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    Race To Monument Island

    Great Game! Just played it through as Sweeden.
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    Turn Based Strategy

    I am working on building a turned based strategy game similar to Civ using RPG maker VX Ace. It seems to be working well except I have no clue how to activate an event when two events collide. I figured out how to get each events coordinates and use a conditional branch to figure ou if they have...
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    Indie Hero! a new RPG featuring characters from your favorite Indie games!

    I can write events and map well! I will join your team.
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    Searching for Team Members - Protogenos

    I would like to help you. I am great with writing Events and would like to gain more experience. I am also a student so the hours you have set up will work for me too. The Story's Plot is Great! Good job!
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    Designing a Randomly Generating World

    Thank you! You've all been very helpful!
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    I want to make a game...

    I want to make a game...
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    Designing a Randomly Generating World

    I've been trying to design a Randomly Generating World for a game I am designing but it uses way to many variables and I can't find a way to change the ground tiles other than tile swap scripts. Does anyone have any ideas?

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