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Enu SBS Tankentai XP

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Enu SBS Tankentai XP

This script is no longer supported, it won't be updated anymore.

Updated to Version 2.2 | June - 02 - 2009

- Orginal VX Version By Enu

- Original VX English Translation by Kylock and Mr.Bubble

- XP Translation to english by cairn

For the ones that don't know this script, this is an highly customizable side view battle system.

The most importante feature of this script, is that you can use normal chasets instead of Special Battlers.

It was originally made by Enu for the RMVX. Enu made an RMXP version too, but it really outdated.

This version is very different from Enu's XP version.

One of the main differences is that this script is 90% compatible with VX add-ons (most of them just need an few adjustment, due to the XP char height).

And more: i've added lot's of new features for the XP Version.


It highly recomended that you use the demo as Base for your projetc.

But if that not possible, there's somethings you must be careful:

You must copy from the demo the flowing things:

- in database

Status: from 17 to 20

Animations: 102 and 103

- Graphics












Enu SBS Tanketai XP

If you having problems in opening the projetc, copy the data, graphics and audio folders, create an new project, and paste it on the new project.

Useful links

Sideview: Understanding Battler Movements (Mr. Bubbles)

Sideview: Enemy Animated Battlers Guide (Mr. Bubbles)

Both links are for VX version, but they can be used for the xp version too

Credits and Thanks

  • Converted to XP by Atoa
  • Translation to english by cairn
  • Original VX translation by Enu
  • VX original translation to English by Kyrlock and Mr.Bubbles

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Thanks for posting this here, I was looking for it :)

The only thing is that I can't see the text when play testing the game.

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