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  • Testing attaching files feature.

    Description of the attachment: "Hey, I should make a threat in the art section about something I'm making and want to gain feedback while I'm in the early process of designing the appearances hey look this program music lokos cool because it has party mode1!"


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    >Testing with fonts change.
    >Tries installing a plugin. Doesn't work.
    >Tries changing the plugin commands. Doesn't work.
    >Tries installing another plugin. Doesn't work.
    >Changes a few more plugin commands. Doesn't work.
    >Goes directly to the gamefont file and changes the src. Works.


    Perseverance is key, bois and girls.
    Good news I haven't advanced so much more than generating characters. So everything's cool.

    Protip: never hit F5 while you are in your profile page writing around. I've wrote a paragraph and I don't wanna write again.
    I ****ed up.

    I may have to redo my project files because:
    1. It's disorganized.
    2. I deleted the template attacks, actors, skills... which I wasn't supposed to do that in the first place. This is the most important reason: never delete template stuff in your database unless you absolutely know what you're doing. Don't make this noob mistake.
    3. The plugins are disorganized as well.
    Learn from mistake no.2 and keep backups! Back up your project every week! Once you have a backup you can organize all your stuff without having to worry about accidentally deleting something ^^
    Learn from mistake no.2.
    Learn the "template stuff" until you know what you're doing so you can safely delete them. Until you can make a game from zero databases.
    Got it, thanks! Time to add one more USB HDD for the groceries list.
    While writing a script, keep in mind that you don't have to follow the storyline in order. I just skipped to a next part of the story a few stages later in the game to put an important dialogue.
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    Nova By Creative Robot
    Nova By Creative Robot
    It's cool that it actually works for you.

    For me... mind mapping stuffs in advance, yes. But for actualy script writing? No... I always tend to hit writer's block everytime I write ahead and skip parts of the story.
    I do something similar. I have a section in my mind map called 'Key dialogues'.
    Where I write down any epic dialogue that's popping into my head, that isn't related to the script I'm writing at the moment.

    And then I go back to it later. :LZSsmile:
    I really wish to have listened someone's advice regarding writing, because I'm a little stuck.

    Guys, if you have a whole story in mind, and you strongly believe it's going to work, make the effort of writing it. Because if you get stuck in a scene, you might have to re-assess it.
    I think you should definitely do that. Write the story and know the beats to hit before you start putting it into a game format.
    Go back in time from that point and take another course of action. You'll end stuck a lot if the plot is dynamic - even after jotting down a working structure. I think there's no way to avoid it, just tricks to manage it.
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    I made the summary of my story. But writing the whole script, including the secondary missions... let's just say it's a bigger challenge. :smile:
    Testing testing. First time doing this.

    What are we, facekook?
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