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Just got done hand feeding some baby raccoons who were orphaned when the mother was killed by a car.

First time in my life I've done it and they are adorable.

Taking them in the morning to a Rescue that specializes in wild animals so they will survive. :D
Went a little overboard with the last side quest. Added in another decent-sized puzzle.
Okay... OneDrive just creeped me out... Even though I don't even have it installed or running on this machine, I just got an email from it wanting to remind me of my memories of this day of June from several years ago, and it was some of my drawings that I can't share here... quite creepy...
I-I'm also a developer!

Big update incoming tomorrow! After some streamer feedback I am adding and recreating multiple facets of the game! Expect:

  • New Challenge Modes!
  • Completely revamped stats and attack types!
  • Additional positioning options!
  • More hidden easter eggs, will you find them??
  • Additional balancing!

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