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    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I downloaded your zip in pull request, I guess it's fine now, disregard : D
  2. 10kk

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I appreciate the MV demo fix. There is a big problem though, the demo is loading parameter settings for v1.025 instead of v2.4 (wrong Plugins.js?) Deleting it and re-adding it to the Plugin manager fixes the problem, you should do that to the demo. It confused the hell out of me because the...
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    Medieval Character Set

    Flirion has a gigantic collection of recolors to the RTP that include a lot of the usual NPCs. Of course, keep in mind the terms of use on that post.
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    RMMV menu

    Changing the "button" locations (they are referred to as commands), you should try changing the 'Commands X/Y Axis' parameters in the plugin manager for MOG_SceneMenu. Those coordinates determine where the menu row begins. Commands are added to that row automatically, if you add a plugin that is...
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    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Someone should really just put the bare bones rtp needed (5mb or less) into the demos. I don't understand why each person needs to generate another 400mb RTP data hog and then manually copy over files into it.
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    RMMV How to resize a MOG, plugin? "MV"

    I'm not very familiar with JS, and Mog has a way of doing things that doesn't click with me so much, but I was able to get this done on my title screen after a few minor changes to the MOG_TitleParticles.js file. The edit is pretty crude but pushes the 'spawn area' to about half screen height. I...
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    RMMV menu

    By default: MOG_MenuBackground uses /img/pictures/Pic_1 MOG_SceneMenu uses /img/menus/main/Layout, LayoutStatus, etc... Make sure they are png and exactly that name, or you can use the plugin manager to change the required file names.
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    RMMV DW (an adventure/RPG)

    The fact all the tiles are quite literally re-drawn and simplified, and thats the point of the setting, is charming in a way.
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    Scythe Weapon Images

    I reported it yrs ago, I think someone just messed up while adding more resources to the post. Nobody ever fixed it
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    Fuffydud's MV Decor, Wall Art, etc.

    This deserves more recognition from anyone looking for these kinds of tiles - extremely hard to find any original and free custom flag/banners and statues. They are simply amazing. Also not to mention the huge gallery of different sized paintings. This is such a hidden gem!! I don't understand...
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    SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    I just want to say, this is an incredible undertaking and plugin, thank you for translating it over here from the Original author. I don't know if you work on it at all, or if only he does, but there's so many mechanics that could be added, it would be worthy of a paid plugin with more...
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    Having BOTH visual encounters and random encounters

    That is pretty intuitive, creating a hard limit on encounters also lets you control the economy/power level of a game so if you really don't want people to grind, they can't go beyond a certain amount of drops/exp/money. For certain kinds of games trying to create a restrictive challenge in this...
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    Credit Where Credit is Due.

    I ran into this a few years ago with an unfinished project, the best way to avoid it is from taking the right step(s) at the very beginning. You can really do any of these and they take very little effort: - Create a bookmark folder, and bookmark every topic/location of a resource provider - At...
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    Your favorite "first boss" in a jrpg?

    In FF9 I would consider the first boss the giant plant demon in Evil Forest. Upon killing it, it begins petrifying the entire forest outward from itself at a high speed. You're put on an on-rails, but exciting escape sequence getting out of the forest. It sets up a shocking change in what was...
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    Copyright/Remixes and posting games on Rpgmakerweb

    Do you think you could give your guys stance on Question 2 and 3? There's various totally defunct/collapsed studios that could never file DMCA as the copyright is basically in eternal limbo, actually a lot of that exists but is just hard to find unless you know it. There's also copyright holders...

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