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    RMMV Omnitopia

    "Omnitopia" is a turn-based JRPG with a twist. Play up to 6 unique playable scenarios in the first part of the game, before the main plot is opened up and the player becomes free to explore both old and new areas - with a 3-member team this time! The game's influences range from "Live a Live"...
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    Change Battle Status HP/MP Text Colour?

    Would like to know too
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    Remove Help Window Background (RMMV)

    Hey, I was wondering, how can we remove the "dimmed" background of the Help Window ? I searched a thread about it but without success, also i'm bat at javascript so i don't know which line of code to change to remove this.
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    Skip Menu Actor Confirm (RM MV)

    Still not sadly, maybe i didn't enter it correctly ? sorry i really need to improve my javascript skill
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    Skip Menu Actor Confirm (RM MV)

    I am using Mog Hunter Monogatari menu for modern interface purpose, so impossible to use the Galv Script (this is a work in progress won't stay ugly like that lol)
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    Skip Menu Actor Confirm (RM MV)

    Hey, Thanks a lot for taking the time trying to find a solution, i just tried this but it's no success (on show and enabled i tried "true" like you said but this is the same result :( ) by the way Thanks for the enabled switch tip i didn't know about that ! very useful ! I also tried to...
  7. 999Hp

    Skip Menu Actor Confirm (RM MV)

    Unfortunately, this is what i tried, i'm currently using yanfly main menu manager and when i try this it just disable the equip option from the menu :( Maybe i did it wrong, so here's a screen :
  8. 999Hp

    Skip Skill Confirm (RM MV)

    Oh sorry i didn't think about that how selfish from me ! The solution is very simple, i'll explain for each main battle commands : Attack : the basic attack action, just select in the skill database target "a random enemy, or all enemies" and it will auto attack the single enemy Offensive...
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    Skip Menu Actor Confirm (RM MV)

    Hello, In the menu of my game, i always need to confirm the actor when i select Skill / Equip or Status scene, but since there is only 1 character in my entire game, i would like to delete this confirm input, any dev know which line to change ? I didn't find a plugin for this sadly and i'm...
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    Skip Skill Confirm (RM MV)

    Hello everybody, I've searched on the forum for a plugin or a solution for this one but with no success, that's why i'm creating this thread. The problem : In the combat of my game, there will only be one character playable through all the game, then when i use "Heal" skill, i need to confirm...
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    How to get clean Sprites (not blurry)

    Yes, my bad i forgot to precise what this sprite is for. It's a battler/enemy for a sideview battle. My game is in 1280x720 Fullscreen i understand that, but i'm not resizing anything since i'm just exporting directly the clean enemy in the same resolution in png allright, but why is it blurry...
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    How to get clean Sprites (not blurry)

    Hi everybody, It's been 2 days i've been searching around a solution for this problem but with no success... Let me explain quickly : i created a sprite on photoshop with a resolution of 375x335 , 72DPI, RVB, transparent background. In photoshop, the sprites looks really clean, even with a big...
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    GUI Design Problem

    Allright, thanks a lot for your precious answers everybody :)
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    Remove completely partycommand

    That's exactly this, thank you
  15. 999Hp

    GUI Design Problem

    Thanks a lot, actually this is exactly what i needed, but i have a last question : is it okay to modify core script ? i read somewhere that it should always made through plugin...

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