animation, Ground, Buildings, Walls and Normal what do they do? i mean i assume the tiles are purposed but what exactly does these options apply on the certain tiles?

I'm trying to make some places passable but the tiles wont let me but i only want that tile to be passable on a certain spot(example if you're building a roof you kinda want the Upper part being passable since its higher up then the character technically speaking)

Also this is tho one of the less important questions

How do i import NPCs?

Make them talk

Make them walk

Make them give quest etc?

IF anyone would like to help me out privately my skype is ihugalot i'll probably have alot more questions to come so if someone would be my "mentor" i'd appreciate it ALOT

Thank you in advance. :)

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Hit F1 in the editor, and look at the Resources section - particularly the Graphics Resources. That will answer all your questions on layout/purpose/etc.

I suggest you look at some basic tutorials first - there are plenty around that answer your extra questions. You should go through some of them and have a go yourself before finding a mentor - they won't want to answer very simple things like that where there's already so much info around on the subjects.

VX Ace Tutorials

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