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  1. Problem with Common Event

    My mistake sorry! I must have totally missed the edit button. I'll be sure to see what I can find on that last target thing, Thanks :D I actually found a workaround to what I was trying to achieve, much simply. Each troop will have an event per enemy check if the actor is wearing a specific...
  2. Problem with Common Event

    So after a little more testing, the second If statement doesn't seem to be recognizing the passive state I made with the plugin, not sure how to go about fixing that though. I tried using the script from the help file ( a.states().includes($dataStates[10]) ) but it keeps giving the error of "a...
  3. Problem with Common Event

    Removing that seems to have helped, now I just have an issue of the animation playing on the wrong target. I think I might be able to solve that by putting the animation on the item/skill rather than in the common event though. That being said, now the change item + doesn't seem to be adding...
  4. Problem with Common Event

    I think that might actually be the issue. I stupidly had the state give state resist to the state, thinking it would stop it from being applied again. Looks like it might just be adding and instantly removing it. Can’t test it quite yet, but will do that asap
  5. Problem with Common Event

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I seem to be having some trouble with a Common Event not playing when in Battle. I've set up both a Skill and an Item to play through a common event. The main idea is to check if the target has a specific state, and if it does, run through a...
  6. Animal Battlers

    Definitely worth looking at, thanks!
  7. Animal Battlers

    Good to know, thanks! Understandable that it is seen as a big request, My first time posting a request so I wasn't too sure. My apologies if this doesn't seem like something that could be done here, please feel free to remove it if necessary.
  8. Animal Battlers

    Resource Type: Sideview Sprites/Face Images Maker Format: MV Art Style: Any available Description: I'm looking more for just a SV battler of a basic brown bear at the moment. I'm needing it for a druid/shapeshifter type character, mainly just for the SV Battler during shifting. Currently...
  9. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Oh ok! Still a really great plugin :D
  10. Virtual Buttons and DPad

    So far my only problem with this has been remembering to set specific scenes, and hiding in cutscenes. Is there an easier way than re-entering the plugin command after every dialog? I entered the hide command at the beginning, but it seems to reset every time there is a message box.

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