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  1. [RPG Maker MV] Pick Up Animation

    Was just searching for some Yanfly, and found this for you.
  2. RMMV Enigma - a horror based game

  3. Need Help with Ordered Switch Puzzles

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to spam this with images like this but lol It's in Korean so I added some notes on the way. Page 2 of each events are "Parallel" in case you can't read them.
  4. Need Help with Ordered Switch Puzzles

    1) Door page1(Touch event) closed door image page2 : if key >=16(Parallel event) key == 0 page3 : if key >=20(Touch Event) opened door image 2) switches page 1(Touch Event) if (key == 0){key+=1} // so the next one on the chornological order would have the if condition set to 5, the...
  5. [RPG Maker MV] Pick Up Animation

    I guess one way would be to mess with one of those expression balloon(not sure of the term)? But you'll need tons of resources in order to make it work for every other icons... Probably no other way available without scripts...

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I've been on a really good streak lately of working on my game for at least a little bit each day. Even if I only complete one small task, it is still a much better pace than what I was maintaining previously!
I haven't worked on my game for a couple of weeks. Decided to get some things done this evening and found that my characters won't hop over to their targets to attack (Battlecore) but only when using a weapon that is a type with IDs 3 and anything above 6 in the database. Wasn't doing this before my break. Yeah, I'm done game devving. I won't allow another hobby to waste my precious time like this.
Always a good feeling when someone turns your design into an actual sprite and it looks like how it was intended :)
Thanks @spillycat for making my vision come alive:)
Thanks @hiddenone for making those hinesprites templates :D
i've mostly been working on sprite work for characters that i'm not show until i eventually finish this project, so until then here is the current title screen :)

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