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    What's the largest RM game you played all the way through?

    I think the RM games I’ve finished are all relatively short XD Off the top of my head, I’ve played all of The Grumpy Knight, Czarina Must Die and Actual Sunlight :]
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    Cameo Swapping!

    Why don't we all feature each other's characters in our games as NPCs? Well, not all our characters in every game, of course, but wouldn't that be a great way to brighten up our game worlds and support each other's games? :D I'm happy to both feature a few of your characters and have my...
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    RMMV God's World

    Haha I plan to :] I guess it's kind of hard to be subtle and open at the same time when describing the game on here, 'cos I have to go into some detail to get any meaningful feedback :P Thanks for the tip! This is more exciting than I thought it would be XD
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    What Game has your favorite story?

    Ohhhh I have quite a few (RPG Maker or otherwise); I don't usually get into RPGs unless I really like the story! But if I had to choose, I'm going to say the Trails in the Sky trilogy. Though if we talk the entirety of the Trails games I've played and include the Cold Steel games (which I still...
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    Title Screen Appreciation Thread!

    Haha yeah, I've also noticed the visuals on most of my favourite title screens aren't anything special either :P But it still plays a minor role in me liking it because it just ... fits :P
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    Title Screen Appreciation Thread!

    Haha yeah, I know that feeling XD Just a bit? You have more self control than I do :p Wow, I never even realized! That's pretty amazing :D
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    RMMV God's World

    Plot [/SPOILER] Gameplay Mechanics Characters [/SPOILER] Setting Images and Screenshots Special Thanks
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    Title Screen Appreciation Thread!

    What's a title screen you can stare at for hours on end? I'd have to go with Civ 4's title screen. The combination of music, changing time of day and clouds drifting over the earth is just ... memorizing :] More on the RPG side, I love Trails in the Sky the 3rd's title screen :D (I guess...
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    Yay, another cool person :D
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    Hello everybody !

    I can't read Portuguese D: Though I'm sure lots of us would love to have our games translated! Gotta wonder if my little idea would ever make it that far :P
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    Good day :D You have any work in progress that you'd like to talk about? :]
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    Knife to meat you :]

    I'm afraid our weirdness is so beyond reason that even metaphysics cannot hope to elucidate it :c And thanks :D
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    Leave or not?

    Haha I'll admit I've been a bit intimidated by the modding when I was lurking around here looking for information as well XD I mean, the only sense I've seen double posting being frowned upon before was in the sense of posting two *identical* posts in a row! But I feel the mods here are nice...
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    A fun maths puzzle to keep you busy

    Nice! I guess this is true for similar reasons :] How do you know when to stop adding the digits and start decomposing the number into sums? :]

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