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RPG Maker VXAce MineQuest RPG: Legend of the Enderdragon

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First thing I would like you guys to know is that this is in no way going to be anything really amazing or something. This is a Minecraft RPG game project made by me, originally an experiment, now a full game. More and more people have been garnering interest in it since I posted videos of it, so I figured I might as well continue it. MineQuest RPG is essentially Minecraft in your RPG. For those who don't know, Minecraft is a very popular online game which involves building, surviving, and fighting hostile creatures, known as "mobs". This game is presented as a love letter to Minecraft, and a love letter/throwback to the old-school RPG genre, in the days of SNES/GENS, with classics like Dragon Quest/Warrior and Phantasy Star. The game's story focuses on Steve, a mysterious man who wakes up literally, in the middle of nowhere, without memories. I know that whole "amnesia, waking up wherever" has been overdone like heck, but this is simply a tribute to my favorite genre, and one of my favorite games. My main goal involved is to have a full game complete, with hours and hours of playtime (hopefully), voice acting, and plenty of secrets. Currently, it's sort of a one man team, though I do have 3 for voice acting. I'm currently hoping to have a demo complete and ready to be released by Summer 2013. The game currently uses textures, sprites, and animations made by me, and the battle engine is mostly vanilla RMVXA, with the help of Yanfly's scripts. I hope to create something all can enjoy, and am looking forward to the release of the demo.



For those who have not played Minecraft, the game will take place in the world and universe of Minecraftia, with the ability to jump through the other two dimensions, the Nether (the Minecraft equivalent of Hell) and the End (the Minecraft equivalent of Space) at will. Minecraftia is filled with people, who take advantage of the rich, lush lands the world has to offer and set out in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. The world is not all peaceful though. Living underground, creatures of the dark come out at night and reign terror among unsuspecting victims. Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons are just a few of the many dangers to be aware of upon nightfall. Besides the usual collection of Minecraftians, there are many Villagers, peaceful Minecraftians who usually don't stray too far from their homelands, and go out to the fields every day to work. These are just a few of the many wonders of Minecraftia.



Long ago, a large, interdimensional creature known
as the Enderdragon tormented the lands. It burned
down entire villages with just one fireball. It and its
army of tall, slender creatures, known as Endermen,
threw the world into chaos. Several villagers took 
it upon themselves to slay the fearsome foe, and 
none came back alive. Then, when the world was at
its last leg, a mysterious warrior confronted 
Enderdragon, and after successfully defeating it, 
banished it and its swarm of Endermen to an
ethereal prison dimension known as the End.
The whole world rejoiced, and the warrior was
deemed a hero. He was later needed again to
save the place he lived in once more, and he
was killed in an instant.
5 years later, the world is now in peace again,
thanks to the warrior's imprisonment of the
Enderdragon, and we now find a strange person
waking up in a strange land...
A mysterious man, who wakes up at a bay, without his memories. Who is he? Is he the one person the people of Minecraftia need to change the world?
The son of Toiten Village's chief villager, Umoso is kind and compassionate, like his father. Always polite and eager to help, he becomes quick friends with the mysterious man known as Steve.
Not gonna reveal the villains, because that'd be giving away too much >:3
Everything runs on a slightly modified vanilla RMVXA engine. With the many, many party members you can collect throughout the storyline, you can rearrange and assemble your team at will. There is also a crafting system, in which I attempted to script myself (I wanted it to be grid-based, like Minecraft), but I just couldn't do, so currently, crafting is done through a basic interface, thanks to IceDragon's script. Many crafting combinations can be done with items you earn from fights, adding more weapon, armor, and item possibilities. You also have the rare chance of finding an Orb (based on Minecraft's XP orbs), which can permanently raise a stat up 2 points. There are many side quests and worlds to explore aside from the main adventure, so you have plenty to do.
Face sprites, overworld sprites, animations, and battle sprites are being made by me. The battle backgrounds and overworld textures are modified sprites from Minecraft itself. Music-wise, I'm currently using the default RPG Maker VX Ace music, and I planned on composing it myself, but if you want to compose for whatever reason, contact me at "taloshedgie20" on Skype.
Features: This is the full list of features the game is expected to have by its completion.
- Over 50 different mob types to slay and loot
- 20+ different allies to help you on your quest
- An expansive open world
- Fully voiced dialogue
- 80+ craftable and collectable items to boost your power
- And more!
The game is quite early, as of now, which is why things look a little bland. I assure you, it will be fixed up by the time I have a demo out.
Overworld Village
Battle Against an Enderman and a Creeper
Talking to the Shopkeep
And, there you have it! At the moment, the game's still pretty early, and I've really been putting in all the assets before working on the actual world, t be honest. Thanks for your time, feel free to complain and rage, or compliment and joyride, or just comment! I really appreciate it, and I hope you guys enjoyed the finished product ^_^
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why don't you use an on map battle system like XAS?, I think it would fit better

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I've been told that one other time, but I decided against it, since the game was kind of a homage to some of my favorite RPG games, so I kept the front view, with tweaks from Yanfly's scripts ^_^

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