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White Rose Online is an online MORPG created in RPG Maker VX using Vlad's Telam Ludus scripts. In it's prime it had over 100 unique users. It was open previously for almost a year before technical problems brought it down. It is now returning intact as a community project in what I hope will be an on-line environment for it's members to socialize and have fun. When I call it a community project I mean that YOU can design graphical or coded content yourself and submit it for possible addition to the game. Characters have been wiped clean so everyone can get a fresh start on opening day. WRO is and will always be a completely free to play game.

You can visit the official site at

The official facebook page for the game is https://www.facebook...575314?fref=ts#
















Are you interested in submitting an armor, hat, accessory or creature for use in WRO? I am always looking for interesting new ideas and content to add to the game. If you're going to submit clothing make sure you send it without the black outline. Just make sure it fits seamlessly onto these templates. Send me a .png version of it with all skin and body parts cut out of it and I'll credit you and find a place for it in game.

Template Pack


10000 years ago an all out nuclear war wiped out most of the life on the planet. Generations later the memory of that horrible tragedy lives on in the stories told around the campfire. This planet has given us a second chance and it's time to write our names on the pages of history.

You can start the game as either a Berserker, Defender, Rusher, Hunter, Shaman or an Elementalist, of either gender. From there you can choose from 6 races, all with their own strengths. Then you can further customize the look of your character. After completing the tutorial your character will be sent to Rabbit Island where you will develop the skills you need to succeed on the mainland.



Berserkers use 2-handed weapons and maintain a delicate balance between offence and defence in general.

Defenders are essentially the tank class in WRO focusing on blocking and taking hits.

Rushers use 2 1-handed weapons at once and focus on raw attack power to overwhelm the enemy.

Hunters use ranged weaponry combined with high critical hit and dodge rates to kill their enemies.

Shaman focus on the healing and life preserving aspects of magic. They are also essentially a tank mage.

The Elementalist is all about destruction and damage with magic. They are the glass cannons of WRO.


Humans have been around since as long as any history book documents. They live in small villages keeping mostly to themselves. They're known by the other races as incredibly average and trustworthy. They start with a small boost in defence.

The Negativa are a powerful and mysterious race. They exist outside perceivable reality, which is why they appear to be in a negative light to other races. Negativa originate from their large city located in an alternate reality, coming through a portal they opened linking their world to this one. A Negativa character will start with a small boost in attack power. Very headstrong, the Negativa see pure offence as the best defence.

The Waterborn are a humanoid species made entirely of suspended water. They started appearing in large numbers after the water had become tainted. They wash up on the shore by the dozens. They are emotionless and have magical properties. Some tell tales of an underwater civilization who's people were trying to escape the now poisonous waters of the sea. Waterborn characters will start with a small boost to their mana.

Orcs are a more primitive humanoid species with a culture enveloped in war and violence. They believe that only the strongest have the right to live. They are often fiercely loyal to their tribe and spend most of their lives in conflict with neighbouring tribes over resources and land. An orc character will start off with a small boost in health.

Devilkin live deep underground secluded from the rest of the world. It is rare to see one outside of their large underground cities since they need lava to survive. Devilkin characters will start with a small boost to their spirit.

Robots are the product of a self propagating, reproducing robot colony experiment built by scientists from the past. The robots were designed to fight for survival in very much the same way as the other races. Over the years they built their own cities and populated the planet. They have now become apart of this world and are widely recognized as one of the races. Robot characters will start with a small boost to their agility.

The mainland, the island where you would get your job isn't finished yet. To reduce common frame rate issues and lag large areas are ripped into pieces as separate instances to reduce the amount of events on one map. This means there will be an occasional 2 second long loading screen. While this game may not be much to look at, the online engine Vlad has made can be quite CPU intensive, so you may need a decent computer to run it smoothly. Close extra programs you have running besides the client if you experience FPS issues. The download is somewhat big, and for multiple reasons.



Important Shortcuts

I - Inventory (Drag and drop items onto the shorter bar at the bottom of the screen to put them on hotkeys to use quickly)

C - Status (put up points here when you level and check other important stuff)

K - Skills screen (Drag and drop skills onto the longer bar at the bottom of the screen to put them on hotkeys)

Home - Open chat quickly


An extremely old screenshot from InDev

When fighting an enemy don't wait for them to be in front of you. The game treats the creatures as if they are in front of you, even if it only appears as though they are just rounding the corner. If you take advantage of this and strike as soon as they start coming around the corner you'll be able to get the first hit before they turn to face you. Try to keep a few white teas in your inventory for quick home teleport if you are stuck in a bad situation. Most enemies in the game drop interesting and useful equipment so if you are finding yourself outmatched it may be worth farming some lower level monsters.

For Defenders: Make use of shields and blocking they are your best friend. Always carry many potions and the appropriate elemental resistance items (soft white bun, salted roast beef) Defender's aren't the most hard hitting class so a focus on the attack stat is par for the course. Defenders get a buff that lowers their ATK to 75% but increases their DEF to 125% which can be useful for situations where the enemies physical attacks are very strong. High level shields have a higher block rate.

For Rushers: You have the ability to use two weapons at once. USE IT. A general rule with this class is if a monster can't be killed in 2 hits before it faces and hits you then you may not be ready for that area yet, or you need to bring some potions. Rushers get a buff that sets their ATK to 125% but their defense to 75% which can be useful for plowing through a tough area. Rushers benefit much from HP and DEF stat increases but even more so from ATK.

For Hunters: You are the non-magical ranged class of the game. Your main stats are ATK and AGI in that order. ATK increases your damage output while AGI increases your critical hit rate and dodge rate. Hunters have a buff which doubles their AGI at no cost. You should always use it. Ammo you have should be dragged to the ammo box in the bottom right corner once the appropriate weapon is equipped. Guns have a faster bullet speed but lower damage. Bows have slow speed but highest damage. Crossbow is a middle ground between the two. Remember that up close shots deal double damage. Projectiles can pass through multiple enemies.

For Elementalists and Shamans: Remember that up close magic always hits double damage but puts your character at significant risk of a counter attack. Make sure your spell is strong enough to kill them in one cast at that range. Spells also pass through multiple enemies so take advantage of that. Keep a crappier spell on one of your hotkeys to deal with random weak mobs as they waste less mana than the higher spells. As a spellcaster your character is also exceptionally weak, therefore be on your guard for backspawning and large groups of enemies. The mage classes get a buff that sets their INT to 125% but their defense to 75% which can be useful for plowing through a tough area. Using your stun spell is useful for holding chokepoints or escaping from a powerful enemy. If you still find you are dying to much adding HP is a good alternative. Elementalists have the benefit of using two staves at once. USE IT.


* Some players suffering from FPS problems have found that leaving their cursor in this circled red area when not in use fixes the problem.


* Vlad's scripts are somewhat unstable and as such there are occasional server crashes. You can lose your character to these if you haven't logged or switched characters in awhile. To make sure your character is saved in case of crashes you can occasionally switch characters then log onto the same character. This saves everything about your character.

*Please remain respectful to other players. Treat others how you would wish to be treated.

* I am not a tutorial or walk through, please play the game on your own and discover things on your own. Thats part of the magic in WRO.

* De-encrypting the files to gain any advantage over others is strictly forbidden. You will be IP banned.

* I created this game, It doesn't mean I'm volunteering to help you make yours, or that my hamachi chat is a VTL tutorial discussion. Please PM me on the forums if you'd like some help with VTL.

* There are some parts of WRO that contain nudity (Pixel nudity mind you). If you can't take that then you shouldn't play.

* There are some openly gay, lesbian, bi and trans characters in WRO. If this makes you uncomfortable don't play.

* Monsters in WRO are client sided meaning that the monsters on your screen will be completely different from another. You may see another player attacking the air. This is an unfortunate and unchangeable fact about RPG Maker VX online games. It's really not that bad to be honest, you start to tune it out eventually.

* Equipping a shield requires you to transfer to a new area to update your character sprite. Holding S will still bring up your shield, you just won't see it in front of your character until you go to a new area. Same if you equip a stronger shield, it wont update until you go to a different area but it will still treat you as if you are wearing the better shield.

* When you have the chat box open you cant transfer to a new area. This is a problem with the engine itself and not fixable.

* Tabbing out of the client will pause all activity. No need to worry about dieing when typing to your friends on msn or something.

* You can only carry 99 of an item before purchasing more will not increase the amount you have. Items will not split into separate blocks.



- Celianna

- Elise-Chan

- Sithjester

- Enterbrain

- Mack

- Rainbow Jello

- Other Various Artists (I'm sorry for lack of specifics this project is big and old. If you see something by you I will be more than happy to add you to the credits)


- Vlad of Vampyr Coders

- Xzygon

- OriginalWij

- Cr4200

- Ccoa

- Agckuu Coceg

- Bravo2Kilo

- XaXaV

- Rainbow Jello

Thank you to all the fabulous people who made this project happen :3

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Heya rainbow~

Nice to see that the game is up again, my brother used to play it

a long time ago:3 I hope that many people will play it and help bring it back

to life(^_^)

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Not sure if anyone else experiences this, but I am getting a slight problem. When I am fighting slimes, I can kill one, and then get sent right back tot he beginning pentagram. Is this an odd glitch or is it supposed to happen. It just happens without warning of any sort and it doesn't actually show my life bar going down at all when they hit me. Are they just killing me in one hit or something? Just confused.

Other than that little thing, I am having fun with this. My demon looking Elementalist shall pwn WRO!! MUAHAHA!!

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Wow. Really? That is odd.

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Server temporarily down for now. Will return in a short bit.

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