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Raptor Revolt Demo 4_19_2021 11_13_22 PM.png

Custom tileset and mapping work continues for the beaches of RAPTOR REVOLT! Completely revamped sandstone cliffside tiles, now with 100% more d i t h e r i n g. Plus, stairs!
Sorry for the short absence. Hospital tests out the wazoo. although I just end up disheartened when my insurance won't cover what I need. I wish I lived somewhere where the country care about chronic illness patients.
Funny Gran Turismo/Thomas meme i Made

A Thing.png
A testament to my ideas to execution ratio. Yeahhh I complete a lot less then I start-
I need to force myself to take a break... I keep trying to push with artwork and it's causing my art to suffer as well as just my mental state. I'm once again burnt out on art. I wanna work on my project, but I can't without the art done since I can't use much for placeholders since everything is custom...

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