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This board is for resources that can are beneficial for game development as a whole. Such examples are music or art programs, community-made tools and so on. You can also ask for help on what type of program to use for specific tasks that are related.

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<-- Meet Seith. He begins the story as an apprentice druid, learning to survive in the wilderness by communing with nature and honing his herbalism. Seith has a deep desire to understand the world around him. When wells of chaotic energy begin erupting from the land,corrupting plant, animal and man alike, Seith finds himself on a journey to discover just what this means for the fate of his home, the land of Myarr.
I installed a ledge for my cat.
:/ sigh.... my cat just licks the gravy stuff from her food then leaves the rest of it alone and bugs me for more food.... I hate how picky this animal is.
My card game is finally in my possession! only took a few years of designing and almost a month to have it printed out!
Lilly wrote on CrimsonShoujo's profile.
Welcome to the forums, wonderful picture you have on your profile~

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