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First monster pack out and someone already bought one o_O Surprising.
Cooled my head; now am back to working on my game.
Current Content Roadmap: Plan to complete: May 2024

-Finish the base maps, currently 1/25 done
-Finish Chapters 1-5 content
-Finish up the side quest system
-Complete the first Symphony
-Complete the first 3 Trials n' Tribulations, 5 EX dungeons, and 2 crest palaces
-Refine the Unit Gacha system
-clean up my messy ass plugin setup xd
The tutorial is live now.
Whew... I've been on a tear recently. Been working nonstop. Feels really good to be back in the groove! I think it's because I can finally see the end approaching. I only have 8 more side quests to develop (then NPCs, some art, then pretty much done).

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