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    CoffeeScript Scene/Action Based UI: Right Click Save Menu

    When I try to install this plugin I get an error: "maximum call stack exceeded". I'm using the stable version. edit: Although, the script is not showing up in the extension menu nor in the scripts, somehow it works. Thank you very much.
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    Javascript AEL -- Change Keys

    Edit: It is working. I had to update to the latest beta patch.
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    Right click save menu

    Hello, I opened a topic here some time ago but unfortunately I didn't get any help. :| Please, can somebody help me with this problem?
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    Creating a movie gallery

    Hello, I would like to create a movie gallery (dependent on saves) similar to cg gallery which will have to play a movie when i click on a slot icon, instead of showing a picture. The movies will be unlocked in the game with a number variable or something like this. I tried to implement this...
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    CoffeeScript AEL: Image Choices

    Bump ! :) This thing only happens to me or it is because of the newest patch?
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    CoffeeScript AEL: Image Choices

    Hello, Today in vnm (i had a break from it), this plugin started to behave strange. When displaying "show choices", i noticed that when i move the mouse cursor around or when i click anywhere (not on choices), every time after a short period the choices will freeze ( in this picture i hovered...
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    1080resolution custom UI

    I didn't want to create a new thread since this small issue is related to this topic. I'm using a 1080 custom ui and the beta branch. In database>confirmation>confirm it says "After that we add a transparent hotspot over the entire screen. That is to avoid that the user can interact with any...
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    Removing persistent hotspot !

    bump I still haven't fix this issue:). Someone?
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    Removing persistent hotspot !

    I tried this method and I get the same results as my post#3 plus the additional invisible hotspot being present also in save and load "show message box event" settings. ;_;
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    Removing persistent hotspot !

    I have put a condition switch: Almost done.:) Now the triangle appears only when in game(new game) and also only when i click/enter the "menu"(here, the triangle disappears but the hotspot is still active) & "backlog" buttons from the "show message box event". I suppose i...
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    Removing persistent hotspot !

    Hello, I was having this hotspot problem some time ago and I still haven't resolve it. :| ex. mission scene ex. mission common event ex. mission scene setup This hotspot (a triangle) appears everywhere: in title screen, in every title menu and when i start a new game, it will show up in...
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    CoffeeScript AEL: Image Choices

    I uninstalled the old version and installed the new one. Now it works again. :thumbsup-right: Thanks again ! For me, this is how it looks:
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    CoffeeScript AEL: Image Choices

    I checked. It was above the main script. ;_;
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    CoffeeScript AEL: Image Choices

    I think the new update, broke the plugin. :| The choices won't show anymore (they don't show at all) and the call event "show message box" became unresponsive.
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    Some issues !

    It is the exact thing i was looking for.:guffaw: Thank you Archeia for this cool extension. :cutesmile: Now it remain only those darn mouse buttons :)(right click button for save and middle button for scroll log). I searched the steam discussions forum and i came up with the examples i posted...

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