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Post here if you are past the “ideas” stage and have started work on your game.

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The only part of the advent calendar that is missing is the content for christmas. And I am clueless af xD
Based on music resources around the internet, what is the musical theme or style that's hard to find? Is it sci-fi, slice of life, urban, platformer, or anything else? :D
Good morning. Please introduce caffeine in the proper slot. Not sufficient caffeine, add more. Add more. Continue until you hear a sound signal. Please continue. Insufficient caffeine. Increase the quantity of SRW music. Add caffeine.
I have to fix a little more.
Or maybe a lot. Yeah, I need to make the characters look a little bit more fit in some poses.
There once was a man whose name was my own
Who tried to make games for console and phone
But after ten years
Some blood sweat and tears
Weird status updates were all that he'd shown.....

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