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    MV video format issue

    It works! webm it is - thank you both very much. <3 awesome!
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    MV video format issue

    hello, I would like to know - has anyone ever figured out, what kind of video format RPGmaker MV plays? I have tried with a whole bunch of formats, put them all in the video folder - but none of them gets recognised when I search for any in the event editor. I have tried windows media video...
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    Random Art Thread

    Thank you very much. I have already released some games, the art is all custom made pixel by pixel, but I'm not much of an "epic story teller" : )
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    Random Art Thread

    ...when adventure calls - for villains
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    Legendary Beast Sprites (Japanese Mythology)

    oh? i mean, I guess you can use them if you want, as long as it's not for a commercial project.
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    Legendary Beast Sprites (Japanese Mythology)

    I remember drawing those once, many years ago as part of a commission. Nostalgic. But it's not RTP art style ^^; Hope you can quickly find what you are looking for though! : D
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    Multi Activation Question for School

    Sounds interesting, thank you! I will contact them and ask what they can suggest / offer. : )
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    simple custom battle screen

    can anyone recommend a custom battle screen code like this?.. ( my old post was longer but it disappeared?) (ok this one seems to stay) it's about frame-by-frame animated battler sprites, to freely position in the battle screen. frame-by-frame animated (or idle) enemy sprites. attack-leaping...
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    simple custom battle view

    Hello code users and wizards. I am looking for a code, that allows me to freely position looping frame-by-frame animated battle sprites on the battle screen, while enemies either idle or also frame-by-frame animated. The sprites can leap at each other on attack, and/or have different frames...
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    Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers empty method

    Ah okay - thank you. Was not aware of that. I will ask for practical alternatives, then. The coding world seems pretty cut throat huh.
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    Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers empty method

    Hi there - Is there any coder who can help me with an old side-view battle script named " Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers " ? I don't know how to get it to work in a new project anymore. It returns the error: " line 313 (or other lines, too) No method error occurred, undefined method 'empty?'...
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    Multi Activation Question for School

    Hello! So this issue is a bit complex and I don't think anyone has asked about this yet. I work part time at a school and eventually had the idea of offering RPGmaker courses to the students. It might be a fun project in order to introduce them to basic game design and improve their English...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I will try this screenshot - posting thing again, maybe it works this way : )
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    Random Art Thread

    Hey, it's a revamped version of some characters related to an old project-idea I remembered recently.
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    Wow, you were right! Amazing : o I halfway assumed it was something like that, but I wouldn't figure out what kind of code line to copy / enter where. Thanks for the help. That FPLE demo seems really fun. Have to figure out how it's all connected - and where its limitations are. But it is...

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