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  • I'm aware that my latest status updates are seemingly parallels to dire cries for help.
    I have no solution to it that leads me to developing my game in peace, which is not possible anymore.
    I'm still doing other and another things like drawings, but it's not for me.
    It'll be for you.
    Meanwhile, I want to give you a preview of something for you, what's about to come:
    $MISSING_NOUN: person claiming to be against discrimination while discriminating X group.

    Is there any word or concept with this definition?
    In a general sense, "hypocrite." There are specialized words for people who are transphobes, anti-Semites, etc. but not generally, that I can think of.
    Yeah, hypocrite. I'm not sure why there would need to be a word specifically about discrimination.
    I thought of the word hypocrite as well. I hoped for another more specific word.
    Expiration date: the last date that a person product should be used before it is considered spoiled or ineffective.

    I don't think I'll be able to make my game anymore. But I can do something about it, as long as I'm quick.
    Two questions:
    1) If someone claiming they love you and coerces you to make a decision, do they really love you?
    2) Is a consented decision under coercion a consented decision?
    Coercion negates consent; one cannot exist alongside the other.
    1) It doesn't matter what they hold in their heart. What matters, is how they express it.

    If they express love (to you) the way THEY want to, and not how YOU want them to.

    Then... their focus of affection is something else. It's definitely, not you.
    2) You can say 'no', a 100 times. And all those no's vanish, the moment you say 1 'yes'.

    So to make sure you never give that 1 'yes', out of coercion. Tell them after few no's:
    "Because you're annoying / coercing / forcing me. If I say 'yes' on this, it still means a 'no'. Me saying "I give consent" now, is no longer a consent."

    Which you can then perpetually use to argue, you never consented. Even though you did.
    I think Kipling said it best.

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    ⁠And never breathe a word about your loss,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    ⁠And—which is more—you'll be a Man, my son!

    Micro rant. The worst part of working from home when you live with your family is seeing how inconsiderate they are. "Hey, you're sitting in front of your computer, that means you're not doing anything! I want to put the TV at 200 decibels!"

    If I was working in the office would you still talking me like that?
    Oh yeah, I feel that. The "Oh, you're not doing anything. Can you please --" is the worst offender for me.
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    counter with "I'm not slacking, I'm just more efficient than you, and thus have more free time."
    if they get mad with that, counter again: "Humans have been lazy since the dawn of time... otherwise we'd still be using sticks to light fires. If you want to really make the effort, ditch the mop and use your own hands to scrub the floor. Tools are the definition of efficiency. So, ARE you hardworking? or AREN'T you?"
    Oh man, kids make it so much harder to telecommute for sure. I'm kind of blessed not to have one at the moment
    I'm running out of save slots :guffaw:
    I remember having so many slots in one visual novel. I was proud of myself because I'd always have only one and I saw other people having like five pages of saves.
    Then the deleted all of them :kaolivid:
    @Ninjakillzu Aahh, Fallout New Vegas. Good times, good times.

    @Froggo32 Heh, I thought I was the only one. The reason why I have so many slots occupied is to store these scenes with fantastic or dramatic moments, with wholesome quotes, dialogues...
    Oh, thats a good way to experience the best moments again! I'll keep that in mind lololo
    I value more JRPGs than movies because the montages of the latter ones of 1 or 3 minutes can led people to believe that success is earned within 3 days, and if you don't earn it in 3 days you have to quit because it's going bad.

    Things require lots of time and lots of effort, like a JRPG.
    I think I got new wallpaper.
    Mr. Detective
    Mr. Detective
    Any of them girl?
    :kaothx: very cute
    Why I love Visual Novels, part 82:
    I was using the Dark Skin theme in the forums for one or two days. Sadly because of the similar colors between bold text and text with links I'm going back to the Default theme. It was cute while it lasted though.
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Replaced my battle victory/level up script by a custom-made script by Sixth
"It is very easy to break things and very difficult to make things."
Took a six week summer break from making my game, hoping some inspiration would magically strike me and I'd easily finish the last minigame and find the remaining music, but no such luck :D Guess I'll soon have to just sit down again and grind the project to the finish line. Well, at least I played a couple of good games. The Messenger was fun (when it didn't cause you rage) and currently playing World End Syndrome.
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Each area of my game acts sort of like a level of sorts. These 3 are the bosses of the first area. Called Team Outcast, there's Riley, Mary Mars McQueen (Triple M), and Enig. A trio of wanna be super heroes.

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