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  1. Earning money and passive income mechanic

    Yeah I thought that would be a problem. I considered implementing new ways to make money as the story progresses. For example, item crafting isn't introduced from the start. Recipes for more valuable items only appear later in the game etc. I was hoping to introduce a relatively deep system so...
  2. Earning money and passive income mechanic

    Hey guys, I'm hoping for some input on a mechanic I'd like to introduce in my RMMV game. A lot of things in my game such as upgrading skills, buying crafting recipes, upgrading items or weapons etc, all require spending gold. And a lot of gold at that. However, I don't simply want to just...
  3. Open World game: story and quest help

    To save replying to each individually, I thought I'd put the reply here. It's not my first project by any means. I may be new to the forum but I've been using RPG Maker since XP. And exclusively for linear games. Now I want to try something a bit more complex. The idea is that there is the...
  4. Open World game: story and quest help

    Hey guys, new here to the forum but I'm sure that posting here is the best chance of some advice on what I need. Basically... I'm making a game that is sort of open world... there's several maps but the player can mostly go to any part of any map whenever they want and explore freely. I'm using...

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