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  • I am an amateur RMMV plugin developer and yet my Display Enemy Weaknesses plugin is being downloaded on itch.io and someone has even paid me (it is PWYW currently). Why? I had updated it with a lot of things/updates recently.
    The last 3 days I have progressed my RMMV JS Plugin Development learning so much!! It is so rare for me to learn so much in such a short amount of time. Maybe my mind works better now too?
    I am trying to get my game published with Aldorlea Games so that I make sales from their website and the game being on Steam. They have said that their published games rarely make less than a few hundred dollars.
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    Still better than Steam alone, I've heard of Steam devs only getting 9 sales ever.
    Oh sorry! I am not sure if they will publish the game on Steam. But certainly to their website if this will be done.
    Its up to you actually if you want them to. But I released a game with them and a dev released their game on Steam on the same date. I had over 100 sales, the other dev had 8 (9 shortly after they spoke to me). A few hundred is still better than barely double digits in revenue.
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Calibrating the timing of dialogue is deffo my new least favorite thing.
I died aged 27 to cancer. Then I was reborn in a South-American state. I retained all memories and skill and had a goal from my previous life I needed to finish, but now I was just a 1-year-old girl capable of only smiling at others.

Dreams like this one make me glad I'm able to wake up from them at will.
Found a critical bug the other day with the time system that would have caused none of the NPCs to spawn. Since I use dev mode to test time-based stuff, I didn't catch this for way too long!
Last missing piece, a plugin to let weapons and armor be used as multiple equip types
What if the Actor Battlers disappeared when your selecting enemies...

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