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    Battle starting test command?

    oh a script exists for that? that actually sounds like it would fix my issue, got any links to an appropriate script? (gonna google search anyways, but just in case i have trouble finding one) also, thanks a ton for your help Andar! Nevermind, just found the yanfly script that does this, thanks...
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    Battle starting test command?

    it might be possible to do it that way, albeit a bit tedious. im using Yanfly's Row formation script. and via this script im attempting to have a front line and a back line, however instead of using the Row formation menu command i was going to simplify it to work in tandem with the formation...
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    Battle starting test command?

    Hopefully this is the right forum, and hopefully a fairly quick problem to fix. I'm trying to put together a common event that runs the moment a battle is initiated, whether that be randomly or by force. However since a conditional branch for "is battle processing?" doesn't exist, I'm not sure...
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    custom attack on state expire bug? Yanfly States&Buffs

    Yeah, kinda figured it might not be so simple once I saw that, hopefully one exists or can be found. Thanks for the help tho!
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    custom attack on state expire bug? Yanfly States&Buffs

    1 - I have the default settings for the buffs and states core set to ignore the reapplication of states (no stacking) so idk if that changes anything. I tried it and from first glance i dont see any difference across any states/skills but idk lol. 2 - this is something ive been looking/swapping...
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    custom attack on state expire bug? Yanfly States&Buffs

    so im not sure if this is the best method for doing this, but it seems to ALMOST work. im using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core and yanflys STB scripts Buffs and States Core Standard Turn Battle what ive done is add in a custom skill for the player character: when the skill is used it...
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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    not sure what the other thing is, but despite the obvious pun, the hammer headed shark looks amazing! and with the added plus of being punny, its totally going in somewhere XD
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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    If I’m right updates to the main page packs occur at the end of each set, so the graveyard pack should be added to the main packs now, while the steampunk set hasnt since it’s still in progress.
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    Calling Yanfly Options Menu from Common Event

    oh ffs. lol i feel like an idiot now, i had tried "Option" before, didnt even occur to me that it needed an "S". thanks a ton Aloe!
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    that moment in code when your close to the target but cant hit it. (ex: you know its red-ish...

    that moment in code when your close to the target but cant hit it. (ex: you know its red-ish, but have to guess scarlet to be right.) ffs
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    Calling Yanfly Options Menu from Common Event

    so im setting up a series of common events in conjunction with Yanfly's button common events so that players can open different menus with a simple button press. however, i cant seem to find the right script call to open Yanfly's Options Menu window. anyone have any idea which script/plugin...
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Easter special!]

    loving the icons Avery! great work as always :3 particularly a fan of the different MV potion types and the MV gems they look beautiful! P.S. i didnt realize this massive iconset existed, and now my icon issues have been solved! XD P.P.S. purely a suggestion as something I have yet to see in...
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    Ruined and/or Snow Town Tiles?

    having my tutorial zone set in a snowy town; I agree that snow tiles haven’t receive nearly enough love. It makes it very difficult, however; maybe I can make it a little easier for you! I can’t help with ruin tiles, but Avery made some snowy normal chests awhile back at the link below...
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    Parameter for Tracking 'i' variable

    ok, so that part is working perfectly to display the number, thanks for the help Aloe Guvner! however, the last issue im having is in my attempt to link it back to a Parameter that i can call from an eval later on. i tried placing "Param.MMVarCounter = mycounter;" both early on in the parameters...
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    Parameter for Tracking 'i' variable

    alright, update time! this is the link to the Yanfly script: in this script the built in adjustable parameters includes slots for up to 10 variables; making it so that at your whim you can say "hey when this switch is...

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